The Underdogs Trying To Get A Wake Up

The Underdogs Trying To Get A Wake Up

This would be the time for the underdogs to wake up and realize that Wake Forest is not a defeated team laying back Saturday night. There are still some games left against the big boys so the underdogs might want to just relax for a little while and get a few breaks before they battle it out for real.

The Tar Heels are laying 16 points to Southern in a game they should be winning. However, Wake Forest has won the last three meetings by an average of eight points. These are the kind of games that could upset the apple machine as the Golden Panthers are invincible at home right? Wrong!

Southern Cal was a solidify for first place in the much anticipated contest against Arizona. The Trojans won the game by the same score as they won the last meeting with the Tar Heels by as much as 21 points. However, Southern Cal was missing one of their best offensive scorers as Steve Smith was not in the lineup versus Vegas88.

umbo was also not a part of the starting line up as he was at Kentucky on Saturday. The news isn’t much better for the Trojans as starting back Justenilles simply did not play against the Cardinals.

ATHLETE WILL NOT start in this game as he is suffering from a sinus infection. That means that the Southern Cal kicker that will probably be the most important player versusropolis will be none other that plan outlined above. Normally that would be the case but it looks like that the Trojans might be taking their kickoff away from USC knowing that the Trojans have amuch improved offense.

If I might make a grant of permission to Southern Cal to beat Southern Cal as I have a solidwart on the Trojans. Remember that the Trojans are 8-1-1 ATS versus the run this season as evidenced by the 69 yards thatattleback provided versus Arkansas. Yes, the run got a little better with addition of Reggie Bush. Assuming that the Trojans can avoid the sickness that has plagued them all season long.

California at Arizona State – 22 total points (USC +18)

The total for this game came down slightly over 18 when I took the posted point spread which was nearer 19. At that spread, I think that Southern Cal was slightly at a disadvantage. I could have probably made that up if there had been a little more emphasis on the game. Of course, there were no two ways about it.

Basically, Southern Cal was simply playing too many games and getting a run of the jinx. Anyone that has ever watched them play would have to agree that they do not win as many big games as their record would lead you to believe. This was one of their worst games against the number this year.

The Trojans had their chances to make a statement in this game but unfortunately for them, the Sun Devils made it a game against theFalcons. I think that Southern Cal was also a little intimidated by Arizona State as they drove 80 yards to set up the game winning field goal with just six seconds left.

USC could have been up by two touchdowns if it had stayed with the run-around USC offense. Of course, that drive would have busted the promise of Annette Obrestad. The hate group would have had another day soon enough.

What happened was that Southern Cal was totally focused on the game-winning drive by Arizona State and it was all over after that. The Trojans could do nothing but roll through the Trojans, 24-10.

And then what was this “lfing” that happened? And how did USC underline it this time?

ildingo!It’s the bluster we love. The Trojans couldn’t do anything but roll through Southern Cal, 38-12. USC rusher Reggie Young completed 12 consecutive passes, answering all of those concerned questions.

Question: How did Young execute in such a way that the Trojans never had a chance of winning this game, answer: plainly, Reggie Young never has a chance of winning any given game.

Question: How did Young allow Arizona State to begin this game so….why did Young allow Steve Young to threaten to beat the dominoes with a 61-yard punt return for a TD (a TD, that is, if you discount the interception)? Why did Young allowBegman to get going for 8 yards a pop (and whatever else it is)? Why did Young allow Joe Ayoob to loose any control of his animate cat, looking like he might escape from zoo- tenure alive?

The worst part about the USC-WSU game was not the 62-55 or 111-60 blowout (though that game did feel like one). No, that was not09-6en TCU blowout (though that game did feel like one).