La Castellana Mayor Asks PDEA to Validate Cop’s Claims Brod Linked to Drugs

La Castellana Mayor Rhumyla Nicor Mangilimutan yesterday, Sept. 26, 2017 asked the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) to validate claims made by a police chief linking her brother-councilor to the illegal drug trade.

Mangilimutan personally handed in her letter to the Office of PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino.

In her letter, Mangilimutan said that her brother, Councilor Alberto White Nicor is allegely being implicated in the illegal drug trade by Moises Padilla police chief Senior Inspector Alan Reloj.

Reloj made the statement linking Councilor Nicor to the illegal trade in La Castellana town in his interviews with several radio and print media outfits.

Reloj said it was a high value target in Moises Padilla town whom they arrested who tagged Nicor.

Mangilimutan said Reloj’s pronouncement to the media “are purely false allegations, baseless, unverified accusations that tainted our reputation and the good name of our family we have worked hard to preserve.”

She added that she also learned that the suspect whom Reloj quoted retracted tagging Nicor and claimed Reloj allegedly made him say so.

The retraction, she said was documented by the suspect’s lawyer.

“May I therefore request your office to validate the claims made by Reloj,” she said

Manguilimutan also asked the PDEA to issue the corresponding certification that her brother in not involved in the illegal drug trade.

Manguilimutan who brought her brother with her also met with Fajardo, Division Chief of the PDEA Internal Intelligence Section and asked if the PDEA can also look into the alleged use of the PDEA by some personalities for their personal purposes.

Her meeting with PDEA officials was facilitated by Task Force Kasanag national commander John Chiong.

Manguilimutan said that as far as his brother is concerned he (Councilor Nicor) has been cleared by the La Castellana police chief Chief Inspector Irma Teoxon.

Teoxon who was interviewed by the local media recently said Nicor is not on their drug list and validation as well as monitoring made by the local police turned out negative as far as his alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade is concerned.

Nicor, on his part, has admitted using illegal drugs but has stopped after he won as number councilor in the locality.

He also showed drug test results showing he is negative of illegal drug use adding that he is willing to subject himself to a drug test anytime.

He also asked the media to see his situation in La Castellana town where he and his family lived sometimes with his wife’s family and at other times with his parents.*(NDB)



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