MassKara 2017 Logo and Music Theme Launched

Bacolod City Mayor Evelio Leonardia and Silver Masskara Foundation head Eli Francis Tajanlangit, concurrently 2017 MassKara Festival director, launched yesterday morning, September 25, at the NGC lobby, the logo and music theme for this year’s MassKara festival celebration which runs October 1 to 22.

The music was composed and arranged by Roberto ‘Bob’ Aves, while the logo was a creation of Mark Lester Jarmin.

Also present during the launching were Rudy Reveche, chairman for street dance committee; curator Bamboo Tonogbanua; events coordinators Amber Aguilar and Israel Salanga; as well as MassKara choreographers William Bangcaya, Joedem Casabuena, Segundo Jesus ‘Panoy’ Cabalcar and Emiljune ‘Tata’ Bantolo.

According to Aves, the theme of 2017 MassKara piece is “to transform our traditional music for global stage. The intercultural dialogue of our rich musical heritage, the intermixture of our ASEAN musical flavors, and the beat of electronic dance music defines our MassKara cultural innovation.”

Part 1 of the music is the inter-cultural dialogue, which is a mixture of tongatong of Kalinga, Palawan bamboo and gong counter rhythm, babandir gongs of Maguindanao, and Big Taiko drum accents from Japan.

Part two, which is the main theme for street dancing, from tradition to global transformation, mixes the Electronic Dance Music (EDM). While the last part is ASEAN integration, shows how ASEAN music can blend naturally with our traditional music. As a global piece, it can weave naturally with popular Western genres: like the various ASEAN musical flavors, hip-hop, Maguindanao Kulintang excerpts and Negros Afro-Cuban beats.

Mayor Leonardia said, MassKara festival is one major tourism attraction of Bacolod, that many tourists all over the world witness. There are three festival sites: NGC grounds, tourism strip which is Lacson Street, where the electric MassKara dance show will be held, and the public plaza.

Leonardia also said, the city council has approved the resolution of councilor Em Ang, chair, tourism committee, that the finale of the yearly MassKara festival is on the 4th Sunday of October, to give chance to the vacationists to enjoy more time with their loved ones here, that they can stretch until the November 2 All Saints’ Day celebration.

While Festival chair Eli Tajanlangit said this year’s theme of MassKara festival is “Bacolod of SouthEast Asia” to emphasize our membership in the regional aggrupation of ASEAN, and look beyond the Philippine borders in terms of tourism, trade and culture.

He also said, the opening of MassKara Festival 2017 on October 1 will be at the old city hall, along Gonzaga Street. The street dance competitions will be in two categories; Barangay and Schools, no more Open category. The street dance competition Schools category is set on October 21, Saturday, 3pm, while the barangay category on on October 22, Sunday, 3pm all at the Bacolod Public Plaza.

Tajanlangit said, Barangay Granada being the champion in the barangay category for three successive years, has decided not to join the competition this time. The city government has allotted certain amount for assistance to barangays participating in the street dance competition.

Also, considering that the hotels are fully booked way ahead of the MassKara festival, the visitors are catered on the open home-stay program of the festival. Home reservations can be addressed by the Silver MassKara Foundation. *(EBColmo)



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