‘Majority of Vendors Plaza, Manokan Country Occupants Have Not Paid Rental’

There is a need to improve the vendor’s plaza therefore it must be vacated by the occupants.

As a matter of fact, according to City Administrator Atty. Jon N. Orola, Jr., the occupants were informed several times already to vacate the place because it is set for improvement but they did not act. More so that the unsanitary practices of the occupants resulted to the foul smell in the area, and most of all, they just occupied the place on their own volition.

The city government will repair and improve the place so they have to vacate it, Orola emphasized.

On the other hand, majority of the occupants at the Manokan Country have not paid their rental; accumulating to more than half a million pesos for one occupant only. Out of the 22 occupants, only 2 or 3 have updated rental with the city government. Thus, City Administrator Orola has advised them to vacate their spaces.

There are many who are willing to occupy spaces in the Manokan Country and are willing to comply with their financial obligations with the city government. The delinquent occupants were notified long ago and were repeatedly given ample time to settle their unpaid rentals but nothing happened, Orola also said.

Orola will meet with the occupants of Vendors Plaza and Manokan Country this week, but the scheduled improvement in the area will commence as soon as possible.*


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