The Vital Role of Grandparents

Grandparents, like fathers and mothers, will always play a vital and God-given role in the family, and are indispensable personages ordained by Almighty Creator among the shepherds of His flock, especially mothers whose loving hands are "the hands that rock the cradle of God's creations - the children who must be nurtured, nursed and taken cared of until they become responsible adults, loving and considered precious jewels of their parents, grandparents and elders.

Grandpa Pert Toga is flanked by his loving grandsons Lou Jann T. Garrucho (L) and Jay T. Garrucho (R) on Grand Parents' Day at SM City yesterday.*

Yesterday, on the occasion of the international observance of Grandparents' Day, the undying love of parents-mother and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers were the focus of attention in all sectors of society in accordance with God's commandment that children must "honor their parents and grandparents”.

Flanking NDB's Pert Toga at the Mansilingan First Baptist Church on Grand Parents' Day yesterday are Pastor Jun Luces (L) and Senior Pastor Ronnie Arocolas (R).*

Almost all churches and religious denominations focused on the family theme of paying homage with highest respect, love and to honor their elders not only on this memorable occasion but through all their lives as commanded by their Almighty Father.

One of such distinct rituals and solemn homage to the elders took place at the Mansilingan First Baptist Church in Brgy. Mansilingan, Bacolod City where more than a hundred grandparents came in droves with all members of the congregation composed of worshipping men, women, teeners and children who paid homage to their parents, grandparents and elders alike with religious hymns, community singing with prayers and praise reiterating their unending love, respect and devotion.

The Grandparents' Day Celebration coincided with 50th birthday of the main inspiration speaker, Associate Pastor Genaro "Jun" Luces, who delivered a down-to-earth and inspiring homily on the four exhortations for elders taken for 1 Peter 5:9.

These are contained in the task of Feeding the Flock or proving for the needs and provisions of the family; Following the Footprints of Jesus and the commandments of the Father; Facing the fears or confronting all the challenges that confront life in its day-to-day sacrifices and difficulties; and fighting the foes with the good deeds and the Grace of God.

These exhortations, as indicated by our Lord and Savior and commanded by the Almighty Father, Pastor Luces emphasized, must be obeyed and followed by all the obedient children of God.*(RGT & Luis Garrucho, Jr.)