Militants Stage Protest Action vs. Killings

“Stop the Killings!”

Militants stages a pocket protest action infront of the old Bacolod City Hall’s Fountain of Justice.

Militants hold placards in front of the old Bacolod City Hall, with “Stop the Killings” call, a nationally coordinated protest action against tyranny. *(Owen Segovia Bayog /NDB photo)

The group, led by Anakbayan, held placards calling for the President Rodrigo Duterte administration to uphold human rights and stop the series of killings amid its drug war.

Students also demonstrated a “dying in scene” act with candles lit beside a lying person representing the victims of “extra-judicial killings” (EJK) in the country.

Militants also called for the people to stop the silence amid the killings and join in various forms of protest to put a stop on the killings throughout the country.

Duterte’s all out drug war have claimed 12,000 lives while extending the time to fulfill an electoral promise.

The youth activists also said that the present administration is subservient to US rule and is even worse than that of the time of Marcos, also saying that Duterte is using brute force when faced by people’s issues to preserve his absolute rule.

The nationwide protest was led by the Movement against Tyranny in Manila.*