Isabela to Embark on Massive Info Drive on Federalism

‘Negros Federal State a Possible Proposition’


A federalism advocate and close ally of President Rodrigo Duterte stressed that the proposition to create a Federal State of Negros is possible, and it depends more on the lobbying of the congressmen from the island.

ISABELA MAYOR Joselito Y. Malabor (upper photo) presides over the first ever Isabela Municipal Convention that kicked off Saturday at the town’s socio-cultural center, with Hugpong Federalismo convenor & former Janiuay, Iloilo administrator Mary Jane Locsin (lower inset right photo) as guest speaker, with 600 participants ttending ( lower inset left).*

Mary Jane Locsin, Hublag Federalismo convenor and former municipal administrator of Janiuay, Iloilo also said, Negrenses should lobby with their congressmen to fight for Negros Island Region if they want it revived after President Duterte.

Locsin was the guest speaker during the opening ceremony of the 1st Isabela Annual Municipal Convention, Saturday.

She said, Negrenses should lobby with their congressmen to fight for NIR under a federal state.

“This is the catch of a federal government. It will depend on the congressmen because they will make the amendments and will have a say on the shift of government. If you think NIR is capable in terms of economic, political and cultural aspects, then go to your congressmen and lobby for NIR,” Locsin said.


During the successful municipal convention, Mayor Joselito Malabor said, the municipal government of Isabela will launch a massive education and information drive on federalism down to the barangay level.

Malabor told reporters that after the three-day convention they will print educational materials for distribution to the town’s 30 barangays.

He stressed that this is to further educate the locals about federalism as gleaned during the first day of the convention that most of the participants do not know what it is all about.

The convention, the first of its kind conducted by a town in Negros Occidental province, gathered some 600 participants, from town officials, municipal employees and barangay officials.

The gathering also endorsed tomorrow a resolution approved by the town’s Sangguniang Bayan (SB) supporting moves to shift to a federal form of government as well as the creation of the Federal State of Negros.

“Personally, I want the creation of the Federal State of Negros especially with the dissolution of the Negros Island Region (NIR),” Malabor stressed.

Malabor pointed out that under NIR, programs and projects are “100 percent accomplished.”

It easier to do this “if the officials who need to sign documents are based here in the island.” he said.

He also said that federalism will empower local government units to “learn to generate local resources that will benefit their local government units.”

“This convention is the first step, the next phase is to go to the grassroots, to the level of the people,” Malabor said.

I am confident the people of Isabela will support federalism because this is for them, he said.


On his part, KASANAG, Inc. founder-president and task Force Kasanag national commander John J. Chiong assured Locsin and Malabor that his group will join in the massive campaign for federalism.

Chiong said, since last year he already mobilized his multi-awarded non-government organization and the peace and development civil group’s TFK disivion, to help educate and inform the people on the benefits of the federal system of government. * (NDB)



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