KMH Continues Dominance in Inter-School Bowlfest

Negros Occidental HS/Kami Mga Hubin team continues its dominating presence on the lanes in the ongoing 5th Inter-School Alumni Bowlfest 2017 bracketing finals.

Running 1st NOHS/KMH duckpinners knocked down 1,506 pin falls on Sunday including their 3-game score of 495-511-500.

During the bracketing finals game opener, KMH recorded the highest team score in a single game with 588 pfs and the best team output in three games with 1,660.

The top caliber team is led by crew captain Toto Flores with members Mike Corral, Essho Garcia, Raymund Galvan, Katoy Deocadiz, Jim Toga, Jomarie Sevilla, Gladys Leonardo, and Jolz Pabon.

Running 2nd Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod United toppled 1,531; while running 3rd NOHS Super Batchoy got 1,513.

Rounding up the squad scores in this round: (bracket A) KMH - 3,165; CSA-B United - 3,089; Super Batchoy - 3,019; NOHS/Davies Pin Busters - 2,998; BCHS Lucky Strikers - 2,995; BCHS Conquerors - 2,985; DLNHS D’Bounty Strikers - 2,941; BCHS Warriors - 2,856; BCHS Tigers - 2,815; NOHS Strikers - 2,773; (bracket B) WNU Bowldozers - 2,991; Unpredictabowls - 2,947; SJS-LS Shieldz - 2,935; NOHS 89ers - 2,921; BCHS Bowlcoholics - 2,844; DLNHS Mixers - 2,843; Tay Tung - 2,807; BCHS Avengers - 2,796; NOHS Tunkers - 2,772; NOHS Lane Busters - 2,724; BCHS Golden Star Bowlers - 2,548; and BSANHS - 2,462.

This annual mixed 5-man duckpin bowlfest is participated by eight alumni high schools - NOHS, Bacolod City National HS/Bacolod City HS, Domingo Lacson NHS, Bacolod Tay Tung HS, St. Joseph School-La Salle, CSA-B, West Negros University, and Barangay Singcang-Airport NHS.

Games are played every Sundays at 4:30PM.* (JGToga)




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