Fake News - Fake Journalists - What News?

Amid the advances of technology – the use of the most dangerous invention of man, which is the Internet, spreads throughout the world. Fake News is the type of journalism that deliberately misleads people that consumes the daily news. Most of these are written and published via the world wide web, sensationalized and are deceptive in order to gain attention while coursing the message they want through the said propaganda form.

These are eye-catching headlines that make the online audience think that these are indeed true. Regardless of the veracity or identification of where the said source of news came from, everyone gets to stumble upon it everyday. Causing mass confusion and puzzling the readers, fake news also defeats the purpose of real reporters on serious media coverage making it hard for those who are in the field.

Who benefits out from the scheme? Companies that hire a separate department to rake in readers’ attention and providing the said views, likes and shares for the various social media platforms that they use. But what about those who pose as fake reporters and journalists?

Legitimacy is always the question – schooled or not, people in journalism should always bear in mind that journalism in the true sense of the word is – educating the readers via the information that they write about. Shaping of opinions comes right after, but for those who do not care of the implications continue to thrive and multiply and attract a substantive following on various streams.

For the practicing journalists out there – there are students, there are schools and those would have their own time to be in the field. Let us take up the challenge on providing the examples on where they shall take off. There is nothing wrong in being dubbed as “old school”, the important thing is the integrity of the people behind the pen.

Wielding towards the direction of practicing journalism and self-regulation will always equate to integrity of the writer or practicing journalist. These will pave the way for aspiring journalists in the future.*