Cesar Ledesma Donates 6,000 sq. m. Property to Kasanag

Businessman Cesar Ledesma and family donated a 6,000-square meter property in Purok Himaya, Barangay Alijis, Bacolod City to KASANAG, Inc., an 8-year-old civil society group advocating peace and development.

THIS IS THE FRONT VIEW of the 6,000 square meters property donated by businessman Cesar Ledesma and family to KASANAG, Inc. for KI’s offices and for the trainings & operations of KI’s Task Force Kasanag (TFK) division. This is located at Purok Himaya, Barangay Alijis, Bacolod City, a few meters from the south circumferential highway.*

Ledesma, a former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) and coming from a prominent family in Negros and Metro Manila, told newsmen the advocacy of Kasanag encouraged him to donate the land located near the south circumferential road in the city.

He said the huge area called Cesar Ledesma Compound, can be utilized by the NGO as its main headquarters.

“I firmly believe in the anti-illegal drugs, anti-crime and anti-corruption activities of Kasanag especially of its Task Force Kasanag division. I knew what they were doing for eight years, for the people not only in Negros. I am therefore providing them a better place where they can use as their headquarters where they can also do their livelihood undertakings, trainings, and other programs in the pursuance of their advocacies,” he said.

The formal turn-over of donation papers and the inauguration of the property were held Friday last week, attended by some of the Ledesma family members, Kasanag founding president John Chiong and about 200 TFK members and volunteers, and by government, police and military officials, and some members of the media.

TFK national commander Chiong, on his part thanked Cesar Ledesma and his family for supporting the group’s advocacy for peace and development.

Chiong said the donation of the lot, with an existing structure, will boost the capability of KI and its TFK in pursuing their various undertakings.

Both Ledesma and Chiong said the huge property will undergo major improvement, with structures to be built.*


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