Bascon Confirms Love Negros Endorsement

Mayor Agustin Ernesto “Tinto” Bascon of Himamaylan City yesterday confirmed the endorsement of Love Negros, for him to take run for congressman in the 5th district in 2019 election. Bascon said 3rd District Cong. Alfredo Abelardo “Albee” Benitez was instrumental behind his LN endorsement.

“As far as the Love Negros endorsement is concerned, only God knows what will be my next step. Everything that happened in my life was inspired and done by God. The election is still far. Anything is possible the ball and the world (are) round. I just wish now to keep all Himamaylanons safe and united for the continued progress of our city,” he said at the sidelights of yesterday’s blessing and inauguration the new city hall.

“This is the best birthday celebration for me,” he said.*(APT)



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