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Negros Opinion

Not on My Watch!

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Whenever there are protest-rallies, labor strikes and other collective action on economic, social and political issues, we have varied reactions, some would say, here comes the rabble rousers and left-leaning activists who could do nothing better than criticize the government. But for those who believe that reforms are necessary in our society, they support one of our most sacred rights – “the right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for

Beauty in Arts

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There is real Beauty in Art, and there is Art in Beauty. This is a fact indisputable in this life. The two must always go together. Beauty and the art, for after all, beauty is not skin-deep, it penetrates the heart and reaches one’s inner most feelings and the soul.

This will be the main focus and highlight in today’s observance of the National Arts Month, which underscores this year’s TOAST TO THE ARTISTS - a ceremony at the Bacolod People’s House which started last year as part of the Bacolod Arts Month celebration.

Tokoname Enterprises Violating Laws on Environment?

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However, it has been alleged that the council has favorably endorsed Tokoname’s application, with certain provisions.

Quarrying in and next to the Bago River in Brgy. Lopez Jaena is devastating the immediate and surrounding area, causing environmental damage, impeding business development, such as tourism, in the vicinity, as well as destroying the peace and tranquility of an area, that can realistically be described as being of ‘outstanding natural beauty’ and which provides sustenance to the zone of Negros Occidental that was recently unveiled, by Gov. Alfredo Marañon, Jr., as being an area with ‘wetlands of international importance’.

Tuly Now A City Of Smiles

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The recent stellar performance Bacolod City’s Masskara dancers In Hongkong’s Festival; and the announcement yesterday of Ambassador Paynor at the press conference held at the People's House and a similar announcement aired at the general meeting held at the L Fisher Hotel, has evoked A LOT OF SMILES not only from the provincial and city officials but more so among the citizenry of the province and primarily among Bacolodnons.

Lest We Forget

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As we pay tribute to those hundreds or even thousands of radio personalities who have contributed their talent, crusades for good government or even their lives in the name of freedom of the press and expression, we pause for a moment and say a silent prayer for the courageous men and women who braved all forms of obstacles, threats, and at the risk of their very lives to uphold the principles of democracy.


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