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Negros Opinion

Renaming Bacolod Government Illegal?

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Councilor Caesar Distrito strongly opposed the approval of the ordinance naming the Bacolod Government Center (city hall) as The People’s House of Bacolod City because it is illegal and contrary to law.

Distrito said they might raise the matter before the Department of Justice (DOJ) or there might be other persons interested to question it since it did not obtain a unanimous vote.

EDITORIAL: After the SONA, the EQ Metrowide Drill

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After the President’s 2.13-hour SONA last Monday, which earned both favorable and unfavorable reactions came the 2-hour simulated 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake drill yesterday.


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Paper Talk: NCC Competitive Rankings

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Buen J. Gallenero

Looking into National Competitiveness Council (NCC) index rankings, you are picking up a notion what drives competitiveness, to which some people may not agree. In October 2006, the Public-Private Sector Task Force on Philippine Competitiveness was created by virtue of Presidential Executive Order No. 571 to promote and develop national competitiveness. In June 2011, President Aquino issued Executive Order No. 44 amending E.O. 571, renaming the Public-Private Sector Task Force on Philippine Competitiveness as the National Competitiveness Council, and expanding its membership. Its vision is to promote a more competitive Philippines and instill a culture of excellence, through public-private sector collaboration as means to reduce poverty through inclusive growth. Implement the action agenda with private sector initiatives that support public policies. While the country submits data for world competitiveness index and being ranked, the cities and municipalities ranking came in only last 2013.

The Conspiracy of Silence

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Most of us have failed to assert our democratic rights by not being vigilant as consumers of the power industry. Most of us are hesitant to denounce those who are trampling upon our dignity as a person. In Bacolod City, most of us who are members of the Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO), are not aware about the tremendous implications of the proposed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between CENECO and Aboitiz Power Corp. Due to the vehement opposition of Power Watch - Negros (NIR), the proposed MOA was deferred for now, but Aboitiz Power Corp, still hope that CENECO will reconsider its decision.