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Negros Opinion

Waste to Worth

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A couple of months back, a representative of Waste to Worth Innovations (W2WI) came to town to discuss the possibility of finding an enduring solution to our solid waste management (SWM) problems, addressing issues like non-segregation of trash and the eventual ineffectiveness of landfilling. Jill Boughton is a former employee of Procter & Gamble. In 2010, the multi-national expressed its desire to put an end to all the consumer and manufacturing waste it generates that end up in landfills. P&G organized a team to study how value may be extracted from trash and transformed into resource. The approach came to be known as Waste to Worth. After three years of research, W2WI was formed with Jill as team leader. Firm in its commitment to the cause, P&G has since remained a close collaborator of W2WI.

Charging Media, Making Sure Power is Available

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"Don’t shoot journalists, sue them."

** * *

These are the words printed in black shirts that we used to wear since the Negros Press Club (NPC) presidency of veteran media practitioner Edgar Cadagat.

The tee-shirts, courtesy of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP), were saying it plain and simple.

Journalists do not deserve even a single bullet, but they deserve a day in court to defend themselves.

* * *

Energreen Entry to Boost Metro Bacolod’s Rising Electricity Demand

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Due to our frequent trips to San Carlos City through the Salvador Benedicto (SalBen) eco-tourism highway we have become more familiar with some people’s routine.

We have observed how our brothers and sisters in the mountains wrestle with the difficulties of living up there.

* * *

What always catches our attention is the day-to-day scenario during school days.

The People Shall Be The Judge

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Who shall be the judge whether the President or Congress acted contrary to their trust? The people shall be the judge. The people have the right to act as supreme, because sovereignty resides in them. The people have the right to refuse allegiance and to resist a government when it becomes destructive of its end. The end of government is the good of the people and what is best for them.

Is Leonardia Man Enough to Accept Blame for His Misdeeds?

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Former Bacolod City Mayor Evelio R. Leonardia, now congressman, is "blaming" mode as the claims that it is incumbent Mayor Monico O. Puentevella for the drop in the drop of the NCC ranking of Bacolod City dropped from number 5 to number 20!



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