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Negros Opinion

The Commodification of Water

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There is now a wide range of business opportunities for water, involving water supply and quality. The competition for water has now become a highly profitable enterprise. So it is, that one day, in the near future, we will be paying our local climate utility, a monthly fee for the air that we breathe, to be free of pollutants.

Dr. Pablo O. Torre Foundation, Inc. Already a Beacon of Hope

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The untiring efforts of the late Dr. Pablo O. Torre, Sr. to make available medical care for all Negrenses as well as out-of-town clients at the Pablo Torre Sr. Memorial Hospital has become a beacon of hope which typifies the Hippocrates Philosophy.

Other Than Rep. Albee’s Sugar Industry Bill

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No doubt about it, the problem on illegal drugs in Bacolod City and the rest of Negros Occidental is more than alarming.

Everyday there are people involved that are arrested, but it seems the raids and arrests are bottomless.

Not even such daily drug busts by PDEA and the city and town policemen can encourage those into drugs to stop.

* * *

Like a Brushfire Creeping Underneath

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HAUNTING THE US-GHOST SADDAM. That guerrilla war is like a brushfire creeping silently underneath the carpet of grass, has been proven in the concrete example of Iraq, invaded years, years back, by the Western allies, led by the US on the pretext that Saddam was in possession of war and chemical weapons which was disallowed under international law.

Corrupt Electric Men,Dedicated LTO Men

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May we request again our dedicated and industrious Land Transportation Office (LTO) operatives flagging and inspecting vehicles on the road, to please time their operations not during the morning rush hours?

Students and employees trying to reach school or office on time are delayed by the operations.

* * *

Start flagging vehicles with violations at 8 a.m. or if it cannot be avoided, prioritize vehicles that are going out of the city.


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