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Negros Opinion

Letters for Councilor Paglumotan

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Dear Councilor Paglumotan!

Water Watch, which is an alliance of water consumers in Bacolod City would like to reiterate our vehement opposition against the proposed Bulk Water Supply project of BACIWA on the ground that this will lead to the privatization of BACIWA. This public water utility is presumed to be owned collectively by all BACIWA consumers.

A CENECO Sell - Out?

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Hidden from the purview of the CENECO consumers, a proposed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Central Negros Electric Cooperative and Aboitiz Power Corporation has been drafted and will soon be signed if we as CENECO consumers shall not register our vehement opposition against the privatization of CENECO as an electric cooperative, that belongs to us. Some of the salient features of this Agreement are the following:

Dr. Pablo O. Torre Memorial Hospital Embarks on More Improvements at the RMCI

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Riverside Medical Center, Inc. (RMCI) has weathered many storms during the over sixty years of its existence. The institution has survived many problems through the years and yet today, will be embarking on a new era which will further bolster the trust and confidence that the institution has built up among its clientele through the years.

RMCI has been doubly blessed as today it stands out as a purveyor of health services which ranks among the best in the country.


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* ‘GOD NOT GOOD ALL THE TIME.’ 09074463950 JP: God allows bad things to happen to good people. Many say “God is good all the time”! I say not true. Is God good when he sends a typhoon and kills thousands? No, He is angry with us and uses many ways to show us His anger, like diseases, remember God created the Heavens and the Earth and he is 1000% in control of all things good & bad.

Power Industry the Most Profitable Sector

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Whenever there is brownout, especially when this happens regularly, people say, here we go again, soon there will be an increase in the charges of our electric rates! Giving credence to this statement is the worsening power crisis all over the country.

In Bacolod City, the Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) has to bear the brunt of criticism during brownout. Not a few observers said that irregular power supply does not only give rise to irritation in haggling brownout pay but thievery and pilferages are also paid for by all consumers, regardless of their pattern or level of consumption, leading others to believe that the energy or power of CENECO is dimming. We are reminding the CENECO Board of Directors in the hope that brighter light will be shed on the causes and effects of the lack of power and rate increases as the basis for better and more rational decisions concerning the problems and prospects of power or energy relevant to the needs and expectations of the consumers.