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The Meat of the Matter

Central Claim on the BACIWA Issue

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THE KEY TO THE DEVELOPMENT, SOLUTION OF PROBLEMS IN AN ISSUE. Public speaking to be effective especially when a discussion on an issue is to be discussed must have a central claim which should serve as a guide to one’s discourse or explanation.

Consumers’ Reaction on BACIWA Issue

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 GENERAL REACTIONS, EH? When the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) issue or issues broke out, one can gauge the consumers’ reaction from text messages in the "Tungkaron Ta Ini" radio program got from listeners all over the province and primarily in Bacolod.

Like a Brushfire Creeping Underneath

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HAUNTING THE US-GHOST SADDAM. That guerrilla war is like a brushfire creeping silently underneath the carpet of grass, has been proven in the concrete example of Iraq, invaded years, years back, by the Western allies, led by the US on the pretext that Saddam was in possession of war and chemical weapons which was disallowed under international law.

The Only Option for BACIWA’s Carbon-March or Die

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THE FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION. Years ago, when we were young just like many we loved to see movies, and we have always been mesmerized by stories of war.

Allow Investigation of BACIWA to be Done

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GOOD FOR THE BACIWA’s HEALTH. Now that the majority members of the board of directors, in the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) has ruled that General Manager Juliana Carbon be suspended for 30 days and that a three-man investigative committee must look into allegations of massive corruption, mismanagement and wrongdoings in the water agency owned by the government and therefore, by the people. It is now up to all sides in the conflict to allow