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Labor Forum: Shall We Accuse or Excuse BACIWA For the P537M Loan?

Water Watch Advocates commends Atty. Lorendo Dilag, Chairman of the BACIWA Board of Directors for exposing that Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) is paying a huge loan for Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) amounting to P537 Million without water gushing from the pipes (Negros Daily Bulletin, June 2, 2017 issue). Furthermore, Atty. Lorendo Dilag said that the BACIWA Board discovered that from the P537 Million loan in 2002, there were 7.5 kilometers of pipes buried at the back of San Miguel Corporation with no water gushing from it because it was "overdesigned" and do not address the water crisis of BACIWA. Dilag also said that the big pipes buried were very big, but there is no water.

Labor Forum: The Monster Called HFCS (A Metaphor)

This monster called HFCS is manipulated and controlled by multinational mega corporations. This monster cannot be smitten for its wrong doing, it has been created to perform but one function, to seek profit regardless of the consequences-even the death of the sugar industry and the workers are suffering from massive hunger and poverty. In the fulfillment of that objective, this monster is mindless as any machine, no ethical standards restrict this HFCS monster, its only moral imperative is the accumulation of money for the multinational corporation under the principle of corporate greed-"profit is virtue and money is god". They don't care about the workers in the sugar industry. For these softdrink and beverage companies, labor is merely the cost of production.

Labor Forum: An Open Letter to the Members of the CENECO Board

An Open Letter to the Members of the CENECO Board

Dear Members of the CENECO Board of Directors,

Greetings from Power Watch Negros!

We would like to bring to your attention this Perennial Issue on Allegations of Unused, Excessive Contracted Power or Over-contracting of the Electric Power Purchase Agreement (EPPA).

In behalf of the CENECO member-consumers, we would like to know why this important issue affecting the welfare of the consumers has never been discussed during the Annual General Membership Assembly. We strongly believe that today is the appropriate time to raise this issue to answer the question as to why the consumers are compelled to pay for the power supply that they did not use?

Labor Forum: The Sugar Industry Has Fallen!

A grim prospect looming in the horizon of the sugar industry is the unresolved problem of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) importation. It has further reduced the prices of domestic sugar at P1,250 which has drastically reduced the income of small planters and farmers specially the ARB's spiraling them into despair. The survival of the sugar industry is not only threatened but it will soon die or collapse because of HFCS importation. The Negrenses are now suffering the brunt of this vicious economic cycle, Who will save us from this despondent situation?