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The Tale of Two Provinces

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During the last decade of the 19th Century, one of the important events that occurred in Negros was the separation of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental, after they were earlier placed under the jurisdiction of the governor of Oton in Panay Island. At that time 1734, the Island of Negros became a military district with the town of Ilog in the Occidental side as its first capital. The seat of the government was later transferred to Himamaylan and thereafter Bacolod became


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We are enamored by all sorts of gadgets and technological advancements right within our reach.

The world of the internet contains the most exciting Arena for communications like social networking and establishing links anywhere around the globe in an instant.

But despite such advancements, divisions still run deep. "The world suffers from exclusion, marginalization, and poverty that borders around the combination of economic, political, ideological, and even religious motives." (Pope Francis, 48th World Communications Day Message)

Rev. Felix Pasquin rector of San Sebastian Parish and Director of the Social Communications of the Diocese of Bacolod officiates the Holy Mass in celebration of the 48th World Communications Sunday at the San Sebastian Cathedral with the media.* (Jun de los Reyes/NDB photo)

Traffic Discipline

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Some of the first few things that visitors and tourists immediately notice and subsequently nurture an impression in their hearts and minds, whether good or bad in the things and situations they observe around them, are the traffic situation, the roads, streets, cleanliness and order in the surroundings of the place they visit for the first time. And first impressions, as the saying goes, really last.

The keen observers will truly remember the things that are easily visible and noticeable, to include the mode of transport and discipline among pedestrians, motorists and the law enforcers who do basic functions to maintain peace and order.

It is no secret anymore that when compared to some of our affluent and more developed neighboring countries, we undoubtedly pale in comparison at this time, especially when it comes to our traffic discipline, law and order in the streets, the highways and other modes of travel, whether on land, sea or air.

Justice Must Prevail

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Now that the notorious former barangay captain Noel Ayalin of Brgy. Kapitan Ramon in Silay City has been finallly arrested and now detained as a "high-risk" criminal suspect three years after the killing of four barangay officials including the lady chair of the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) in their session hall sometime in 2011, it’s time for the wheels of justice to grind faster than usual.

As reported, the prime suspect had expressed remorse and had the gall to ask understanding or forgiveness for what he did. And yet, the fact remains that he intentionally evaded the law for more than three years, selling buko juice in Iba, Zambales until some concerned citizens and later, the law enforcers caught up with him, with an P800K booty placed on his head.

Ayalin, tagged as the number one most wanted criminal suspect in Western Visayas, has never attempted to surrender nor give any feelers to do so despite the heinous crime he has committed. Now he handas to music, so to speak, and then answer for that bloodbath where he is being charged for shooting to death four village officials for which he now faces direct assault with murder, inflicted gunshot wounds on three others, for which he faces frustrated murder and two more for attempted homicide.

Needed: Good Men For A New Senate

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With the endless raucus and credibility crises that grip the Senate and the Lower House being government’s leading institutions and on the aftermath of the devastating effects of the pork barrel scandal, the Filipino people should have every reason to rethink their manner of choice when election time comes again in 2016.

With a big majority of lawmakers, notably those in the upper house who appear to be unfortunately embroiled in the biggest scam in years, there is, indeed, an urgent need for our people especially for voters to be cautious and more responsible in the next political exercise. We need good men and women in the legislative branch of government, there is no question about that. So the search and serious consideration of who to elect should start this early. We’ve always taken a "bahala na" attitude when exercising our sovereign right to elect our leaders. Look what is happening now. Let’s do the choosing now, if possible and make the right decision on balloting day. Right?

In Negros Occidental, for instance, considered among the vote-heavy provinces in the country, has not elected even one senator coming from its ranks, despite the many who are more than qualified to sit as senator. Why? Maybe it’s worth pondering.


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