No Lesser Evil

As the May 9 local and national elections near, several peace covenants have been agreed upon, signed and supposedly implemented designed to insure a high-level campaign among the candidates for public office and eventually realize what we aspire to have - Honest, Orderly, and Peaceful Election (HOPE).

Unfortunately, as the election campaign season took off, many of the candidates, local and national, have given the electorate a sampling of what they really are, what they plan to do and how they intend to carry out their program of government if elected.

As claimed by one high-ranking official of the province, the Negrense Voters, intelligent and vigilant that they have become, will exercise their sovereign right to vote based on the candidates' performance, their character, qualifications and work ethics.

Beauty in Arts

There is real Beauty in Art, and there is Art in Beauty. This is a fact indisputable in this life. The two must always go together. Beauty and the art, for after all, beauty is not skin-deep, it penetrates the heart and reaches one’s inner most feelings and the soul.

This will be the main focus and highlight in today’s observance of the National Arts Month, which underscores this year’s TOAST TO THE ARTISTS - a ceremony at the Bacolod People’s House which started last year as part of the Bacolod Arts Month celebration.


FortunateIy it appears to be something like a walk-in-the-park for the 2015 budgets for both Bacolod City and Negros Occidental when compared to the one of the hottest political year of 2013, considering that the passage of the appropriation measures by both sangguniang panlungsod in the capital city, Bacolod in record time, and very soon, that of the sangguniang panlalawigan of the top sugar-producing province, Negros Occidental is nearing approval, without much difficulty unlike what the province ha undergone when the opposition=dominated provincial board deliberately ‘dilly-dallied’ approval of the money measure which almost brought the entire provincial bureaucracy in turmoil which nearly forced the provincial government to the inevitable reenactment of the 2012 budget to the consternation and misery of people charged with implementing basic services to the most needy sectors of society.

Maybe it was Divine Providence which intervened that the impasse was eased after the previous sanggunian members finally acted favorably on the delayed action on the much-awaited budget to the relief of the people’s anxiety.

Courtesy: A Must

There is one very essential trait that one should never overlook when attending a public forum or meeting of the minds especially where the supposedly learned and educated sectors of the community, especially when the topics or agenda are geared towards the benefit of the populace or the general welfare of the majority of people in a given community.


Indeed, what had been happening to the public treasuries of two cities and five municipalities in Negros Occidental for the past four or so months this year are "embarrassing", to say the least.

Embarrassing to whom? First, to the police forces in the Local Government Units (LGUs) involved, the city and municipal executives and the officials involved in safeguarding the safekeeping of funds that belong to the taxpayers and the entire bureaucracy.

No less than the Vice Governor of the province, Eugenio Jose "Bong" Lacson issued the statement with the tone of disappointment during an interview with media practitioners covering the provincial capitol, who have also been disturbed by the series of alarming instances of robberies and ransacking by robbers committing acts of burglary from the vaults of Escalante City, Bago City, the towns of Hinobaan, Cauayan, Calatrava, Valladolid and Moises Padilla.