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The Power Watch Declaration

Deeply concerned, about this urgent matter of public interest, affecting thousands of CENECO consumers, relevant to the payment of the Unnominated Contract Quantity concluded between Kepco Salon Power Corp. (KSPC) and Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) amounting to PESOS; Two Hundred Thirty Two Million Ten Thousand Ninety and 46/100. (Php 232,010,090.46);

Gathered together to air our most urgent grievances and gravest concerns as consumers and to declare our solidified opposition against the Power Sales Contract (PSC) between KSPC and Ceneco with a petition that this should be rescinded, to avert its disastrous economic consequences;

Hi Friends and Relatives in Negros, The week that was in Australia (Part III)


A couple from the NSW south coast, near Wollongong, became instant multi-millionaires, winning $23.3 million in Lotto. The couple from Shellharbour

Australian Connection by Joe Neubauer

won the largest share in the $70 million draw after randomly buying a ticket at a local News agency.


Almost $60 million in dirty money and illegally obtained property has been seized in NSW by the Australian Federal Police’s new crack Criminal Assets Confiscation Taskforce. More than $24 million in cash, $11 million sitting in bank accounts and almost $10 million worth of residential property was seized by the taskforce just in NSW alone. The black market spending spree was funded by drug syndicates and organised crime identities. Proceeds of crime obtained by the taskforce will be reinvested into funding crime agencies. The AFP seized $240 million across Australia under the Proceeds of Crime Act last financial year, up from $130 million from the year before. The NSW government has given its commitment to a national unexplained wealth scheme.

NDB Taking a Respite

Much to its regret, NDB, which is now on its historic 55th anniversary as a vigilant community newspaper in Bacolod City and Negros Occidental, is taking a most-needed respite from its daily publication routine which started on October 2, 1994 or 21 years ago.

BCC Controversy

As I recall, the BCC controversy stemmed from the filing of certificate of candidacy of our local officials. The issue arose when the students went to the public plaza to support the candidacy of one of the alumnus of BCC. Allegedly, there was a text message coming from the President of the Supreme Student Government that the students were told that their clearances were to be signed at the public plaza which the latter denied. I will not dwell on who is telling the truth. My one cent of opinion is that the educational institution must be spared from any biases of political affiliation, and that the students must be spared from political gymnastics. I agree that the students have their own freedom of expression enshrined in our Constitution. That freedom of expression must be in its truest sense, freedom that is not manipulated by certain individuals, freedom from the cobwebs of political dynamics. Since this is political season, we must be very careful in our actions that will not be construed negatively by others.

According to Ramon Viva, the Executive Assistant of Mayor Monico Puentevella, the Mayor wants BCC free from politics. He met with the student leaders when he heard they were being used. Who used them for what purpose? That is the big question now. The Mayor believes that the students should not be used for partisan political interest. As far as the rally is concerned, Ramon Viva said they should address their message to those who used them. They should remember (students) that the government is partly subsidizing their tuition fees and it is the same government they are protesting against, Viva added. In my observation, since the establishment of Bacolod City College, it helped thousands of students acquire a College degree, especially the underprivileged, who want to have a college education at a minimal cost and quality education. Almost all the professors in BCC have doctorate degree which we must be proud of because the City of Bacolod is trying its best to hire professors with good and superb educational attainment that can compare with the private schools here in the city.

World Conference on Drowning

The Philippine Life Saving Society (PLS), an integral part of International Life Saving will present the best practice of drown proofing, a community program which started in Isla de Gigantes together with its partner Action Medeor of Germany in the forthcoming World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2015 in Penang Malaysia. PLS hopes that the world may adopt the program especially that we are experiencing climate change. The program calls for the Southeast Asian Nations to integrate disaster preparedness, and to address the problem of climate change in their respective jurisdiction. As lifesaving organization, it is of immediate concern to teach the people how to survive during emergencies and how to respond during natural calamities which is a very important factor. Disaster preparedness must be a family matter, and PLS’ vision is to have one member of the family as lifesaver, equipped with the necessary technical knowledge. Even in the APEC gathering, climate change, disaster preparedness and emergency response mechanism are topics being discussed and best practices in other countries are shared and hopefully to be adopted by member nations.


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