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I sit in the Bacolod City Solid Waste Management Board in behalf of the Bacolod Anti-Baha Alliance, an NGO, and representing the private sector. I am relieved to share here that our SWM board finally submitted to the Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources our 10-year solid waste management plan. This is our city's first such plan, 13 years after the national garbage law, R.A. 9003, was passed. For this landmark achievement, I congratulate our hard-working board, headed by Mayor Monico Puentevella and City Administrator Rolando Villamor. I especially applaud our Technical Working Group, headed by Executive Assistant Ma. Fe Trespuentes, for painstakingly putting the plan together. The TWG is made up of members of our SWM board who are working at city hall, such as department heads, to ensure accountability. And that is a good thing.

Official Statement of Spokesperson Atty. Bong Dilag on Alleged Rape Issue at People’s House

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Well, it is a very unfortunate event that such thing could happen within the premises of the Bacolod People’s House but you know, such thing could happen and the mayor regrets much that untoward incident happened.

He has therefore called for a total review of the perimeter security of the People’s House so that all individuals and their properties could be safe 24/7.


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FortunateIy it appears to be something like a walk-in-the-park for the 2015 budgets for both Bacolod City and Negros Occidental when compared to the one of the hottest political year of 2013, considering that the passage of the appropriation measures by both sangguniang panlungsod in the capital city, Bacolod in record time, and very soon, that of the sangguniang panlalawigan of the top sugar-producing province, Negros Occidental is nearing approval, without much difficulty unlike what the province ha undergone when the opposition=dominated provincial board deliberately ‘dilly-dallied’ approval of the money measure which almost brought the entire provincial bureaucracy in turmoil which nearly forced the provincial government to the inevitable reenactment of the 2012 budget to the consternation and misery of people charged with implementing basic services to the most needy sectors of society.

Maybe it was Divine Providence which intervened that the impasse was eased after the previous sanggunian members finally acted favorably on the delayed action on the much-awaited budget to the relief of the people’s anxiety.

Courtesy: A Must

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There is one very essential trait that one should never overlook when attending a public forum or meeting of the minds especially where the supposedly learned and educated sectors of the community, especially when the topics or agenda are geared towards the benefit of the populace or the general welfare of the majority of people in a given community.

Greening of MassKara

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As you may know (may, because some of our readers living abroad may not know), since Oct. 1, and especially last week, we celebrated the MassKara Festival here in Bacolod. It was, for me, the best MassKara ever, for sundry reasons. But one reason that left me delighted long after the merrymaking was over, was the fact that this year, the environment was included, as opposed to ignored.

On Oct. 4 Mayor Monico Puentevella joined Gawad Kalinga in launching a “bayanihan” project called “Buligay”, designed for private citizens and organizations to do their share in uplifting the lives of the less fortunate in barangays. I wrote about this two weeks ago, so please refer to that piece by accessing the official website of the Negros Daily Bulletin, the newspaper that carries my column. Let me just underscore that one important mission area of “Buligay” is to teach residents in barangays how to segregate trash. Deputized to accomplish the gargantuan task are GK’s volunteer students who will be trained by the Bacolod Anti-Baha Alliance education team. Since the launch of the program, we in the Anti-Baha have met with Bobby Magalona, head of GK Negros. So, that was not photo-op at all. We’re moving on.


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