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Negros Opinion

Where the road forks

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In self-mastery class, one of the provocative mantras constantly hummed to our ears goes this way: "Every moment is a moment of choice, and every choice leads to results. We are responsible for our results." Nevermore is this mantra unnerving than now when we near the fork of the road, where one way leads south and the other leads west, always crossing, never meeting.

Three weeks ago I wrote about Waste to Worth, an initiative that would turn our unsegregated trash into diesel fuel and electricity. Last week I wrote about the Surallah Cluster Sanitary Landfill in South Cotabato where Gov. Daisy Fuentes successfully wrestled with the bane of solid waste management (SWM): garbage segregation at home. Because I am for segregation, my heart leans towards Surallah. But because we have scandalously failed at segregation, my brain is not giddy about letting Waste to Worth go. To choose one is to chuck the other, there cannot be 50 shades of gray. If we segregate garbage, completely or partially, there will not be enough trash to produce fuel and power. If we do not segregate for the purpose of turning waste to worth, we will never get into the discipline of segregation, and when systems fail us, as similar systems have in San Fernando, Pampanga and in Cebu, we will be left with tons of garbage we don't know what to do with. The choices are distinct, one leading south, the other headed west, always crossing, never meeting. And we have to choose only one.

What We Stand For

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NDB starts its 15-Day Anniversary period today with activities that focus on the important role of media, notably Print which underscores the vigilance and responsibility of its practitioners in their vital role towards the realization of goals designed to inform, educate and entertain readers of various persuasions in the community.

Tales from the Darkside (CENECO’s Dimming Power)

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Whenever there is brownout, especially when this happens regularly, people say, here we go again, soon there will be an increase in the charges of our electric rates! Giving credence to this statement is the worsening power crisis all over the country. That is probably the reason why P-Noy is asking for an emergency power in order to address the crisis. But the hoipoloi are confused. What? Why give more power to the most powerful man in the country? More power to

From the Editor- in-Chief

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The Negros Daily Bulletin is now on its ‘ripe’ age of 54 years, its Golden Age in the field of responsible journalism. Responsible since we’ve never been jailed, if that’s proof enough that we’ve been fair, balanced and unbiased in our task of being critics, messengers of news, both good and bad, denouncing the shenanigans, the inept and corrupt in our midst.

Who Speaks For Us?

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This is time for reflection and a serious reassessment of the state of our struggle in the trade union movement-its ideological directions, its theory and practice, its successes and failures, its past, present and future.


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