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* SSS COLLECTION. 09987300585: Good day. SSS top brass have been receiving hefty salaries and bonuses that can be considered exorbitant. It’s time these think tanks prove their worth and should plan brainstorm strategies to systematize SSS collection of contributions. Time to move your butts.

KASANAG HEAD WITH AFP J5 & PNP CHIEF. Assistant AFP Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans (J5) Brig. Gen. Jon Aying, (left, photos above & on the right) in a Feb. 5, 2016 meeting with Bacolod-based KASANAG, Inc. civic society group founder/president John Chiong at Camp Aguinaldo. Aying is urging Negrenses to sustain peace and development efforts. The general was Murcia-Negros Occ.-based 303rd Infantry Brigade Commander before his promotion to J5. Kasanag’s Chiong called on Aying to strengthen the linkages of Kasanag in its anti-crime, anti-corruption and pro-peace & development advocacy. A day before, Chiong also met PNP Chief, Director Ricardo Marquez at Camp Crame for the same objective.*

Misinformation Dissemination

While election is perceived as an information and awareness exercise, it is also a period where rumor mongering and misinformation are aplenty.

The Sting
Eugene Y. Adiong

Propagandists in the guise of “media practitioners” make a killing as their services are hired by politicians.

Not to inform the public of their advocacies nor plans and programs when they win but simply to spread lies and misinformation using the airlanes.

Grieving Mother Recalls Loving & Caring Son, Mark Lester Perez

Maria Luisa Dreyfus Perez, a long-time columnist (19 years) of the Negros Daily Bulletin (Sleep on it), a dedicated educator of the Negros Occidental High

From the Editor-in-Chief

School (NOHS) for 31 years has recalled the unforgettable and loving memories of her son Mark Lester, who passed away a few days after his 38th birthday last January 27 in their ancestral home in Bago City when he succumbed to a massive heart attack.

Mrs. Perez recalled that Mark Lester, her second of two sons and an only daughter, was a regular cyclist and was on his bicycle routine from Bago to Bacolod and vice versa on that fateful day which turned out to be his last, he felt extreme pain and was not his usual self. While at the Calumangan area, he decided to drink plenty of cold water, dropped by his grandmother's house at Damayan, Sampinit only to fall on the driveway at his in-laws when he forced himself to cycle home to Bago City where he finally expired.

The Perez Family of Bago City. The late Mark Lester (2nd L) with wife Johanna Pauline Espinosa Singson (left) with parents Ma. Luisa Dreyfus Perez and Arcelin B. Perez, only sister Alexandra Grace and eldest brother Louis Archie (right).*



Text your opinion, views, tips to # 0919-911-4673

* HEARSAYS & GOSSIP... 09988567085: ... Hearsays & gossip are negative chatter that should be ignored or else they will affect you negatively.

REGION 18 JAILERS. The officers and staff of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP)-NIR led by Regional Director J/SSupt. Hernan Grande (seated 3rd from left) called on Gov. Alfredo Marañon, Jr. (seated 4th from left) at the Capitol, yesterday.*(Capitol photo)

Hi Friends and Relatives in Negros, The News In Australia's Media


Jetstar and Air New Zealand have joined other airlines in banning hoverboards on board amid fears they pose a fire risk. The move follows similar bans by

Australian Connection by Joe Neubauer

Qantas, Emirates and American Airlines following reports they can explode unexpectedly. Air New Zealand says gadgets powered by lithium batteries will not be allowed on board.


It all started with a single lightning bolt. A week later the relentless flames devoured 116 homes as residents fled to nearby beaches for shelter and firefighters battled blazing heat and smoke. The Christmas Day bushfires in Victoria had devastated 2000 hectares along the popular Great Ocean Road tourist haven between the town of Lorne and Wye River. Hundreds of residents and holiday-makers had lost their homes, their cars and belongings, even their pets. By some kind of miracle no one had lost their lives.


A Canadian killed a British man after the two took a hallucinogenic plant brew together at a spiritual retreat in the Peruvian Amazon. Witnesses told police that the Canadian Stevens killed the Brit Gomes in self-defence after Gomes attacked him with a knife during a ceremony near the jungle city of Iquitos. Stevens is in police custody.


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