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Negros Opinion

New Southbound Transport Terminal/New Investors/ APEC Preparation

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The proposed ordinance laying down guidelines for the establishment of the new southbound transport terminal as proposed by Councilor Alex Paglumotan is a welcome development for the city of Bacolod. Bacolod City cannot afford not to have one in order to decongest the main streets of Bacolod. The BTAO, tasked by law to implement needed reforms has no teeth in eradicating the jeepney terminal along Central Market area. Isn’t it logical if BTAO will not allow those Mansilingan-bound jeepneys to occupy the street for their terminal, and let the flow of jeepneys bound for Mansilingan go freely uninterrupted except to pick-up passengers in loading area for a short period of time? Isn’t it fair to all the citizenry of Bacolod? Just asking, Mr. BTAO or whoever heads the department. I salute Councilor Alex for this endeavor. I hope the City Council will act the soonest time possible so that we can have an orderly terminal even not dubbed as world class. It is a big help to the traffic situation in the center of Bacolod and we can minimize the number of jeepneys roaming around the city. This proposed ordinance is an indication of the untiring effort of this gentleman from media who sees the bigger picture for the good of everybody. I hope some Councilors will also look for legislations that of public importance and interest. And not legislations that are less important.

Rising Stars / Informal Waste Pickers

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"Rising Starts is the newest prime time offering aired at TV 5 by Rising Star Philippines the producer of the biggest singing contest , it is a competition for the selfie generation – a chance of homegrown talents to rise from phone to fame and become the country’s next musical sensation. The competition puts a premium on showcasing talent, and making their dreams more within reach. Aside from the booths, auditions were held at the comfort of other living rooms through the Rising Stars Philippines Mobile Application available on the Google Play store for android phones,joining made easy and hassle free, with no money spent or time spent in long lines. Auditions were also held via website ( where hopefuls could record and submit their entries. Any Filipino over the age of 13 is eligible to enter the competition.

Message delivered by HON. ALFREDO “ALBEE” B. BENITEZ on the occasion of the TAX CAMPAIGN of the BIR Regional Office SMX Convention Center, Bacolod City

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March 25, 2015

A pleasant afternoon to all of you.

Allow me to first express my gratitude to the Bureau of Internal Revenue Regional Office for giving me an opportunity to become a part of the launch of your tax campaign this year. I am indeed much honored to be with the hard-working officials and employees of this agency.

Bill Seeks Mandatory Employment of Life-guards in Public Pools

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The bill filed by Valenzuela City Representative Sherwin Gatchalian is a welcome development here in the country. As member of Philippine Life Saving Society, I am happy with this initiative of the good gentleman from Valenzuela. This is long overdue and I’m glad that he took the first step and hoping it will be a law the soonest time possible. Drowning incidents in the country is quite alarming and the victims mostly are minors. It is the advocacy of the Philippine Life Saving Society that in every home there is one swimmer and trained life guard. Drowning prevention is a worldwide endeavor of all the life saving societies all over the world. In fact, this coming November 2015 there will be a world drowning prevention summit to be held this time in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and the Philippine Life Saving Society will send delegation to this once in a lifetime event because usually, they hold it in Europe and in the U.S.. According to the report I read, the bill requires the operator of public swimming pools and bathing facilities to hire qualified lifeguards to protect the public especially children.

The proposed Lifeguard Law of 2015 seeks to establish a formula based on World Health Organization standards for the number of lifeguards required to be on duty at all times at public swimming pools. Drowning incidents in the country is the second cause of death among Filipino Children. For decades now, it has not been eradicated and it is an issue that has been neglected by public policy, and the government has made no concrete efforts to mitigate the rising incidents. It is good to note that one Congressman brought up this issue in order for the public to know that there is an immediate need for this bill to be passed the soonest time possible in order to save lives.

Win with Honor, Pride

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Dark Horse
by H. James G. Toga

The transformation of the checkered cement of the Bacolod Public Plaza as a venue for the inter-barangay basketball tournament could not be more than in the right place and at the right time.

No other city mayor has allowed such activity in front of the Bacolod Cathedral. It is not surprising since the city executive has been a sportsman all his life.

Mayor Monico Puentevella was once a Philippine Sports commissioner, chairman of the Philippine Olympic Committee, member of FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) TV & Marketing Committee, and other capacities as head of national and local sports associations.

Last Saturday, 32 teams paraded during the successful opening ceremony of the 9th Monico Cup Inter-Barangay Basketball Tournament 2015 wearing proud of its teams uniform.


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