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Negros Opinion

Loan Sharks

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A news item in the local daily reads: “Cayetano leads drive against loan sharks".

This is a very interesting news item, but first and foremost, I would like to appreciate the sentiment of the good Senator in his advocacy in curbing loan sharks. But first, who are to be considered within the ambit of loan sharks? Is a legitimate lending institution who has an exorbitant interest rate considered one? Are the Indian nationals roaming around the country lending money with 20 percent interest rate every month considered loan sharks? These are the issues that need to be clarified and given attention by legislators in this country. There are legitimate lending institutions that are law abiding and within the strict scrutiny of our existing regulating body like the Central Bank of the Philippines. Be that as it may, it is good that Senator Peter Cayetano has extended loan grants to tricycle drivers in Silay City as he embarks in his campaign against loan sharks locally known as “five six,” particularly in Negros Occidental.

Probinsyudad/Beyond ASEAN

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Probinsyudad is the first festival expo for the twinning of cities scheduled on April 24-26, 2015 to be held in People’s House as a prelude to its enviable hosting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperatioin (APEC) Summit. This is in partnership with private organizations and multinational companies who share the vision of the local government of Bacolod in keeping its enviable status as highly urbanized city with the relaxing atmosphere of a Province- an ideal place to live and do business. In fact, Bacolod City was well known as a livable city and an ideal city for retirement. This only shows that if we have good leadership in the city, people from other parts of the globe will come to Bacolod either for business or leisure. Bacolod city is becoming a convention center of the province, national conventions of big companies and organizations are coming in. The multiplier effect to the economy makes it more interesting for small, medium and large businesses.

Modernized and Improved Manokan Country

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In a letter to Mayor Monico Puentevella SM Prime Holdings Inc. submitted its unsolicited proposal to purchase a portion of the property of Bacolod City adjacent to its property. SM intends to re-develop the property into an integrated shopping complex with a transport terminal, a hotel and an improved Manokan Country. This is the evidence that indeed Manokan Country will remain in its location that has been occupied decades ago. This is another development for the city of Bacolod since it cannot be denied that the Manokan Country needs to improve its physical structure as well as sanitation. Sanitation is very important because what is at stake is the health of the people eating chicken inasal there.

I was surprised upon reading the documents handed to me that the rental fee of the stall there is only 2, 500 pesos barely 80 pesos a day. It’s just one chicken inasal and believe it or not, there is one occupant that has an outstanding account of 472,093.39 pesos. My goodness, what is this? This has been tolerated for the longest period of time. This has been compounded tolerance of the city officials before. Well, we will discuss that matter in another time.

New Manokan Country

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One of the places that people from all walks of life go to eat Chicken Inasal is the Manokan country, whether you are from Bacolod or from other places.

Bacolod City is well known for the best Chicken inasal in the country. It has become a trademark for Bacolod City. I can still recall when we were in Manila a decade ago reviewing for the Bar examinations, one of my batch used to order chicken inasal from Bacolod and her husband will send it through PAL so that we can have a sumptuous meal in the evening. That’s how we love chicken inasal. I can also recall that the stalls selling chicken inasal is in Cuadra Street before it was transferred to its location now. Admittedly, the new location is good, however in order to compete with other chicken inasal not Bacolod style, the original must also be competitive like on issues of sanitation. In their respective stalls, the facade and facilities should also be taken into consideration. Cleanliness especially in the preparation of food is essential and necessary.

The Resurrection of Christ

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The best news the world has ever heard, came out of a cemetery! He Lives! Those two words separate Christianity from every other faith on the face of the earth. Christianity rises or falls on the Resurrection Story. It is Easter Sunday 2015 , the day we commemorate the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, I insert the adjective “bodily” to distinguish from those who would understand the resurrection story to be nothing more than a metaphor for renewal and hope. In first Corinthians 15:14 the Apostle Paul tells us that without resurrection of Jesus Christ, our faith is in vain, the apostle tells us in Romans 1;4 that the resurrection of Jesus is a powerful declaration that Jesus is the son of God. Our belief in the resurrection is foundational to historic Christianity. If you do away with resurrection, we have nothing to believe. If Jesus Christ did not rise from the dead, our faith is a colossal hoax. Our songs and our sermons are delusional; if Christ was not risen from the dead our cathedrals of worship are monuments to a corps. The Resurrection Story is as old as the sunrise, but without it there would be no life, nor light in the Gospel message. Because He is risen, we have proof positive that we also shall have eternal life. It’s the greatest story ever told, made possible by the greatest life ever lived.


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