‘Petmalu’, Says Ex-DILG Sec. Roxas on Drug Link

“Petmalu”, was how former local government secretary Mar Roxas described the allegations linking him to illegal drug trade.

Petmalu is a slang Filipino word meaning “super amazing”, to connote an unbelievable claim.

On his Facebook post Saturday night, Roxas said, “I don’t know nor have I any dealings with Serenio nor Odicta; as in zero.”

“I have been and am anti-illegal drugs and the record of arrests, confiscations and buy bust operations by the PNP during my time at DILG will show this. Clearly a poor and laughable attempt at fake news,” he said.

Former Berya drug group bagman Ricky Serenio has released another affidavit accusing former presidential candidate Mar Roxas, Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog and Senator Franklin Drilon of ‘protectors’ of slain drug lord Melvin Odicta Sr.

In an email sent to members of the media last week, Serenio claimed Mabilog had the guts to protect Odicta because he is the nephew of Senator Drilon and is further backed up by Roxas.

Sometime in 2015, Serenio claimed he met Odicta in Iloilo City, where he was informed by the drug lord that Roxas and Drilon wanted to penetrate the illegal drug market in Negros island.

He also claimed that “in order to accumulate funds for the 2016 presidential elections, Odicta wanted to kick out Berya and Camaria from Negros so they could raise funds for Roxas’ campaign expenses along with PNP Deputy Director for Operations General Marcelo Garbo who has also laid out plans to raise more funds.”

“I hear PDuterte is visiting Negros this weekend. This is an attempt by mga local KSP (kulang sa pansin) to get his attention and curry favor with him. Anyway, ang mga taga Western Visayas kilala ako, kag ang akon pagkatao, ang akon pamatasan kag ang akon pamilya. Sa sulod sang madamo nga tinuig ko sa serbisyo publiko, malimpyo ang ngalan ko kag waay gid nabahiran ang akon ngalan sa droga o sa corruption. Waay ako sang kasimanwa nga magapati sina nga gin himo-himo nga istorya. Klaro nga wala na gid sila ma akusar sa akon gani pilit sila naga imbento isyu, (The people in the region knows me, my character and my family. In the many years that I have been in public service my name was not tarnished by illegal drugs and corruption. My fellow Ilonggos will not believe this man-made claims against me. It is clear that they cannot find any accusations so they invented this issue to hurl against me)”, the former presidential candidate said.

“Sabi nga ng mga kids ngayon, petmalu ng imagination! (Never thought that Jeprox will make a comeback.),” Roxas said.*(NDB)