GM Antonio Sits on Top in Negros Int’l Open Chess

Filipino Grandmaster Rogelio Antonio, Jr. (2365) secured the top spot after Round 4 in the ongoing 2017 Negros International Open Chess Championship at the Osbron Hall in Ikthus, Bacolod City over the weekend.

GM Antonio defeated Edsel Montoya (2262) of La Carlota City in 66 moves on four Knights opening to take the solo lead with 4 points. Montoya slipped to fifth spot with 3 pts.

Here is the GM Antonio-Montoya game: 1. e4 e5, 2. Nf3 Nc6, 3. Nc3 Nf6, 4. d4 exd4, 5. Nxd4 Bb4, 6. Nxc6 bxc6, 7. Bd3 O-O, 8. O-O d5, 9. exd5 cxd5, 10. Bg5 c6, 11. Qf3 Bd6, 12. Bxf6 Qxf6, 13. Qxf6 gxf6, 14. Ne2 Rb8, 15. b3 c5, 16. Rad1 Be6, 17. Ng3 Rfd8, 18. Bf5 Rb6, 19. f4 Rb4, 20. Rfe1 Bxf4, 21. Bxe6 fxe6, 22. Rxe6 Kf7, 23. Ra6 Rd7, 24. Kf2 Be5, 25. Ne2 Rb6, 26. Ra4 Rb4, 27. Ra6 Rh4, 28. h3 Rh5, 29. Rd3 Bc7, 30. Rc6 Re5, 31. Re3 Bb6, 32. Rxe5 fxe5, 33. Nc3 c4+, 34. Ke2 d4, 35. Ne4 d3+, 36. cxd3 cxd3+, 37. Kd2 Ba5+, 38. Kd1 Bb6, 39. g4 Ke7, 40. h4 Rd4, 41. Rc4 Rd8, 42. Kd2 h6, 43. b4 Ke6, 44. a4 Rg8, 45. Kxd3 Rd8+, 46. Kc2 Kd5, 47. Kb3 Rf8, 48. Nc3+ Kd6, 49. b5 Rf3, 50. Rc6+ Kd7, 51. Kc2 Bd4, 52. Ne4 Ke7, 53. Rxh6 Rf4, 54. Kd3 Rxg4, 55. h5 Rh4, 56. a5 Kf8, 57. Ng5 Ke7, 58. Re6+ Kd7, 59. h6 Bb2, 60. Rg6 Bc1, 61. Rg7+ Kd6, 62. Ne4+ Kd5, 63. h7 Rh3+, 64. Rg3 Rh4, 65. b6 axb6, and 66. a6 1-0.

Rank list after this round placed Indian GM Srinath Narayanan (3.5 pts/9 rds) at second followed by Vietnamese GM Duc Hoa Nguyen (3.5/9) and English GM Nigel Short (3.5/9), Montoya (3.0/9), IM Ronald Dableo (3.0/9), NM Emmanuel Emperado (3.0/9), Ellan Asuela (3.0/9), IM Minh Thang Tran (2.5/9), and IM Kim Yap (2.5/9).

Top boards pairing in Round 5: GM Short vs GM Antonio, bo.1; GM Nguyen vs GM Narayanan, bo.2; NM Emperado vs IM Dableo, bo.3; Montoya vs Asuela, bo.4; GM Grigoryan vs FM Roel Abelgas, bo.5; NM Elwin Retanal vs GM Tran, bo.6; GM Darwin Laylo vs Rommel Ganzon, bo.7; IM Yap vs Jayson Salubre, bo.8; IM Tran vs Rey Magallanes, bo.9; and IM Chito Garma vs Michael Pagaran, bo.10.

Tournament sponsor Tony Aguirre, it is too early to make a prediction because the Philippines has yet to meet the big guns.

The A&V Negros Chess Club Inc., organized tournament in cooperation with the National Chess Federation of the Philippines under the auspices of FIDE was able to gather 17 titled chess players including 7 GMs, 6 IMs, 2 WIMs, and 2 FMs.* (James G. Toga)


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