FDC Negros Joins Call to Suspend P232M Payment

“Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) Negros Chapter joins the call of Ceneco member-consumer groups to suspend the P232M Unaccepted Contract Quantity (UCQ) to Kepco pending the MR filed by SAC be resolved by ERC,” stated Noli Espina, FDC Negros President.

The ERC June 27, 2017 decision was an authority for Ceneco to recover from its consumers the P232M UCQ, but there was no specific date except that it be collected for the span of fifty months, “but here comes CENECO GM Lagarde to specify October 25th as the onset of the collection,” Espina further explained.

“Furthermore, the discrepancy of the demand and nomination be it base load and intermediate load was solely the Ceneco management and BOD responsibility, so why charge the consumers of this miscalculation, or is this over-contracting of power supply?,” asked Espina.

FDC Negros, as part of UCAN convenors and also a constant oppositor to Ceneco’s numerous petition for power rate hike, additional CAPEX, etc., continues to call out to fellow Ceneco consumers to be vigilant of this moves that would certainly add up to our burgeoning burdens.

“We are calling the Board Directors of Ceneco to heed, intervene and stand up to protect for the consumer’s call to suspend the implementation of the ERC decision while the MR filed by SAC and other intervenors be resolved by ERC,” ended Espina.*