Power Watch Slams ERC Decision On Charging P232-M ‘UCQ’ to CENECO Consumers

Power Watch Negros is “strongly opposing” the implementation of the Energy Regulatory Commission’s (ERC) decision to collect from Central Negros Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CENECO) member-consumers the P232 million “unnominated contract quantities” (UCQ), beginning this month of October.

Wennie G. Sancho, Power Watch Negros Secretary-General, in a text message to Negros Daily Bulletin (NDB) last night said, “we vehemently and strongly oppose the ERC decision that grants power supplier KEPCO-SPC and power distributor CENECO to collect the P232-M from the member-consumers.”

“This is an injustice to Ceneco consumers who were not fully aware of this Electric Power Purchase Agreement (EPPA),” Sancho said.

“The members of the Ceneco Board should be held accounatble and financially responsible for hastily approving this EPPA that was proven to be grossly disadvantageous to the consumers. This is incompetent contracting. Why penalize the consumers for the inefficeincy of the Ceneco Board?,” he added.


He said consumers will be paying an average of P2.8 million per month for 72 months.

“This is a form of economic strangulation. Ceneco President Roy Cordova should explain this matter to the consumers for purposes of transparency,” Sancho also said.

Earlier, the Social Action Center (SAC) of the Diocese of Bacolod filed a motion for reconsideration before ERC to prevent CENECO from collecting from its member-cnsumers the P232 million UCQ.

ERC has denied SAC’s motion to dismiss, thus giving way to KEPCO SPC and Ceneco their prayer to collect from member-consumers such amount.

SAC was represented by its legal counsel, Atty. Vicente Petierre III, who also filed a Motion for Reconsideration before the ERC.


Ceneco General Manager Sulpicio Lagarde Jr. told NDB yesterday, the electric cooperative will be facing administrative sanctions if it fails to implement the ERC order.

He said the collection of P232 will be on a staggered basis by up to 50 months, or an additional of P0.06 to P0.08 in the monthly billing of a consumer, starting this October 25.

Lagarde emphasized that the case was filed as early as 2013, noting the oppositions filed by SAC.

“When SAC was asked for its position paper it did not submit any,” he added.*(Arman P. Toga w/ report from Edith B. Colmo)



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