Wanky to MassKara Security Forces: ‘No Mercy to Violators’

‘Show no Mercy.’

This was the instruction of Senior Superintendent Jack Wanky, the Acting City Director of the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) to his men, following the confiscation of several weapons from MassKara revelers despite the repeated police warnings.

DON’T BRING THESE. Beer and liquor bottles, as well as bladed weapons and pointed objects, are confiscated by the police, with the assistance of peacekeeping volunteers, at Bacolod City Government Center and in other MassKara festival sites, as part of security measures.* (PO1 Franz Opsimar photos)

Wanky gave the order during the October 8 early dawn post security critique session with about 150 police personnel and some 200 tanods and peacekeeping volunteers deployed on the first day of MassKara Festival activities at the Bacolod City Government Center (BGC) that kicked off on October 7.

Despite the warning to the public in relation to the MassKara festivity that the PNP will be strictly enforcing City Ordinances numbers 358 (prohibiting the carrying of deadly weapons outside of residence and workplace), 561 (curfew for minors), no smoking and other regulations like banning of backpacks or even the use of barbeque sticks, there were still revelers who were apprehended for violations of such offenses especially those who had with them deadly weapons which are not allowed in the festivities.

“Deadly weapons or pointed objects are not allowed because such can be used as instruments to kill somebody”, Wanky said, adding that, police personnel manning entrance check points were able to apprehend bladed weapons and pointed objects from male individuals and also from a lady who might have thought that she was not going to be checked because she’s a woman but the police surprisingly recovered a pointed weapon from her.

Wanky ordered the filling of appropriate charges against those who were apprehended.

“Why do these people carry these contrabands if they are there just for merry making? It’s very obvious that they have the intention to sow criminality. Let’s not show mercy to these people, they do not deserve to be a part of the Masskara Festivities, we must teach them a lesson and to remind them that it’s not a joke carrying weapons that can injure someone”, added Wanky.

Wanky reiterated to security forces that they should secure the peace loving people in like manner that they should be harsh against the people who have evil intentions to sabotage or disrupt the peaceful conduct of the MassKara Festival that will end on October 22.* (SPO1 Jared E. Esquilla, BCPO Public Information Officer)


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