RAM, GBFI strengthen support to revolutionary gov’t move

The Revolutionary Government (RevGov) being eyed by President Rodrigo R. Duterte got a strong boost in Western Visayas when Negros-based officials of the Rebolusyonaryong Alyansang Makabansa (RAM) - Guardians Brotherhood Federal Inc. (GBFI) went public Friday to express their full support.

In fact, the group will gather thousands of its members at the Bacolod Pavillion in Bacolod City to join the simultaneous nationwide Revolutionary Federal Government campaign launching this Friday, November 30.

Retired police officer Ricardo “Rex” Noble, lead convenor of RevGov Para sa Masa and regional chairman, also of RAM and GBFI, said in a press conference, they have been supporting President Duterte.

Joining Noble were retired police officer Armando Tubongbanua as RevGov R-6 vice chairman, and Edsel Vaflor as secretary.

Tubongbanua, in a seperate interview with NDB said the revolutionary government being eyed by Pres. Duterte will not use arms nor violence, as the term itself connotes.

“There is nothing to fear. It is revolutionary in ways and means of pushing the current administration towards real peace and development. It is a step towards transforming into federalism form of government. It will observe law and order, and within a just and civil society,” Tubogbanua said.

Tubongbanua said RevGov will come up with other activities geared towards attaining peace and development undertakings that will benefit the Filipinos.

NOBLE CLARIFIES. On the other hand, Noble denied he is a Small Town Lottery (STL) operator.

“There is a news item in one of the local newspapers in Bacolod last Saturday identifying me as an STL operator. I am not and I hope they will correct that,” he told NDB.*(Arman P. Toga)


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