Love for Kids in Tangub

By Kristine G Alonso

91.9 Love Radio promoted nutrition and wellness to children in Purok Panghidaet, Tangub in Bacolod City over the weekend and made kids happier with fun and prizes along with their refreshed knowledge at eating the best kinds of food.

Love for Kids in Purok Panghidaet, Tangub made children happier and more knowledgeable to proper nutrition.*

The team has been constantly sharing awareness targeting the youth on the basic information about the Go, Glow, and Grow food groups as well as influencing their parents of the correct nutritional health applications to children in the urban poor areas.

Over the years, 91.9 Love Radio adheres to remind parents and their children under the chosen barangays of the importance of wellness even in an urban poor lifestyle. Every barangay chosen are given the opportunity to re-freshen their knowledge about the Go, Glow, and Grow food groups, enabling each individual, including children, to consume a balanced diet everyday composing of fruits and vegetables with the right amount of protein and carbohydrates found in meat, fish, and whole wheat.

The events 91.9 Love Radio aims to fulfill is to spread the dangers of eating unhealthily especially to kids, who need most of the nutrition while growing up. It aids them at developing their cognitive and physical power if matched with a good balanced meal.

The Love for Kids in Tangub was graced with entertainment through the endearing participation of DJs Kristin Dera, Matthew Dancer, Rico Panyero, Sexy Terry, Tommy Tambay, and Totoy Bato, along with Station Manager Jose Francisco Muñoz. This was also made possible with 96.3 Easy Rock and Negros Daily Bulletin.*


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