Dead Toboso Resident is Rape Suspect

A man found dead around 7:00 a.m. Friday in Barangay Bandila, Toboso, was a fugitive with case of rape, according to Police Chief Inspector Ariel Pico, Toboso PNP chief.

Pico said the victim was identified as Rene Crispo Desoy, 31, single, of the place.

Pico said that the victim was found lying on the ground bloody and lifeless from stab and hack wounds in the different parts of his body.

He was also hogtied with a rope tied on his head and struck with hard object.

Pico said, the victim was a suspect in raping a married woman a day after he was found dead. He is also accused of act of lasciviousness and rape, but the complainant refused to appear in court because he threatened them.

Pico said the suspect is believed not on his right mind as he also raped a carabao in their place.

Pico said that all the residents in Barangay Bandila were angry with him. He added, he has names of suspects but waited for the victim’s family on their willingness to file charges against them.

The cadaver was brought to a local a funeral parlor for post mortem examination conducted by Dr. Jabbel Jayawon, the municipal physician. Police is investigating the incident for possible identification of the suspects and their motive.*(CMGarde)


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