Statement of Bacolod City Councilor Distrito on the Public Hearing Conducted Re: House Bill Declaring June 18 as Non-working Holiday

“There is no need for another hearing on the matter. In fact, the conduct of the hearing is not in accordance with the internal rules of the Sanggunian which states that a committee may constitute one or more persons appointed, designated or elected by the SP to consider, investigate or take action on an ASSIGNED subject or matter.

Coun. Gamboa has no authority from the sanggunian to conduct the same since the matter was never referred to his committees nor it was calendared in the agenda of the sanggunian except that i authored a resolution expressing full support to the said housebill. There is no pending legislation that requires committee action, thus his action is not sanctioned under our rules nor by the SP as a whole.

Also, he is not a congressman who filed it in congress and he has no reason to call a hearing for the proposal, as a matter of fact the good congressman of bacolod city is still to conduct a hearing for it.

Further, the Sanggunian had already approved the resolution supporting it which i authored, also we already have an ordinance duly approved by the Sanggunian commemorating June 18.

So what will be his intended action on that? The committee cannot reverse the action of the SP, but the SP can reverse the action of the committee.”

If he was absent or went out of the session hall when the subject matter was discussed, then it is his problem anymore, not by the SP.

Lastly, during the last council, then Coun. Carl Lopez was also rebuffed by the majority of the SP then, where Coun. Gamboa was a part of it, when he was conducting a hearing without any pending SP legislation or correspondence referred to his committee. As the old adage says, “A sauce for the goose, is also a sauce for the gander”, should also be applied in this case.*



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