It’s Love for Kids Weekend!

By Kristine G Alonso

91.9 Love Radio celebrates Love for Kids at Barangay 2 over the weekend as the team constantly strives to push for nutritional lifestyle in barangays all over Negros Occidental.

91.9 Love Radio Disc jockeys entertain kids with fun and games over the weekend.*

The team has been constantly establishing an advocacy promoting healthy lifestyle for families with young kids, consistently informing them of the benefits of a nutritious and balanced intake of the Go, Grow, and Glow food groups.

This advocacy has touched numerous families with 91.9 Love Radio. It focuses on the most common drive to proper nutrition and that is to choose the right diet and the right foods to nourish the body.

91.9 Love Radio focuses on the information drive with children because it is in the mission to let the children know the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Love for Kids activities, happening every month which 91.9 Love Radio started has been attracting partnerships of different sectors in the city who also share the same advocacy at educating kids and parents on proper nutrition.

91.9 Love Radio’s popular Disc Jockeys namely Kristin Dera, Matthew Dancer, Rico Panyero, Sexy Terry, Tommy Tambay, and Totoy Bato graced the event to the delight of the crowd. The event was also made possible by Station Manager Jose Francisco Muñoz, Ysabella’s Canopies and Portalets, Steeltech Colored Roofing, and Negros Daily Bulletin.*