‘People Can Help Prevent Suicides’

The World Health Organization has issued steps for everyone to take note in the prevention of suicide.

When a person is positive to having suicide thoughts and killing himself or herself people around should take action by never leaving someone suicidal on their own and removing the means of suicide available to the person if it is safe to do so.

Their immediate family members should be informed about the intention of suicide and collaborate for their safety, call for professional help and communicate with the person.

The following messages can be told to the suicidal person: “I am listening and I care; I want to help; there is hope for the future; they should also be asked what about those important people he or she cares about?”

One can further request a person who intends to commit suicide to share their problems on the condition that they will not be judged and to help them remember their faith, beliefs and personal strengths. The WHO believes that with proper support, a caring person can change things for the better.

In the Philippines, support group institutions noted four areas Filipinos seek help- issues on love relationships; gender issues including gender confusion; family matters and bullying in the workplace, school and social media.

Medical experts believe stress and depression can lead to suicide. In the Philippines, one out of five can experience some episodes of depression.

WHO also noted depression will be the second leading cause of world disability by 2020.

Negrense Psychiatrist Dr. Charibel Escandelor, during her recent lecture to information officers said too much stress could lead to depression and recommended ways to rightly deal with stress.

She said it is important for one to make a list of the causes of his or her stressors that are: changeable, positive but stressful and those that that are short term against the long term.

Furthermore, a person should acknowledge his or her situation, do behavior modification and communicate. *(JCM/Lljr-PIA6)