Wennie Sancho

Labor Forum: El Presidente, ‘The Punisher’

It is well said that for every crisis in our history, it has been providential that a man will spring out from among us to lead the people and meet the challenge of times. Like a juggernaut, then presidential aspirant Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte swept across the nation during the May 9, 2016 national election garnering more than 15 million votes humbling his political rivals that was considered phenomenal in the most excited and colorful elections

The Declining Real Wage

When labor demands for a wage increase, management always react with a powerful threat. The company will close. If the workers will insist, the business enterprise will be shut down, destroying jobs and livelihood. But this threat is often a bluff and artful exaggeration, to discourage the worker's struggle for wage hike.

On Politics and Money

As society is caught up in its ruthless ambition and moral decay, politics has become a tool for acquiring wealth, power and prestige. But you can acquire all you want and still feel empty. Some have reasons to be contemptuous of most politicians the stronger they are, the more they lust for power. While most politicians are held in contempt by the public, what is rarely talked about is the deep contempt politicians have for the general public. The mutual contempt that divides the governed from the governing authorities is the attitude underlying modern politics, both as a symptom of the decay and an active factor in furthering the deterioration.

Are Managerial Employees Entitled to Security of Tenure?

This is with reference to the decision of the Seventh Division of the National Labor Relations Commissions (NLRC) in Cebu denying a motion for reconsideration filed by Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) and seven of its directors affirming the reinstatement of Sulpicio Lagarde Jr. as General Manager of CENECO. It goes without saying that the P2.2 million payment for Lagarde shall be passed on to the member-consumers of CENECO. I will discuss that and other vital issues in my next column. For all labor advocates this is a very interesting issue on the worker's security of tenure.

The Wrong Concept of Work

While the juggernaut of globalization crushes the labor organization in its path, by eroding the worker's security of tenure through job contractualization the valiant knight called " Labor Defensor " lay mortally wounded and dying at the doorstep of the workplace, Because of our indifference and cowardice this lonely warrior is about to be buried in a deserted graveyard, the ultimate demise of labor unionism is in the offing.

It is urgent that we should revisit the past struggles of the labor movement and those who had offered their lives to propagate the advocacy of labor unionism, we should examine why most of the workers, specially the unorganized, are hesitant to assert their rights and had remained fragmented because of the wrong concept of work that had turned them into servile workers.