Wennie Sancho

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Labor Forum

October 18, 2017

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
Republic of the Philippines
Malacañang Palace

Attn: Jaime Llaguno Mabilin
Director IV
Presidential Action Center

Dear President Duterte:

Greetings from Power Watch Negros Advocates!

Labor Forum: Power Watch Position Paper

Re: P232M ERC Decision Dated June 27, 2017 (ERC Case No. 2013-141RC)Contact Person: Wennie G. Sancho – Secretary General (PWNA)

The burning issue of the P232 M as payment to be collected by CENECO from the member-consumers continue to rage. The public indignation against the implementation of this ERC Order culminated into a unified opposition. The motion for reconsideration filed by the Social Action Center, the Resolutions issued by the members of the CENECO Board of Directors, the manifestations of other advocacy groups and individuals resulted to the holding in abeyance in the implementation of the said Order.

Labor Forum: P232 M – Stolen from the Pockets of the CENECO Member-Consumers

Power Watch Negros Inc. (PWNI) remain steadfast in its opposition against the ERC ruling issued on June 27, 2017 granting Kepco-Salcon (KSPC) and CENECO the authority to collect the amount of P232 M as “unnominated contract quantities” which simply means the amount to be paid by CENECO to KSPC even when it did not use such power supply. This is because of the “overcontracting in the EPPA concluded between CENECO and KSPC in 2011.

Labor Forum: of the `Trainees'

Labor exploitation has been going on since time immemorial. From the slaves who built the pyramids of Egypt to the slave-workers of the sweatshops today, operating clandestinely in secluded areas of our communities surrounded by high fences or walls. Some of these establishments do not even have business permits. Workers in these workplaces are suffering from cramped working conditions, lack of proper ventilation and long hours of work. They are exploited to the tilt like modern day slaves even if slavery has long been outlawed by our so-called civilized society.