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Wennie Sancho

Gambling is an Immoral, Deceptive Mechanism for Exploitation

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Councilors Wilson Gamboa Jr., Alex Paglumotan, Noli Villarosa, Roberto Roxas, Em Ang and Ceasar Distrito voted in favor of the Resolution of No Objection, granting Super Lucky Beagler Inc. authority to operate Small Town Lottery (STL) in Bacolod City. However, Councilor Gamboa seems to be the most vocal in his defense favoring the operation of STL with his justification, "If you can't beat them, join them and regulate them."

The Myth of Economic Prosperity

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In the last SONA of P-Noy, he was mouthing the myth of our economic prosperity. We were told that the government is in good hands or on the right track of his "Daang Matuwid". Pinoy cited the lowest unemployment rate despite the fact that we have 3 million unemployed and 7 million underemployed Filipino workers. He did not mention those millions who lost their jobs and remain unemployed or the jobs they found were only part-time or lower paying jobs that are contractual in nature.

The Water Watch Secession

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When Water Watch Resolution No. 003, Series of 2015 entitled " A Resolution Confirming our Secession from the Bacolod Water Consumers Watch Inc. (BWCW Inc.) chaired by Councilor Wilson Gamboa Jr., " was approved on July 11, 2015 and was signed by 7 out of 12 Water Watch officers, our .purpose is plain and simple-to secede from the BWCW Inc., " to secede is to withdraw from an organizon." The root cause of out secession was the pronouncement of Councilor Gamboa that he supports the Bulk Water Supply of BACIWA. While he is entitled to his opinion, we feel that it is contrary to the advocacy of Water Watch. As a matter of fact we have registered our vehement opposition against this project because we believe that it will lead to the privatization of BACIWA which is a public water utility of the people.

Letters for Councilor Paglumotan (Last of 2 Parts)

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Dear Councilor Paglumotan;

Greetings from Power Watch-Negros!

We would like to bring to the attention of your Committee the issue on the proposed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Central Negros Cooperative (CENECO) and Aboitiz Power Corporation (Aboitiz). This MOA if finally signed by both parties, will ultimately lead to the privatization of CENECO, an electric cooperative in which we, the consumers are presumed to be the collective owners. This MOA was initiated by the CENECO Board of Directors without sufficient consultations with the majority of CENECO consumers, the CENECO Board of Directors failed to disseminate to the consumers what would be the impact of this MOA on the policy direction of CENECO.

Letters for Councilor Paglumotan

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Dear Councilor Paglumotan!

Water Watch, which is an alliance of water consumers in Bacolod City would like to reiterate our vehement opposition against the proposed Bulk Water Supply project of BACIWA on the ground that this will lead to the privatization of BACIWA. This public water utility is presumed to be owned collectively by all BACIWA consumers.