Wennie Sancho

The Power Watch Declaration

Deeply concerned, about this urgent matter of public interest, affecting thousands of CENECO consumers, relevant to the payment of the Unnominated Contract Quantity concluded between Kepco Salon Power Corp. (KSPC) and Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) amounting to PESOS; Two Hundred Thirty Two Million Ten Thousand Ninety and 46/100. (Php 232,010,090.46);

Gathered together to air our most urgent grievances and gravest concerns as consumers and to declare our solidified opposition against the Power Sales Contract (PSC) between KSPC and Ceneco with a petition that this should be rescinded, to avert its disastrous economic consequences;

Confronting the Seat of Power

We raise our voices in solidarity with all CENECO member-consumers on the wrong decision made by Ceneco President Atty. Arnel Lapore and the Members of the Board of Directors, for their acquiescence to the Power Sales Contract between Kepco SPC Power Corp. (KSPC) and Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) with a total of uncollected unnominated quantities amounting to P 232,010,090.46 to be passed on the consumers.

In direct relation to this foregoing problem comes another allegation of anomalous transaction already concluded between FDC utilities Inc. (FDCUI) and Ceneco, which is grossly disadvantageous to the consumers because we have to pay for the unutilized energy. This starting revelation by reinstated Ceneco General Manager Sulpicio Legarda Jr., resulted in a jolt with a feeling of shock, surprised and disappointment to Ceneco member consumers, Lagarde filed a petition urging the ERC to order Ceneco and Filinvest Development Corporation Utilities Inc, to "immediately refund consumers P 151.7 million in alleged excess amount collected from December 2014 to July 2015.

The Permanent `Contractual' Worker

It is very difficult to find a regular job nowadays. Almost all workers are contractuals. This is justified by the so called "open contract" practice which simply means one is a contractual worker for the rest of his working life. This is the permanent contractual worker, which for us, in the trade union movement is a circumvention of the worker's security of tenure.

We can readily see that a contractual worker had been hired and again and again rehired and again and again fired. Labor perceive these successive hirings and firings as a ploy to avoid the obligations imposed by law on employers for the protection and benefit of probationary employees who, more often than not, are kept in the bondage, so to speak, of unending probationary employment without any complaint due to the serious unemployment besetting our country today. No member of the labor force must be allowed to be taken advantage of by and any employer.

`More of the Same'

Philippine politics from ages ago has been dominated by political dynasties in almost all of our geographic subdivisions. Many of these political families are concerned only with their own interests and the protection of their acquired wealth and influence. Quite disturbing is the rise to prominence of a circle of pseudo-revolutionaries, known for their "messianic" tendencies. They have gained in recent years effective access in Malacañang and other centers of power. This circle has been serving as "cordon sanitaire" in the Palace. It was alleged that members of this circle are responsible in providing the nation with most of the amateurish policy direction and blunders that caused undue instability and added miseries to our people.

When the nation's political system is subverted so that power and political influence fall under the control of those who have no appreciation of and  respect for the common good, the system will most likely become a tool for oppression and the promotion of selfish ambition. The real essence of democracy and public service is eventually lost, the debasement of our politics has become the biggest threat to our national security and well-being.

Labor Manifestation On `Batas Kasambahay'

In line with its declaration of policies that the State adheres to the internationally accepted working conditions and establishes labor standards for the Kasambahay, RA 10361 otherwise known as the "Domestic Women Act or Batas Kasambahay" was signed into law by President Benigno S. Aquino on January 18, 2013. The law was hailed as a landmark piece of labor and social legislation that recognizes for the first time domestic workers as similar to those in the formal sector. It strengthens respect, protection and promotion of the rights and welfare of domestic helpers or kasambahay with the purpose of emancipating them from the bondage of oppression and exploitation. As a matter of fact, it took sixteen (16) years for Congress to pass the Kasambahay Law or Magna Carta for Domestic Workers.


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