Wennie Sancho

Are Managerial Employees Entitled to Security of Tenure?

This is with reference to the decision of the Seventh Division of the National Labor Relations Commissions (NLRC) in Cebu denying a motion for reconsideration filed by Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) and seven of its directors affirming the reinstatement of Sulpicio Lagarde Jr. as General Manager of CENECO. It goes without saying that the P2.2 million payment for Lagarde shall be passed on to the member-consumers of CENECO. I will discuss that and other vital issues in my next column. For all labor advocates this is a very interesting issue on the worker's security of tenure.

The Wrong Concept of Work

While the juggernaut of globalization crushes the labor organization in its path, by eroding the worker's security of tenure through job contractualization the valiant knight called " Labor Defensor " lay mortally wounded and dying at the doorstep of the workplace, Because of our indifference and cowardice this lonely warrior is about to be buried in a deserted graveyard, the ultimate demise of labor unionism is in the offing.

It is urgent that we should revisit the past struggles of the labor movement and those who had offered their lives to propagate the advocacy of labor unionism, we should examine why most of the workers, specially the unorganized, are hesitant to assert their rights and had remained fragmented because of the wrong concept of work that had turned them into servile workers.

The Power Supply Contracting Process

The way to avail least cost electricity under the wholesale and retail competition is through power contracting or through power supply agreements (PSA). It is therefore very important to analyze and understand the cost elements in power supply contracting to see how "just and reasonable" electricity rates are determined. Also under EPIRA, costs were unbundled to show what components of the bill are paid for by consumers.

Power Watch-Negros Sets 2nd Picket at CENECO

Power Watch Negros (PWN), the group of multi-non government organization which is duly registered with Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC), staged a second round of picket in front of Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) office at Mabini Street in Bacolod City, yesterday.

AMONG POWER WATCH-Negros leaders at the rally at CENECO yesterday, Mike Baylon, Wennie Sancho and Jun Año preparing to speak.*

KSPC Shall Collect the P 232M

The prospects are dim for all CENECO consumers in the year 2016. For sure, it will not be a happy new year, because we have to brace ourselves for the impending payment of Two Hundred Thirty Two Million Ten Thousand Ninety and 46/100 (Php 232,010,090.46). Under ERC Case No. 2013-141 RC, pending before the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), KSPC is set to collect this amount of the Unaccepted Contract Quantity of the Supplemental Agreement between KEPCO SPC Power Corporation (KSPC) and Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO).

There is no need to explain that the amount of P 232 million shall be passed on to the consumers, as to when, only time can tell, but it won't be long before we will be paying this within 6 years or 72 months, as proposed by KSPC to CENECO, for an average amount of P 3.222, 362.37 per month, payment for the power supply that we had never used! Power Watch Negros could not come up with an accurate computation as to how CENECO will convert this amount into charges that will fit their own agenda. But if we will divide this monthly payment of P 3,222,362.37 to the number of Ceneco consumers in Bacolod City which is about 98,422 as of 2013, each of us will pay an additional amount of P 32.74 centavos per month for 72 long, agonizing months. If we will multiply the said amount to 72 months, the total amount that will be passed on to each consumers will be P 2,357.29 more or less.


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