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Wennie Sancho

The Plight Of The Education Workers

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The teachers and education personnel in the private schools or in general the education workers as a sector, comprise the largest group of professionals and service workers in the country. Our numerical strength is a potent force in pursuing fundamental reforms in the furtherance of our economic, professional and socio-political well-being. Unfortunately, we have failed to muster our quantitative strength to make education more responsive to our specific needs.

Tales from the Darkside (CENECO’s Dimming Power)

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Whenever there is brownout, especially when this happens regularly, people say, here we go again, soon there will be an increase in the charges of our electric rates! Giving credence to this statement is the worsening power crisis all over the country. That is probably the reason why P-Noy is asking for an emergency power in order to address the crisis. But the hoipoloi are confused. What? Why give more power to the most powerful man in the country? More power to

Who Speaks For Us?

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This is time for reflection and a serious reassessment of the state of our struggle in the trade union movement-its ideological directions, its theory and practice, its successes and failures, its past, present and future.

A Manifesto For Constitutional Authoritarianism

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It was rumored that there was a gathering of astute political analysts, some military generals, tycoons, industrialists, men of exceptional power and wealth whose business conglomerates and empires extend across the nation. In that secret meeting it was alleged that all of them were preoccupied with one vision - their hearts and their minds were engrossed in their yearning desire for continued economic prominence and political supremacy by tinkering with the constitution.

A Tale of Two Houses

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In the United Kingdom they have two houses, the House of Common and the House of Lords. In the Philippines, we also have two legislative bodies, the Upper House and the Lower House which is the House of Representatives and the Senate. In Bacolod City, we also have two houses, the big one located in the circumferential road and the small one located in the heart of the city. The big one is called the New Government Center (NGC), it is imposing and palatial, it