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Wennie Sancho

SOLA (State of the Labor Address)

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The General Alliance of Workers Association (GAWA) declares that human dignity is the overriding concern of all endeavors. It is to its enhancement and fulfillment that we engage in work and in trade union and social action, this dignity thrives best in a climate of justice, freedom and democracy, to whose realization, we are committed to nurture and bring to fruition.

The Battle for Wage Increase

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The battle for wage increase will soon begin. The General Alliance of Workers Association (GAWA), filed a verified petition for wage increase on July 16, 2014 before the Regional Wage Board in Western Visayas seeking for an additional P85.00 per day for non-agricultural/commercial workers, P72.00 per day for workers in the agricultural/plantation workers and P72.00 per day for agricultural/ non-plantation workers for all workers in the private sector in Western Visayas.

The Demand for Wage Increase

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The clamor for another round of wage increase immediately after the hike in fuel, fare and power rates, basic goods and services, exemplifies the difficulty of protecting workers purchasing power from the vagaries of external economic force.

The Liberation of the Poor

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(The following poems/articles were taken from my humble work, "A Compendium of Articles on the Workers Struggle")



I. A poem was written, a long time ago
It tells about pain, anguish and sorrow
A dreadful dream, a nightmare of oppression
About human sufferings in utter degradation


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