Roque P. Hofilena, Jr.

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A Glimpse of the Nov. 5, 1898 Negrense Revolution vs. Spain

What were the events leading to November 5, 1898?

When the widespread Katipunan-led uprising started in August 1896 in Luzon, the Spanish authorities became alarmed and took steps to control the situation. They became alert to signs of unrest by soliciting information or reports, watching public meetings, conducting investigations or check-ups of suspicious events. The Spanish concern was well-founded for by mid-August 1898, actual preparations for uprising were organized and preparations were moving fast in different areas, despite the seemingly peaceful situation.

CINCO DE NOVIEMBRE IN BAGO CITY. Bago Mayor Nicolas M. Yulo and Vice Mayor Ramon D. Torres giving honors and spearheading the floral offerings to the statue of General Juan Y. Araneta, Hero of the Negros Revolution, as part of yesterday's comme-moration of the Negros Day or 119th Cinco de Noviembre in the historical city yesterday.* (Jun de los Reyes / NDB photos)

Our family cherished memories

As my wife and I update our family cherished memories, this essay briefly encapsulizes our lives and that of our children and grandchildren. Hence, I have looked at the entire panorama of my family and career above all as essentially a search for a meaningful life worth living. From the earliest years, one basic question had been deeply lodged in my life: “Why am I here?” What is the meaning of my life especially after growing older and learning more about my existence?

Our Golden Wedding Anniversary 2011

Some Notable Insights on 2014 Philippine Independence Day Observance of Filipino Canadian Communities

Our column today is the third in our mini-series on the cultural and other aspects relevant to the 2014 anniversary observance of Philippine Independence Day by FilCanadian communities. Apart from our sharing on the significance of our June 12 Independence Day, this brief series has been notably coincidental with the current visit of this writer to relatives in Canada which is today becoming the second country, next to the USA, with the most number of Filipino

"Filipino Celebration of June 12 Independence Day 2014"

In our June 3, 2014 issue, we started to highlight some of the more notable historic challenges which have been affecting contemporary Canadian cultural and socio-economic and related factors. Aside from the cultural and socio-economic, the other factors include the increasingly volatile global issues or problems which have been impacting the lives of many Canadians and other countries in a fast changing world today. Thus, apart from the positive factors affecting

More Notable Glimpses of Canadian Values and Culture

In our May 20, 2014 issue, this column highlighted various interesting glimpses of the values and culture of Canada. This focus on Canada arises from the major itinerary of this writer who is presently visiting with his wife, their three children, four grandchildren, two in-laws and two nieces who have migrated to Canada, since 1996. While this family situation was not planned until the professional years of our children, my wife and I have never stopped