Roque P. Hofilena, Jr.

Some Notable Insights on 2014 Philippine Independence Day Observance of Filipino Canadian Communities

Our column today is the third in our mini-series on the cultural and other aspects relevant to the 2014 anniversary observance of Philippine Independence Day by FilCanadian communities. Apart from our sharing on the significance of our June 12 Independence Day, this brief series has been notably coincidental with the current visit of this writer to relatives in Canada which is today becoming the second country, next to the USA, with the most number of Filipino

"Filipino Celebration of June 12 Independence Day 2014"

In our June 3, 2014 issue, we started to highlight some of the more notable historic challenges which have been affecting contemporary Canadian cultural and socio-economic and related factors. Aside from the cultural and socio-economic, the other factors include the increasingly volatile global issues or problems which have been impacting the lives of many Canadians and other countries in a fast changing world today. Thus, apart from the positive factors affecting

More Notable Glimpses of Canadian Values and Culture

In our May 20, 2014 issue, this column highlighted various interesting glimpses of the values and culture of Canada. This focus on Canada arises from the major itinerary of this writer who is presently visiting with his wife, their three children, four grandchildren, two in-laws and two nieces who have migrated to Canada, since 1996. While this family situation was not planned until the professional years of our children, my wife and I have never stopped