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Robert Harland

Philippine justice system too slow

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Fr. Shay Cullen, an Irish activist Catholic priest, is appealing to Philippine judges to prioritize speedy trials for child abuse victims.

The Philippines’ legal system often moves at a pace slower than a sick snail, and it can take years before cases come to trial.

Fr. Cullen cited the case of Maria, a ten year-old Filipina, who was raped by her mother’s live-partner. With the help of good neighbors and concerned government social workers a case was filed against the suspected rapist in October 2011.

Europe’s property boom continues, but slows in Asia

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The global house price boom continues ever more strongly. House prices rose in 25 of the 38 world’s housing markets which have so far published housing statistics during the year to Q1 2015, using inflation-adjusted figures. The more upbeat nominal figures, more familiar to the public, showed house price rises in 31 countries, and declines in only 7 countries.

Peque Gallaga’s Solo Art Exhibition

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The Philippines’ multi-awarded film-maker, actor, screenplaywright and production designer, Peque Gallaga, will stage his first solo art exhibition at the Arte Verité Gallery, 2/F Serenda Bonifacio Global City in Manila from April 18.

Peque Gallaga with his cross hatching work "Diri lang anay".* (Robert Harland photo)

Global Property Price Boom Continues But slowing in Asia, Dubai , U.S. and the Pacific. Europe’s boom accelerates

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The global house price boom continues, with prices in 2014 rising in 32 countries and declining in nine countries for which figures are available.

Ireland is now the world’s top performer, with housing prices surging by 16.62% during 2014, a remarkable acceleration from the increase of 6.18% in 2013. In all, seventeen European markets saw house prices rise more during 2014 than the previous year, and only five showed weaker performance.

Sex Crimes Against Filipino Babies

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Fr. Shay Cullen, an activist Irish priest based in the Philippines, has issued a report about what he says is the widespread sexual abuse, torture and even death of Filipino children.

Fr. Shay Cullen with Manila street children