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EDITORIAL: How Safe are Jeepney Rides?

Now-a-days, especially with the opening of classes, schoolchildren taking jeepney rides are often exposed to the proliferation of pickpockets, snatchers and unscrupulous elements in jeepneys and buses out to deprive the innocent pupils and students in some overcrowded vehicles and passenger jeepneys who become easy targets of vultures who employ all kinds of lawlessness, victimizing both the young and the old commuters on their way to school, the offices and work places, even in market places, the malls or shopping areas, anytime of the day or night.

Most of the victims, notably the young ones would rather keep quiet and suffer the consequences of their misfortunes rather than bother themselves to go to the police stations to complain, knowing the futility of going through the trouble of going back and forth, realizing the low batting average of policemen recovering lost money, valuables or any thing of value such as wallets or cellphones, watches, necklaces and the like.

No Lesser Evil

As the May 9 local and national elections near, several peace covenants have been agreed upon, signed and supposedly implemented designed to insure a high-level campaign among the candidates for public office and eventually realize what we aspire to have - Honest, Orderly, and Peaceful Election (HOPE).

Unfortunately, as the election campaign season took off, many of the candidates, local and national, have given the electorate a sampling of what they really are, what they plan to do and how they intend to carry out their program of government if elected.

As claimed by one high-ranking official of the province, the Negrense Voters, intelligent and vigilant that they have become, will exercise their sovereign right to vote based on the candidates' performance, their character, qualifications and work ethics.

Grieving Mother Recalls Loving & Caring Son, Mark Lester Perez

Maria Luisa Dreyfus Perez, a long-time columnist (19 years) of the Negros Daily Bulletin (Sleep on it), a dedicated educator of the Negros Occidental High

From the Editor-in-Chief

School (NOHS) for 31 years has recalled the unforgettable and loving memories of her son Mark Lester, who passed away a few days after his 38th birthday last January 27 in their ancestral home in Bago City when he succumbed to a massive heart attack.

Mrs. Perez recalled that Mark Lester, her second of two sons and an only daughter, was a regular cyclist and was on his bicycle routine from Bago to Bacolod and vice versa on that fateful day which turned out to be his last, he felt extreme pain and was not his usual self. While at the Calumangan area, he decided to drink plenty of cold water, dropped by his grandmother's house at Damayan, Sampinit only to fall on the driveway at his in-laws when he forced himself to cycle home to Bago City where he finally expired.

The Perez Family of Bago City. The late Mark Lester (2nd L) with wife Johanna Pauline Espinosa Singson (left) with parents Ma. Luisa Dreyfus Perez and Arcelin B. Perez, only sister Alexandra Grace and eldest brother Louis Archie (right).*