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Pert Toga


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Indeed, what had been happening to the public treasuries of two cities and five municipalities in Negros Occidental for the past four or so months this year are "embarrassing", to say the least.

Embarrassing to whom? First, to the police forces in the Local Government Units (LGUs) involved, the city and municipal executives and the officials involved in safeguarding the safekeeping of funds that belong to the taxpayers and the entire bureaucracy.

No less than the Vice Governor of the province, Eugenio Jose "Bong" Lacson issued the statement with the tone of disappointment during an interview with media practitioners covering the provincial capitol, who have also been disturbed by the series of alarming instances of robberies and ransacking by robbers committing acts of burglary from the vaults of Escalante City, Bago City, the towns of Hinobaan, Cauayan, Calatrava, Valladolid and Moises Padilla.

What We Stand For

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NDB starts its 15-Day Anniversary period today with activities that focus on the important role of media, notably Print which underscores the vigilance and responsibility of its practitioners in their vital role towards the realization of goals designed to inform, educate and entertain readers of various persuasions in the community.

From the Editor- in-Chief

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The Negros Daily Bulletin is now on its ‘ripe’ age of 54 years, its Golden Age in the field of responsible journalism. Responsible since we’ve never been jailed, if that’s proof enough that we’ve been fair, balanced and unbiased in our task of being critics, messengers of news, both good and bad, denouncing the shenanigans, the inept and corrupt in our midst.

NODRFI, CAADAC to Hold a Forum on Drug Abuse

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The Negros Occidental Drug Rehabilitation Foundation. Inc. (NODRFI) and the Victorias City Action Against Drug Abuse Council (CAADAC) will conduct a Symposium and Press Conference on Drug Abuse tomorrow, September 9, according to Dr. Ernesto A. Palanca, NODRFI executive director, Thursday.

Victorias City Mayor Francis Frederick Palanca (R) with NDB’s W. Henry O. Streegan.*

Memories of Dr. Pablo O. Torre: A ‘Barefoot Doctor and Dedicated Public Servant’

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As a young 20-year old news reporter of the weekly Negros Bulletin (in the late 60s) on its first few years of existence, I was often assigned to cover city hall, the provincial capitol, the police and military beats all at the same time, for a weekly report of local events.

In the prime of life during his first or second term as City Councilor of Bacolod City, Dr. Pablo O. Torre (left) poses with his young mediaman-friend, Negros Bulletin news reporter Pert Toga who caught up with him for an interview while visiting his patients in the rural barangay for free, to include giving them free medicines for the sick, the malnourished and impoverished. Instead of visiting paying patients in hospitals, he spent more time in the nipa huts and poor men’s hovels to care for the needs of the very poor and destitute, the joy of his entire life and career as medical practitioner and dedicated public servant.*


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