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Grieving Mother Recalls Loving & Caring Son, Mark Lester Perez

Maria Luisa Dreyfus Perez, a long-time columnist (19 years) of the Negros Daily Bulletin (Sleep on it), a dedicated educator of the Negros Occidental High

From the Editor-in-Chief

School (NOHS) for 31 years has recalled the unforgettable and loving memories of her son Mark Lester, who passed away a few days after his 38th birthday last January 27 in their ancestral home in Bago City when he succumbed to a massive heart attack.

Mrs. Perez recalled that Mark Lester, her second of two sons and an only daughter, was a regular cyclist and was on his bicycle routine from Bago to Bacolod and vice versa on that fateful day which turned out to be his last, he felt extreme pain and was not his usual self. While at the Calumangan area, he decided to drink plenty of cold water, dropped by his grandmother's house at Damayan, Sampinit only to fall on the driveway at his in-laws when he forced himself to cycle home to Bago City where he finally expired.

The Perez Family of Bago City. The late Mark Lester (2nd L) with wife Johanna Pauline Espinosa Singson (left) with parents Ma. Luisa Dreyfus Perez and Arcelin B. Perez, only sister Alexandra Grace and eldest brother Louis Archie (right).*

Former Press Club President Writes 30

Former Negros Press Club President Ely de los Santos, a famed Negrense journalist in the print, broadcast and electronic media, died Thursday night (10:45 pm) on January 20 of a lingering illness at Riverside medical Center (Dr. Pablo O. Torre Memorial Hospital) in Bacolod City, a close family member told NDB last night.

Ely, 76, whose dedication to the tri media especially as a most vigilant and no-nonsense newspaper columnist and fearless radio commentator is legendary and uncompromising, succumbed to organ failure despite having survived several ailments for years, a rare phenomenon bordering on what many of his colleagues as a triumph over physical weakness and a strong will to defy the onslaught of major devastation few mortals could ever hope to endure.

Ely de los Santos, considered among the most hard-hitting commentators, fearless and acidic on his tirades, is a rare breed who has devoted all his life in service to the less fortunate, the dispossessed and the oppressed, through his columns and broadcasts.

NDB Taking a Respite

Much to its regret, NDB, which is now on its historic 55th anniversary as a vigilant community newspaper in Bacolod City and Negros Occidental, is taking a most-needed respite from its daily publication routine which started on October 2, 1994 or 21 years ago.


Ricardo "Ric" Yanson , passed away last Sunday at 86, a well loved business executive, self-made man whose life was an exemplary model of hardwork and honest labor of love for the transport business, will always be remembered whose inspiring and great passion for sacrifice and love for the transport industry was unsurpassed, a man of dedication and devotion to his chosen field of business as a transportation magnate who rose from the ranks of a mechanic to eventually end up owning a string of the best and most convenient fleet of

A Recollection NDB’s Early Days

It’s our 55th anniversary in September, 2015, considering that Negros Bulletin started hitting the streets as a weekly paper, way back in 1960, at a time when the streets of Bacolod were still a picture of complete serenity, order and discipline, comparatively speaking, to today’s chaotic and almost topsy turvy state, a sign of prosperity, they say, notably in the busiest sections of the downtown area during peak hours. They insist this could be an indication of progress and development of a fast-growing city.