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Owen Bayog

Barangay Zone 12 And 12-a Assembles Senior Citizens

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Talisay City First Lady Sheila Yap-Saratan spoke at the Senior Citizens Assembly at Barangay Zone 12 and 12-A Wednesday and shared her time in knowing the concerns of the elders, as well as share their important achievements in the City of Talisay in putting everything in place so that all sectors enjoy the benefits of a progressing City.

WASWAS BUGSAY TALISAY! Talisay First lady Sheila Yap-Saratan with Punong Barangay Edwin Onias of Barangay Zone 12-A and officials with the City’s elders during their Senior Citizens assembly yesterday.* (Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

Frat Holds Bloodletting Activity

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After the resounding success in holding their Fraternity’s 42nd Founding Anniversary last August 8, the Alpha Kappa Rho will hold a blood-letting activity at Barangay 23 this coming Aug 29, 2015 along with the Philippine Red Cross and Barangay 23 led by Punong Barangay Wenceslao Parlan and Kagawad Johnny Esmil.

Alpha Kappa Rho Interim Spokesperson and Alumni Owen Bayog says the AKP Fraternity and Sorority seeks to have more projects with other groups and individuals in the city that shares a common cause with their group on extending humanitarian help to others within their capacity.*

1,700 Books to Day Care Kids from Talisay’s First Lady

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Her heart belongs to the children – it has always been her passion and drive for service; a healthy and educated community, a vision she shares with the people of Talisay City. Sheila Yap-Saratan pioneered her feeding program since 2008 and had reached thousands of children in various barangays and communities in Talisay City.

She took time to read a Bible story for the kids at the Barangay Zone 3 Day Center yesterday. * (Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

Senior Citizens Assembly in Talisay Gathers 400 Officers

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Mayor Doc Eric Saratan lauded the efforts of everyone enjoining more than 400 Senior Citizens Officers at the Talisay City Public Plaza yesterday. The City Chief Executive expressed his heartfelt thanks to the overwhelming response of the said sector that trooped to the Plaza for the said assembly. Officers of the Federation of Senior Citizens were also inducted into office by the Mayor himself.

Talisay City Mayor Doc Eric Saratan tells the senior citizens of the City to work hand in hand in the implementation of various projects and programs of the City for the elders. * (Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

Go Healthy, Go Green – Talisay First Lady Says

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Complimenting the City of Talisay’s effort for nutrition and education of the parents and children to go green and healthy, Talisay City’s First Lady Sheila Yap-Saratan was at three schools in the City in promoting a health and educational campaign at Concepcion Elementary School, Efigenio Enrica Lizares Memorial School and Rafael B. Lacson Memorial National High school.

Joining the Nutrition Month Celebration in Talisay City – First Lady Sheila Yap-Saratan was at Concepcion Elementary School, Efigenio Enrica Lizares Memorial School and Rafael B. Lacson Memorial National High School. The latter conducted feeding programs and turned over seedlings to green gardens of the respective schools. * (Talisay City CMO-PIO photo)