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Owen Bayog

Talisay’s First Lady Sharing the Yuletide Season

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It has been her campaign and advocacy eversince that children that are suffering in ailments and malnutrition should be given assistance and enable them to live normal and happy. In one of the Barangays that have been visited by Talisay’s First Lady Sheila Yap-Saratan, she called upon parents of children beneficiaries to her ongoing health program via Reliv and gathered stories of success as they battle nutrition problems before.

1st Public Order and Safety Office Formed in Talisay City

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Talisay City Mayor Doc Eric Saratan opened slots for Security Guards for Talisay and have employees and willing applicants apply. There had been more than 60 interested individuals who signed up for training and submitting requirements and various tests. Yesterday, the Mayor spoke in front of 30 prospective members of the first ever Public Order and Safety Office of Talisay City.

Talisay City Mayor Doc Eric Saratan tells the trainees for security guards of the City to step up to what is expected and required of them in performing their duties. * (Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

Talisay City Mayor Poses Challenge To The Youth: ‘Stay Away From Drugs’

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It was recently launched in Talisay City and people from all walks of life were gathered to take part in the battle against illegal drugs.

Yesterday, Mayor Doc Eric Saratan spoke in from of UNO-R Talisay students about the ongoing campaign of the City on drug abuse and the effects of substance abuse.

Talisay Mayor Doc Eric Saratan speaks with students in the city regarding the present campaign of the city government against illegal drugs and why the youth should stay away from vices and substance abuse.* (Owen S. Bayog / NDB photo)

Talisay City Flexes on More Potentials

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A series of socio-economic workshops is being launched by the City Government of Talisay through pilot projects that gather people for training on various fields in order to be empowered and to be self-reliant.

Mayor Doc Eric Saratan in a light moment with various participants of bamboo and shell crafts workshop in Talisay just recently. * (Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

Talisay is Love

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The leader with a heart is working on two fronts, one is to elevate the way of life of his constituents, and the other one is coming up with various programs that will help the people become self-reliant.

TALISAY CITY Mayor Doc Eric Saratan went around and observed the ongoing shell and bamboo craft workshops of the City Cooperative Livelihood and Development Office (CCLDO).* (Owen S.Bayog / NDB photo)


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