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Owen Bayog

A Simple Story of a Palm Sunday Vendor in the Cathedral

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It has been 30 years since Merlina Cordero started selling outside the San Sebastian Cathedral every Palm Sunday.

Merlina Cordero, 50 years old who had been selling palm leaves every Palm Sunday for 30 years now. * (Owen S. Bayog /NDB photo)

A sugarcane worker at Hacienda Consolacion Ramos in Barangay Granada, Merlina started living in Bacolod City after being married at the age of 20. Cordero is a native of Canlaon City and moved to Bacolod after she got married to a fellow farm worker.

She said it all started as her yearly offering to the church and later on a yearly activity for her to arrange palm leaves and have these sold outside the church for extra income. “I did not count the number of years that I have been doing this, until I based it with my age and to my surprise I have been here almost every year for 30 years now”, Cordero added.

More Mothers Involved in Nutrition and Health Campaign

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Being the mother of the City of Talisay, First Lady Sheila Yap-Saratan has gone into various communities and Barangays all over the City and has conducted feeding programs and extending educational campaign to parents on health and nutrition has gained more grounds. Parents in the communities take extra effort in sustaining the nutritional value of foods being given to the children.

Talisay’s First Lady Sheila Yap-Saratan enjoys the time with kids in various Barangays, complementing the City’s efforts on Health and Nutrition in her own simple way.* (Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

Bayan Muna Says PNoy is Accountable

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Bayan Muna Representative Atty. Neri Colmenares says President Aquino must be held accountable for a lot of bad decisions that has put the country into a bad ligh, saying the discussion on the impeachment is not limited to the issue on the recent Mamasapano incident but for the decisions that has been made by Aquino as President by the time he took over the presidency.

Bayan Muna Representative Neri Colmenares speaks during the rally of the United Drivers and Operators Center (UNDOC) in front of the Land Transporation Office (LTO) yesterday.* (Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

Talisay City Day Care Center Kids – Move Up

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No less than the First Lady of Talisay City, Sheila Yap-Saratan came to congratulate more than 800 kids coming from various day care centers in city in their Recognition and Moving Up exercises at the Talisay Public Plaza yesterday.

A day care student came to Talisay City First Lady Sheila Yap-Saratan and gave her a warm hug and kiss during the Talisay City Day Care Center Recognition and Moving Up exercises. (TALISAY CMO/PIO photo)

Day Care Center Kids Fed, Given Slippers

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Yapak is a non-profit organization composed of a pool of friends lead by Claire O. Bird who started small outreach programs in various day care centers in Bacolod City and in Barangay Banago in particular.

With the children at the Day Care Center of Sitio Sibucao after the feeding program initiated by YAPAK with Claire O. Bird (extreme right) and Kagawad Arlo Marañon Acebedo Jr. where the group recently conducted a feeding program and distribution of slippers.*


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