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Owen Bayog

People Say: ‘Feeding Program Ni Ma’am’ the Longest Running, Unparalleled Activity in Talisay City

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More children get to benefit the ongoing feeding program and distribution of slippers from Talisay’s First Lady Sheila Yap-Saratan as the latter continues her community and Barangay activities in the City. Lately, it was the kids of Hacienda Sian-Kilayko, Barangay Zone 12-A who enjoyed the fun and games as well as the feeding program in their Barangay.

Talisay’s First Lady Sheila Yap-Saratan at Hacienda Sian-Kilayko, Barangay Zone 12-A for another feeding program and slippers distribution activity.* (Glenn Almonia photo)

Opinion on Ceres Accident and The Social Media

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Right after the accident in EB Magalona yesterday people in social media were posting and sharing photos and videos at the scene of the accident. Some posted facebook statuses condoling with the families and friends of the victims. During tragedies and accidents, there are no control on the photos and videos that come out in various social media sites and elsewhere.

Since the general notion is that if you have a social media account and a camera or camera phone, you can take photos and videos at your heart’s desire. Although there is no particular rule that limits the owner and what content will be upload to media sites, the decision will fall on the responsibility of the person holding the camera.

Women Fight Against Global Warming

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More and more women in Talisay City gathered for the fight against the effects of global warming and educated themselves to move for the prevention of environmental destruction.

Talisay’s First Lady Sheila Yap-Saratan says that the concentrated efforts of women in the protection of the environment will contribute to the national and international efforts.* (Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

2nd Kasanag Festival In Talisay Shines Through

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Barangay Zone 5 – Talisay City recently concluded their Fiesta which showcased groups that lighted up the Talisay Streets in a dance parade. People went out of their houses and waited for the dance competition to hit the streets. Some were taking photos and videos and others took selfies with the dancers as they passed by the parade route.

Barangay Officials during the festival dance parade at Barangay Zone 5 Talisay City.* (Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

Biggest Motorshow in the City

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The Bacolod KTM Riders Club (BKRC), the newly SEC Registered Motor Club kicks off their July 24-25, 2015 event at the Planta Centro Hotel and Residences. The officers of the said club led the pressconfab and event briefing with members of the Bacolod Media. PJ Ginete (Club Prexy), Nino Angudong (Vice President), Jeremy Abanil (Public Relations Officer) and Steve Jardinico (Secretary) were seated as the panel for the press conference.

BKRC – (left to right) . PJ Ginete (Club Prexy), Nino Angudong (Vice President), Jeremy Abanil (Public Relations Officer) and Steve Jardinico (Secretary) seated as panel for the presscon. * (Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)