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Owen Bayog

‘Improve Services, Carry Out the City’s Vision’

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Health being among the top priorities of Talisay City, Mayor Doc Eric Saratan urges Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) to be at the forefront in delivering basic public services of the City.

Mayor Eric Saratan turns-over wheelbarrows and shovels to the group for the tree-growing activity, which is the “Pinakaimportanteng Gawain” (PIG) of VAC 5. As part of the adoption of the Performance Governance System (PGS) of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA), the City organized Vision-Aligned Circles composed of City employees to help achieve breakthrough results in the City’s roadmap.*

A Distorted History Will Take Us Nowhere

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Yellow being the color we used to remember when people got out from their houses and marched to the streets to end a dictatorship is now a color being popularly known as color of the First Family who is in power. Democracy was reduced into icons and the people’s story and those who fought Marcos died down and forgotten.

The story of the people’s struggle for freedom and democracy is not about the colors, it is the action and unity for a cause that they pursue. * (Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

On Cars and Car Care

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There are people who buy vehicles for the sole purpose of using it to transport from one place to the other. There are also vehicle owners who go beyond the basics, spend a little much on accessories and other vehicle essentials such as sound system and other multimedia tools to spike up the usual and traditional car set up.

My Car Audio Bacolod - the place to be for car essentials and sounds sytem. (owen bayog photo)

Affected Residents of Talisay During Typhoon Yolanda Get Their Housing Materials

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Some 161 families from 6 barangays of Talisay City, received housing materials from the National Housing Authority (NHA) as assistance by the national government for victims of typhoon Yolanda through its Housing Materials Assistance (HOMA) project. Beneficiaries of the said project were able to receive four pieces plywood, 4 pcs. GI sheets and 2 kilos of nails all worth P4,000 each.

Talisay City Mayor Doc Eric Saratan leads the 2nd wave of distribution of housing materials to affected residents of Talisay City during Typhoon Yolanda at Barangay Dos Hermanas recently.* (TALISAY CMO-PIO photo)

Pay Parking Seen to be Implemented in Bacolod City

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After the implementation of the No parking along Araneta and Lacson Streets, the City is likely to impose pay parking at the Bacolod Public Plaza. The parking spaces at the Plaza is seen to be the area where “Pay Parking” as the primary area where it will most likely eliminate barkers and park boys at the Plaza and raise additional revenues for the City.

PAY PARKING – at the Bacolod Public Plaza will raise City revenues and eliminate barkers and park boys while giving them the option to do carwash instead. * (Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)


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