Leo Claridad

Gentle Whisper: Violence in the Church

“If it be your Holy Will, grant that a place of your abiding be continued still to be a sanctuary and a light.”

Philippine history overflowing of acts of church terrorism, during the Spanish Colonial period which was dominated by the Church and are perpetuated today with threats of excommunication against those perceived dissenters to their Church positions or teachings, such as in the present context, those advocates of Reproductive Health and pro-women. Perhaps the Church hierarchy, conservative religious and other parties and clergy used to dictating the Filipino people ever since they were known as “FRIARS” still feeling superior and righteous, and thought they were in control. So much so, even today, just as what they used to do with our ancestors, manipulating us. What we are experiencing in the hands of our Church is a repeat of Church history: the church teaching ever since is that “any development not in accordance with its dogma is terrorist”.

Gentle Whisper: One Thing Bad in Us

Everyone wants to have and to accumulate “power” believing that if they had such force everything will be alright. But no, there’s no need for us to hope, to wish, to struggle in order to acquire one. We have the power to resolve problems, and it motivates us for the challenges of everyday chores that sometimes get ahead of us.

The Latin word from which “power” derives is the equivalent of the substituting the word “dynamite” for the word “power,” you can begin to understand the greatness of it. Greek word dynamis, a word used all through the New Testament. And from dynamis is derived the English word dynamite.

Gentle Whisper: New Growth Starts

I recall a graduation story once I heard; it's all about a thriving little town in Ireland.

"There was this thriving little town in Ireland that the local folk wanted to see grow, so they decided to build a new town hall. But the town fathers decreed, first, that it had to be built on the site of the old town hall. Second, that it had to be built of the same material as the old town hall. Third, that the old town hall had to be kept in use until the new one was completed. And so, the little town never grew."

It’s a Good Show

In the implementation of the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) which the Philippine Supreme Court declared as unconstitutional, former Senator Joker Arroyo called President Aquino as "evil genius" in using a 1987 Administrative Order signed by then President Corazon Aquino (mother of President Pnoy). During that time then Senator Joker Arroyo was Cory Executive Secretary. In other words, it was Senator Joker that framed the said