Leo Claridad

It’s a Good Show

In the implementation of the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) which the Philippine Supreme Court declared as unconstitutional, former Senator Joker Arroyo called President Aquino as "evil genius" in using a 1987 Administrative Order signed by then President Corazon Aquino (mother of President Pnoy). During that time then Senator Joker Arroyo was Cory Executive Secretary. In other words, it was Senator Joker that framed the said

China Restless

Vietnam is next to the Philippines which is now talkative after China’s vessel collided with theirs near a Chinese oil rig anchored in contested seas. Vietnam claims the Paracel Islands, known as Hoang Sa in Vietnamese, which China seized from then-South Vietnam in 1974 in a period of turmoil shortly before the end of Vietnam war. The Philippines - we had recently protested what China describes as reclamations in the reefs within its exclusive economic zone,

Regionalize it

Yes, we should concur with our Negros officials in creating the provinces of Negros Occidental and Oriental into one region. If that happens "sunshine will really spread" equitably to Negrenses. Much more we can enjoy if Negros Occidental be sliced into three provinces: Negros Del Sur, Negros Del Norte and Central Negros. If that happens, the political and economic "sunshine" will indeed equally be shared by politicians and their constituents. Am not privy

My ‘Sacristan’ on Sum-ag

I never thought that my ‘sacristan’ in Sum-ag has a lot of something when our Brgy. Sum-ag is atop of our kafe discussion after Sunday’s worship. It all triggered from the news item that PNP should be visible enough in school premises and nearby areas not only during opening of classes but throughout the school year. PNP should not relegate its responsibility upon the shoulders of barangay tanods or barangay police. It may be misconstrued by the public that in