Edith Colmo

Sun Life Prosperity Card as Gift

The newest in Sun Life business establishment is the Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. which is the first of its kind in the market that uses the Sun Life Prosperity Card worth P5,000.00 as gift but may invested in any of the peso-denominated mutual funds.

SUN LIFE Asset Management Company, Inc.’s Valerie Pama, President, and Michael Gerard Enriquez, Chief Investment Officer, are revolutionizing the sale of Sun Life Prosperity Card as a gift and an investment towards prosperity without hassle.* (Edith B. Colmo photo)

Hasty Marriage Often Broken: Msgr Rivas

As observed by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), young people who perform hasty marriage due to unwanted pregnancy often end up

Msgr Vic Rivas, head of Marriage and Family organization in the Bacolod diocese, reveals that hasty marriage of young couples due to early pregnancy often end up broken.* (EBColmo)

in broken marriages.

Thus said Msgr. Vic Rivas, head of the family ministry of San Sebastian Parish, Bacolod City at the presscon last night.

He said, it is alarming that young couples ages below or above twenty years who are forced to get married due to pregnancy, or marriage for the sake of security of one party who is leaving for job abroad, are most often broken.

Also, before marriage if the couple had been doing sex, they have no longer eargerness between them during and after their wedding. They are not prepared for married life.

Duterte’s Supporters Swarm SMX Convention Center

Like other presidentiables, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s presence was felt by his supporters as they listened to his speech during the launching of campaign yesterday in Tondo, Manila.

The Negrenses gathered at the SMX Convention Center, Bacolod City and listened to their idol’s message live through the screen as relayed via the internet.

NPA Admits Behind Killing in NegOr, Army Says Bring Culprits to Proper Court

The spokesman of CPP-NPA issued a statement as behind the killing of an individual in Negros Oriental for alleged various offenses committed against the people. In a radio broadcast yesterday, the unidentified spokesman said it is their mandate to punish anyone who violates the rules for the people. The spokesman also warned anyone involved in illegal drug proliferation because they are determined to punish the same.

Monkey King Lantern Contest Result

One of the highlights of Chinese New year celebration was the Monkey King Lantern Contest which was part of the Bacolaodiat Festival conducted by the Negros Tsinoys, patterned from the Chinese belief for this year’s celebration as year of the monkey.

Best Monkey King in the Monkey King Showdown - Entry #1, Double J Full Force