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Edgar Cadagat

Retired General Expresses Reservations on Supposed More Than 1000 AK-47S

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SEEMS IMPLAUSIBLE. A retired army general we talked to, has expressed reservations about the supposed sale and purchase by New People’s Army (NPA) guerrillas of over allegedly 1,000 AK-47 rifles purchased by security agencies legally, abroad and but sold to the NPA leadership mainly in Mindanao.

Central Negros Front Command Spokesman Cites Success Achieved (Part II)

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Ka JB Regalado, the Leonardo Panaligan Command spokesman further stressed in Central Negros, that the two soldiers killed and who belonged to the 12th IB were abusive, were fond of firing shots and threatening people in the area where their detachment is located.

The Leonardo Panaligan Command spokesperson, earlier also further named the alleged drug trafficker who was collaborating with a local official in Guihulngan City.

Silay City Youth Salvaged in Guihulngan City, Mutilated

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A young man from Sipalay City was found dead in Gabung-Gabungan Subvillage, Poblacion, Guihulngan City and was badly mutilated obviously without a fight. His hands were tied behind his back, his mother Gina Orencio Amaro, told newsmen during an interview yesterday morning in a restaurant downstairs the NPC building.

Alleged NPA Casualties in Central Negros Barefaced Life – NPA Spokesman

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The supposed casualties of the New People’s Army (NPA) in an "encounter" bared by the army spokesman last week, did not belong to the rebel movement, but were actually members of the Barangay Defense System (BDS) in the village, with the barefaced lie part of a cover-up by 303rd Brigade CO, Col. Jon Aying, the deputy spokesperson, a woman who called herself Ka Anne Jacinto her nom de guerre said in an interview yesterday morning by "Tungkaron Ta Ini" radio program host Jeffrey Gelangre and Edgar Cadagat. She could have been in Negros Island.

Not Talking Through His Hat

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AND AVM BERNARDO CANNOT WASH ITS HANDS OFF. The illegal slaughtering of livestocks probably been taking place in the city for sometime, has been proven by the discovery, indeed, according to concrete reports and findings in the BMMC Compound in Barangay 41.

Action on Vandalism, Hooliganism Taken by Talisay City Gov’t Chief Exec

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Widespread concerns and apprehensions about the dangers of traveling on the Bacolod-Silay Airport highway will now be resolved with a P40-M budget from the national government approved and the unlighted portion of the stretch of roadway will now be lighted especially in the evening when those involved in vandalism, for one, throwing stones and rocks, will now be dissuaded from carrying out their dastardly task, Rane Azue, authorized to speak in behalf of Mayor Eric Saratan bared in an interview with DYRL’s "Tungkaron Ta Ini" radio program, Tuesday this week.

Camella Homes Workers Paid by their Subcontractor, Masters, Inc. Backwages, Ungranted Benefits

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Workers belonging to the Regional Alliance of General Employees (RAGE), have been paid a total of over P2-M by the construction company, Masters, Inc. which is the contractor of the Camella Homes, the subdivision developer owned by the family of former Senator Manny Villar and by his wife, Cynthia Aguilar Villar, presently a senator in the House of Senate.

Latest Anti-Graft Complaint Against Leonardia Will Test Visayas Ombudsman Objectivity

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AND IMPARTIALITY, EH! The latest anti-graft complaint filed by mediamen Franklin Villanueva will, indeed, test the mettle of the Deputy Ombudsman for the Visayas primarily, because it has nothing to show in terms of accomplishments, nay, achievement and if only to cite one case and is the close to 100 complaints filed against the then Leonardia administration.

CAPO-Martyr Passes Resolutions Condemning Marcos Claims Board Actuations During Processing

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The Claims Assistance Processing Office (CAPO) and the Mothers and Relatives Tyranny (MARTYR), has approved several resolutions in the meeting held by its executive officers, Sunday noon. The most important one being the resolution enjoining Bayan Muna partylist Congressman Neri Colmenares and the Makabayan Bloc in the House Representatives to ensure that the process for the assessment and evaluation of the Human Rights Victims Claims Board (HRVCB), be conducted as it should be properly and in accordance with RA 10368 which actually establishes

Anti-Graft Corruption Training Attracts Various Negros Sectors, Media

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The training session on good government, public finance and on the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), the first session of three scheduled sessions lasting until October this year, attracted 37 participants in attendance coming from various sectors both in the city and in the province.

Arles Murder Case to Quezon City RTC

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The trial of the murder case against seven accused in the ambush-slay of the late Kabankalan Regional Trial Court (RTC) Judge Henry Arles will now be transferred from the Kabankalan RTC to a Quezon City RTC sals.

ABK3 LEAP Project Director Daphne Culanag briefs social workers, planning officers and partners on the update on the child labor situation in the country and how the recently launched Child Labor Monitoring System is vital in reaching the vision of a Child Labor Free Negros Occidental.* (EAD-PIA6 photo)

Atty. Frank Britanico, brother-in-law of Judge Arles and lawyer of the Arles family, he received an order from the Supreme Court (SC) granting the petition filed last year by the late judge’s son, Philip, who sought for the change of venue from Kabankalan to Metro Manila "due to threat and intimidation".

Britanico told NDB that the High Court ordered Kabankalan RTC Judge Fernando Elumba to deliver all court records to Quezon City RT C for disposition.

"The 4 out of 7 accused who remain at large are Marvin Salve, Rustom Puro, Emman Medes and Gerald Tabujara and those detained at the Kabankalan detention cell are Jessie Daguia, Capunong and Fortunado - all known members of the Revolutionary Proletarian Army-Alex Boncayao Brigade (RPA-ABB) operating in southern Negros Occidental.*(Clarence Locsin)

BACIWA Management Forcing Board to Sign MOA to be Signed by Directors

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MURCIA WATER DISTRICT CANNOT SUPPLY AMPLE WATER FOR BACOLOD. In a recent meeting, the opportunist members of the board of directors of the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA), and the executive management headed by General Manager lawyer, Juliana Carbon, have pressed the fiscalizing BACIWA directors to sign the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Murcia Water District (MWD) to provide bulk water for BACIWA through and the town’s own water sources.

Training for Anti-Graft and Corruption Groups, Individuals Set

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 An anti-graft and corruption individuals and organizations are set to conduct a training on the whys and wherefores of anti-corruption advocacies, Saturday at a local restaurant in the city, with trainors from Metro Manila.

A Valuable Lesson for Murcia Mayor Andrew Montelibano

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LESSONS ARE VALUABLE IF WE HEED THEM. We are in agreement and we praise Murcia Mayor Andrew Montelibano because he deemed it wise to make amends with the religious sector in his town and which involves the Roman Catholic Church and those in the various protestant groups.

Mayor on AVM Bernardo, Typhoon Glenda, Drainage & Education Standards

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Bacolod City Mayor Monico Puentevella has once again, stressed a press conference at the old City Hall building as the venue, that issues related to the antiquated drainage system in the city, AVM Bernardo slaughterhouse shot-through with various major defects, the city’s weaknesses when it comes to elementary and high school education, must be given solutions and resolutions because these are matters which need to be corrected with measures put in place.

Pointing to the direction of Tropical Storm "Glenda" at the Operations Center of the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office.*(CMO-PIO photo)

The Bacolod chief executive earlier referred to problems and defects in various points of governance in the chartered city which he inherited from the previous administration which had held the reins of local government for a successive three terms or nine years.

Another Guerilla Front Denounces RPA-ABB Commander-Turned Congressman

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 The spokesperson of the front guerilla command, the Armando Sumayang Command in Southwest Negros, has become the second of the revolutionary underground components to accuse its former member, Carapali Luwalhati or Stephen Paduano, erstwhile RPA-ABB national commander having turned into an enemy of their cause for becoming an instrument of these considered as the ruling elites in Philippine society.

Marcos Human Rights Victims: Declared Heroes by Government, While Church Looked Askance

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TREATED AS ARMED REBELS. The passage of the RA 10368 or the Marcos victims’ compensation law has produced a peculiar situation in the Negros mainstream Catholic church and its having looked askance at the Basic Christian Communities (BCCs), considered as opposition then by the Marcos martial law authoritarian government and oftentimes looked upon as armed rebels or supporters of the New People’s Army (NPA), then.

Negros Oriental Governor Douses Cold Water on One-Island, One-Region Plan

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THAT IS HOW PINOYS ARE. After hemming and hawing and feigning acquiescence insofar as the One-Island, One-Region plan of the Negros Occidental provincial government was concerned, the other province’s Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo has late come out openly declaring 70 percent of the province’s constituents as against the plan, which says much also about his position, nay, opinion about the one-island, one region plan. Clearly and categorically that

The Marcos Victims Claims Board Must Rectify Errors in Processing (Part III)

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ELIGIBILITY GOES FOR ALL. Those eligible to file claims with the retired general, Lina Sarmiento claims board, are generally victims of the Marcos martial law regime. This is specified in the approved RA 10368. Anybody who believes and has that thinking that he was an oppositor of the Marcos regime then, are entitled to the compensation from Switzerland needs to understand that this is not so.

‘NFA Rice Cheap but Limited,’ Rural Folks Complain

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Many people are complaining that NFA rice is affordable but seemed not to benefit them.

This is the common clamor of mothers in rural areas who are the ones budgeting their expenses.

National Gov’t Coursing Delivery of Basic Services to Cong’l Districts

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Congressmen except those belonging to partylist groups, could now source substantial funds from the budget allocated national government departments, considered line agencies for infrastructure projects, health and medical services, social services and the like as they are given privileges to request for these funds in lieu of previous funds provided them directly and which they can withdraw through Special Allotment Release Orders (SAROS).

This information was provided by several staffers of the six including the lone congressional district from Bacolod.

The Marcos Victims’ Claims Board Must Rectify Errors in Processing (Part II)

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INEXPERIENCE AND LACK OF COMPASSION. Thus, those appointed by the Human Rights victims claims board chosen by President Benigno Simeon Aquino III, are people who unfortunately lack experience, therefore, inexperience and though we would not be judgmental, also lack compassion.

A Member ‘Owns’ Villar Construction Company, Slammed by Dismissed Workers

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A small police complement, has stood nearby while part of the 93 construction workers staging a picket before the Vista land office in the Villar-owned Camella Homes in Mandalagan Village staged their protest action demanding that they be reinstated to their jobs and that the construction company, Master, Inc. settle payment of benefits and other privileges which is supposed to have been given to them. Many of the construction workers have been working in the company believed actually owned by the Villars but is bruited to be owned by a separate

Black Propa vs Marcos Victims Planned?

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Are Marcos Claims staffers, Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Peace Process, Peace Advocates of Negros (PAN-Negros), and the Bacolod Diocese’ Social Action Center, and the breakaway, Alter Trade Corporation, in cahoots to make organized claimants out to be given compensation based on the RA 10368, which mandates victims of the Marcos martial law regime that they be entitled to a P10-B compensation Fund from recovered ill-gotten wealth in Switzerland, look bad?

Village Farmers Complain vs Sola Family for Taking Carabao a Member Owns

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Several leaders of a small farmers’ group in Kamansi Village, in Kabankalan City in Southern Negros, have once more complained against what they said were harassment carried out by the Sola family which owns an hacienda in the area with the patriarch Gene Sola taking away a carabao and bringing it to the village captain "because it had no credentials or documents" and therefore, ‘probably stolen.’

Marcos Victims’ Claims Board Must Rectify Errors in Processing (Part I)

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AS SEEN THROUGH VICTIMS’ EYES. There were hitches and lapses insofar as the processing of human rights victims claims on the issue of compensation and its processing of the late dictator’s and his family’s and estate is concerned, and which we stress is being seen from the eyes and points of view of the victims themselves.

Training for Anti-Corruption Groups, Advocates Soon

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An anti-graft and corruption group, organized and operating nationwide, the Citizens’ Action Network for Accountability (CANA), network and local anti-graft and corruption groups will coordinate in the training on various aspects of the issue on Saturday, July 19, this year.

Participating in the training Series to be carried out by CANA will be possibly representatives from the media, schools, business, cause-oriented groups and the academe.

Human Rights Victims Application Enmeshed in Controversies (Part II)

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Indeed, Thursday and Friday last week July 3 and 4, the processing of the Marcos’ compensation claims were undertaken by the claims board staffers. The venue was the MassKara Hall Extension in the separate ground portion of the city hall or the People’s Hall as now dubbed by city officials.

Punitive Operation Success vs Sugar Mill Due to Military Incompetence, NPA Spokesperson Says

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The spokesman of the Roselyn Pelle Command, the front guerilla unit operating in Northern Negros’ far north area, Ka Cecil Estrella, twitted military authorities for having been "blind and deaf" on the initial preparation and therefore, assault on its widening guerilla operation in Northern Negros which it earlier said it had demolished, specifically citing its operation against the Lopez sugar mill transloading station.

Partylist Solon to Take Up Marcos Victims’ Complaint on Lapses in Processing by Aquino-Appointed Claims Board

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Bayan Muna partylist Congressman Neri Colmenares, has assured claimants of the Marcos martial law now mandated by law that complaints they have presented to him and his colleagues will be attended to by them expeditiously, as soon as an official letter will be received by him and which detail their complaints on the recent processing of their claims during the Claims Board sortie in Bacolod City last May 3 and 4.

Human Rights Victims Applications Enmeshed in Controversies (Part I)

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Victims of the martial law declaration of the then Filipino dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, which include this writer arrived in droves in the People’s Hall or city hall where processing for their application for compensation under RA 10368 which is now a law.

Workers Stage Campout vs. Construction Company of Housing Subdivision

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Contractual workers under the Master Company, Inc. , a Camella Homes company owned by the family of former Senator Manny Villar (his wife, Cynthia Villar, incumbent member of the Senate), staged a protest action before the Department of Labor and Employment Office (DOLE) demanding that they be reinstated to their former jobs, after they were unceremoniously retrenched.

Methods of Anomalies in Government and DPWH Projects Bared (Part 2)

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COMPLAINTS INDICATE ANOMALIES IN INFRA PROJECTS RIFE. There have been uncountable times or through decades when ordinary people, Filipinos continually complain about the state, status and workmanship of infrastructure projects belonging to the government and how it is poorly done, decrepit, done in a substandard manner and in Ilonggo merely nothing but "pakulahaw" in workmanships.

In Alangilan, Metro Safari is More of a Zoo, A Boon for Bacolod

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Businessman Rey Francis Cabuga’s Metro Safari compound - in Barangay Alangilan, Bacolod City, touted to be a mountain resort much unlike that of former Bacolod Councilor Ricardo "Cano" Tan’s Campuestohan Resort in Talisay City, is actually more of a planned and carefully thought of and programmed zoo, which could place Bacolod, to include a few other cities in the country, as having an educational complex, which will be a boon to school children of various grades of learning.

IN HIMAMAYLAN CITY. Schoolchildren with their teachers and Himamaylan Mayor Tinto Bascon show off the notebooks they received from the Mayor.*

It could also place Bacolod on the map as having in its zoo, the biggest crocodile after death of "Malang" in Cotabato.

Now hibernating in a zoo in La Castellana town is the crocodile already acquired by Cabuga.

In the zoo, too, will be found lions, tigers, snakes, various types of fowls which came from other countries, again already acquired by Cabuga and already in his Alangilan compound where structures for the zoo are being built, although lately a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) was issued by the court purportedly because of lack of legal requirements.

A complaint was filed before court by three village council members, allegedly instigated by a rival Filipino-Chinese businessman, who owns a resort just a short distance away from the Metro Safari complex. The businessman owns a purely resort hotel complex with comic-book characters sculpted in concrete.

Methods of Committing Anomalies in DPWH, Other Government Projects Bared (1st of 2 Parts)

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HAVE BEEN EXISTING FOR YEARS ON END. The national government’s Commission on Audit (COA), after so many, many years has finally bared billions of pesos worth of public works of infrastructure projects and the anomalies or irregularities concretely attended with it.

Businessman’s Metro Safari More of a Zoo, Educational Boon for Bacolod (Last of 2 Parts)

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And as we went around the zoo complex which is a six-hectare area, I saw the structures which will house the animals near the roadside area going left in a half-moon which is to house the other animals.

On the far right are constructed the cages for the lions and tigers. The bird cages for relatively bigger birds, an aquarium for ocean fishes which we believe will truly interest school kids and students because these are animals they see only in the National Geographic Magazine and Television, albeit, cable TV.

Assassination of former Town Councilor Deep and Wide

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BUT ONE OF THE ANGLES COULD BE IT. Or is there one? Money borrowed by Edmund Turk Vail and various cases he is enmeshed in?

The police named family feud and land conflict, love and politics as possible angles for his killing. Close family relatives further add another: illegal drugs. Others surmise that it could be due to money borrowed by Vail and which he had continually refused to settle. There is even a report that business transactions could be the cause.

CENECO is Liquid by its P29.3M Net Income

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This is the second year that Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO), Inc. was able to post a positive bottomline, as reported by Coop treasurer, Director Cesar Leonardia, at the 39th Annual General Membership Assembly (AGMA) over the weekend, with its theme, EPIRA Law: a call for just and transparent implementation.

Aquino Gov’t Coddling RPA-ABB Leader Carapali: Fernandez

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Negros spokesman, former priest Frank Fernandez, has slammed breakaway group leader Carapali Lualhati of the "bandit group RPA-ABB for collaborating with the government of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III and is an instrument in carrying out anti-revolutionary movement acts as well as engaging in anti-people’s activities."

"His being made a congressman is Lualhati’s prize for allowing himself to be an instrument of the powerful ruling classes in Philippine society," added Fernandez, bruited by the military to be sick and getting weaker.

Businessman’s Metro Safari More of a Zoo, Educational Boon for Bacolod (Part I)

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Businessman Rey Francis Cabuga’s Metro-Safari compound, touted to be a mountain resort much unlike that of former Councilor Ricardo "Cano" Tan’s Campuestohan Resort, is actually more of a planned and carefully thought of and programmed zoo, which could place Bacolod City, to include a few other cities in the country, as having an educational complex, which will be a boon to school children of various levels of learning.

Escarilla Must Prove He is Not Run-of-the Mill

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NOT "PIPITSUGIN". There was much hullabaloo over the appointment of just-designated Bacolod Police Office (BCPO) Sr. Supt. Chief Pedrito Escarilla.

‘Bury CARP Now, Replace with GARL’

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Hundreds of farmers under the militant Kilusang Magbubukid Sa Pilipinas-Negros (KMP-Negros) observed yesterday the last day of the Comporehensive Agrarian reform Program (CARP), and (CARPER) with protest actions in two Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) offices in Bacolod City.

TOTALIZER METER. (Left to right) NGCP’s OIC-Metering Section, Metering Transmission Division Engr. Al B. Buneda and SMR Section Head, Metering Transmission Division Engr. Glynn B. Bulfa, CENECO’s OIC–Line Maintenance Division Engr. Joecel T. Campantero, GM Sulpicio C. Lagarde, Jr., District IX–Silay City Director Michael S. Maravilla, Acting Asst. GM Jesus Amado L. Dormido, OIC–Systems Operation Division Engr. Oscar C. Duca, Jr. and Systems Engineers Phillip Remetre and Ceasar Ian Laguda at the NGCP site during the installation and energization of the totalizer meter.*

KMP Secretary-General Felipe Levy Gelle, in an interview with DYRL’s "Tungkaron Ta Ini" program, said about 400 farmers from various places trooped to DAR office at Dawis-San Sebastian Streets and briefly occupied it without any resistance from the guards.

Gelle said they also held a rally at the Fountain of Justice at the old Bacolod City Hall grounds.

They also held another short rally at the other DAR office located at the Capitol Shopping Center,

Revamp in BACIWA Essential, Urgently Necessary

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SEEMINGLY ALL RIGHT, OKAY BUT… We are of the very justified position that a revamp in the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) is urgently necessary, because in the not too very distant future, it could implode. And how!

It is our contention that massive corruption has been taking place in the government’s water agency, what with its budget yearly of around P500 M-P600 M, equal to the annual budget of the city government.

Trillanes Outlines Challenges to Power, Energy Problems, Urges Solution

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A balance needs to be planned insofar as power and electricity is concerned while Senator Antonio Trillanes IV who led a mutiny years ago, along with reform-minded and oriented soldiers mostly marines, said he would run for a higher position in the national government come the 2016 national elections.

Trillanes, always serious-looking and speaking, was the guest speaker during the Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) assembly last Saturday at West Negros Gym, Bacolod City.

Perceptions About the National Gov’t’s Anti-Corruption Political Line, Position

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SOME CREDIT FOR THE ANTI-CORRUPTION MOVEMENT. The movement against primarily graft and corruption in government, and other abuses, if analyzed, is to us, in our perception, sorely lacking in a substantial amount of insincerity and indecisiveness.

The Possible Reason of the Involvement of Legislators in the PDAF or Pork Barrel Janet Lim-Napoles Scam

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THE CONSCIOUS AND UNCONSCIOUS INVOLVEMENT. Lately, many legislators have become involved in the PDAF or pork barrel fund scandal especially of now well-known scammer Janet Lim-Napoles and a few other government funding allocations itself, such as the Malampaya Fund, and as well as other regular budgetary allocations handled by former budget Secretary Rolando Andaya during the period the Secretary was head of the Department of Budget (DBM), and during

Well-Scripted A La Movie Scenario of Bong Revilla of No Moment

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THE BILLIONS STOLEN WILL NEVER SUFFICE FOR THE SHAME ONE SUFFERS. The well-scripted movie-like planned scenario intended to once again, you guess it, the utterly shameful episode in Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla, colorful career, has ended at the well-appointed detention center which "welcomed" him when he "voluntarily" surrendered to police authorities.

Fiscalizers of Murcia, BACIWA Oppose MOA Signing

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The extraordinary push by the executive management of the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) and ally-members of the water firm particularly half of the six-man board of directors, once signed and implemented could hugely become a disadvantage to water-consuming residents of the city, for two major reasons, an expose’ promised by NNF/NDB last week.

 Sale of Imported Goods, a Government-Approved Essential

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MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. The seeming grave concern for Bacolod’s consumers of SP member or Councilor Carl Lopez could be interpreted as lack of understanding of policies being itself implemented by the national government.

The entry of foreign basic commodities as meat, poultry or rice and others, is but national government policy, akin to getting a rock only to hit one’s head with it, or "dropping the rock into one’s feet."

Ombudsman to Summon Carbon, BACIWA Officials for Ignoring Landowner’s Complaint

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Officials of the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) are to be summoned sometime next month, to explain why the anti-graft complaint filed by Talisay City hinterland landowner, Erle Gonzales should not be compensated for the water being taken out of his property in Barangay Balogo, Talisay.

‘Marching for Peace’ in the Countrysides, a Lot of Bull and…

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EXERCISE IN FUTILITY. The so-called "Marching for Peace" just carried out by the military in Moises Padilla or in Central Negros, if we are not to mince concrete words and define reality as it is on the ground level, will not solve the even government-acknowledged problem of the root cause of the social conflict, the institutionalized violence which keeps on ripping Philippine society, apart, with the usual sloganeering of the "wide gap" between the rich

Puentevella Warns Businesses: ‘Pay Permits, Other Fees’

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Bacolod Mayor Monico Puentevella has warned business establishments that the city government will crack down on commercial centers, more especially on the big ones which have been remiss in paying business permits and other fees regardless of the softline approach of appealing to them to settle.

About a week now functionaries tasked to ensure that payments be made will go around the city and once more check whether commercial establishments have settled their mandatory obligations, the chief executive said during his regular press conference yesterday at the People’s Hall.

Revilla’s Tacit Declaration to Contest Philippine Presidency in 2016

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INTENDED TO BLUNT WIDESPREAD PEOPLE’S HATRED. Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla’s political advisers are clutching at straws desperately announcing or advising him to contest the country’s presidency in 2016. They have and are patting themselves in the shoulders in what they believe could be a deft and clever maneuver, but in fact a subtle manipulation in a hopeless, desperate move at issue diversification – that he and two others along with Senators Jinggoy

Marginalized Sectors Establish Working Alliance for Subsistence Survival

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Militant sugar workers, small fisherfolks and farmers in Northern Negros, have established a working alliance under an umbrella along with the Philippine Independent Church (PIC), in a determined effort to jointly face the challenge of subsistence survival, and to improve their lives, leaders who came together last June 10-12, this year, declared.

Relatively Bigger Illegal Drugs Confiscation Due to Public Awareness

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AS P7-M SHABU SEIZURE SHOWED. The seizure of P7-M worth of illegal drugs primarily shabu seized in the parking lot of the Gaisano mall in Bacolod and carried by a native of Sta. Cruz Village, Murcia town, could only indicate that the habitual consumption of the illegal drugs, is not one to sneeze at. That is about seven months’ supply of the illegal substance if we were to quote, about-to-retire or now retired BCPO Chief Sr. Supt. Larry Decena.

Drivers, Operators Hold Protest on Gov’t Agencies’ Onerous Impositions

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Drivers and operators of tricycle, passenger jeepneys, buses and taxis carried out a protest action in Bacolod City, before the Land Transportation Office (LTO), in coordination with a militant-led protest action nationwide rabidly denouncing the planned implementation of the Department of Transportation and Communications’ (DOTC) Joint Administrative Order 2014-01, which establishes what it said was the Revised Schedule of Fines and Penalties for Violations of Laws, Rules and Regulations Covering Land Transportation, issued June 2 of this year.

El Niño to be Possibly Severe these Months

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PREPERATIONS NEEDED. The El Niño phenomenon, which could fall within this month and which could continue up to next year, 2015, could be especially severe compared to past El Niños.

Affected will, of course, be agriculture, water supply, with even dams supplying water to residents in Metro Manila having dropped below critical levels. These include the Angat, Magat and Pantabangan dams.

Gov’t Institutions Condemned in Bayles Killing Anew

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The whole membership of the Philippine Independent Church (PIC) popularly known as the Aglipayan Church, while commemorating the senseless killing and murder of Benjamin "Benjie" Bayles, whom they said was an exemplary church member who dedicated his life to advocacies in behalf of his church, also condemned government institutions which have time and again declared themselves as "peacekeepers" or "protectors" of the people. These are the members of military and Philippine National Police (PNP), a statement issued by Rev. Lemuel

RPA-ABB Former National Commander in a Bind Over Certain Specific Issues

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FIREARMS POSSESSION, CRIMINAL CHARGES. Now that Stephen Paduano or who previously styled himself as RPA-ABB national commander Carapali Luwalhati, has now become a partylist congressman supposedly, he would have to become more transparent as supposed government officials have to be.

Transparent? Which means he should now be more open and to welcome any kind of inquiries and questions as a government official.

Internal Organizational Consolidation More Important than External

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VARIOUS EMPIRES COLLAPSE DUE TO INTERNAL WEAKNESS. We are behooved to comment on the already burgeoning complaints in the People’s House or City Hall or NGC in the wake of internal wranglings, or as we see it weaknesses which needs to be resolved but which nobody appears to be minding.

Bizman Raises Eyebrows on BACIWA-Murcia Water Supply Deal

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A businessman who is among thousands of concessionaires of the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA), has raised key questions on the planned signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Murcia Water District (MWD) and BACIWA.

John Keng Seng is also expressing his reservations behind BACIWA‘s plan to acquire millions of pesos worth of generating sets.

SUGARCANE ACT LOBBY. Members of the Sugar Alliance of the Philippines and congressmen from sugar-producing provinces met with House Speaker Sonny Belmonte and Senate President Franklin Drilon to lobby for the passage of the Sugarcane Act and discuss updates on the bill which proposes to further extend the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) which is set to expire at the end of this month.
(Left to right) Sugar Master Plan Foundation Senior Policy Adviser Atty. Jay Layug, Confed’s Pablo Lorenzo III, Confed president Lito Coscolluela, Senate President Franklin Drilon, Unifed president Manolet Lamata, NFSP president Enrique D. Rojas, Panayfed president Danilo Abelita and Sugar Board Member Atty. Jesus Barrera.*

Keng said, MWD will not be able to provide enough water for the consumption of Bacolod residents "because it even lacks ample supply for its resident-consumers."

Mayor Monico, Son’s Control of Finances of City No Big Deal

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AND WHY NOT? The charges by councilor Roberto "Bobby" Rojas about Mayor Monico Puentevella and son, Claudio "Kalaw" Puentevella’s supposed control of the city government’s finances, is no big deal, much ado about nothing.

What Mayor Puentevella is trying to effect, in our analysis is but merely to ensure the city government’s allocated fund composed of taxes and service fees collected, is to ensure these are used properly.

Snatching During BAC Bidding Reflects Infrastructure Problems Bedeviling Government

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THE SUPPOSED SNATCHING - TIP OF FLOATING ICEBERG. Some weeks back it was reported by several newspapers in screaming headlines that snatching of documents concerning those which would be dropped by bidder, mainly contractors for infrastructure projects were snatched, with the intention of course of the snatches targeted bidders would not be allowed to present bids for projects which oftentimes would be bids for multimillion infrastructure projects for

Wages, Salaries of City Hall Employees Delayed

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REASON IS DEEPLY MALICIOUS? The delay in the giving of the wages and salaries of Job Order (JO) casuals especially to city hall employees could be downright considered "criminal" because it has already reached the impossible time delay of four to five months, with an informant, saying 100 percent full of basis, concluding that the reason is malicious. It is intended to favor those who do not report to city hall but get half only a portion say, P3,000 of their wages.

PDEA-Western Visayas’ Paul Ledesma Must Know Better Than Most

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EXPLODING ALL OVER THE ANTI-ILLEGAL DRUGS’ FACE. Now that the issue of the illegal drugs trade, including its illegal trafficking network, the alleged protectors among law enforcement authorities and the habitual users are all over the communities in various provinces in Western Visayas has come out at an opportune time for the agency primarily tasked with stopping various aspects of drug trafficking, to examine itself, and meticulously and on a sustained basis.

6th BACIWA Director Zaragoza Poised to be Removed from Post

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The executive management of the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) and half of the members of the board of directors, with the militant employees’ union President Claudio Salmo, are desperately making a determined effort to ensure she stays in her post, after a senator has declared she must return to the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) soon.

Lawyer Yolanda Zaragoza must return as a staff personnel of LWUA not later than July, this year, Senator Bam Aquino has told LWUA officials in Manila.

Martyred NPA Fighter Extolled by Colleagues in Southwest Negros Front

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The Armando Sumayang Command in Southwest Negros front and the Pambansang Katipunan ng mga Magbubukid sa Pilipinas (PKM-Negros) in its statement issued recently, lauded and saluted after openly acknowledging one of its members who came from Southern Negros having been among the fatalities in an armed encounter with a unit of the army’s 79th IB at 3 p.m. in Patiwa Subvillage, San Antonio Village, Tanjay City in Negros Oriental Province last May. But the red fighter, who sports the nom de guerre Ka Radja and ka Mona who is actually Danny

Serious Conflicts Poised to Erupt Over Takeover of Farmers’ Landholdings Used for Livelihood (Part II)

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LAND POPULATION FOUL. And so the takeover justification of Mrs. Yanson and her loyal hacks go on with another supposedly convincing line with them saying, since the possible biggest landowner could take over in due time over these properties the start of these plantations of palm oil trees, rubber trees and sugarcane could greatly improve the livelihood of farmers and the indigenous population in these areas and to greatly boost the economy of Hinobaan town,

Serious Conflicts Poised to Erupt Over Landholdings Used for Farmers’ Livelihood (Part One)

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THE CAUSES OF SOCIAL UPHEAVALS. The revolutionary underground, the National Democratic Front – Negros Island, bared in a scathing statement and in an angry, indignant tone what it said in a press statement issued last May 21, this year, were large-scale landgrabbing by several personalities, and several multinational corporations in both Negros Occidental and Oriental, which comprise Negros Island, the statement signed by NDF-Negros spokesperson, Frank Fernandez said.

Kasla’s Fakery – The Great Swindle

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BUDGET IN THE MILLIONS BUT NON-EFFECTUAL. During the period, then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was president, the great Kasla hullabaloo was hyped. That the plant or tree which could be found everywhere in the countrysides had a great potential for reducing the cost of fuel for cars because it could be mixed with regular gasoline and lower the cost, and drastically at that for fuel which could power engines.

China: A New Militarist Like Previously Japan in the Offing

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A VORACIOUS GIANT WITH INSATIABLE APPETITE. As if the US historical incursions into the Philippines during its occupation after the Spaniards and soon later, the cruel feet of a martial Japan, and its unimaginable cruelty, ensued, with its armies’ bombing, bayoneting and indiscriminately sounding its "abri-buri" war cry all over the country years ago, here comes the People’s Republic of China rearing its ugly head practically claiming it owns the seas

P2-M Good Housekeeping Seal Fund Misused

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Whistleblower Penuel Tanio, chairman of the Whistleblowers’ Association for Reforms and Responsible Action for Nationalist Transformation (WARRANT), has expressed disgust and dismay over what he alleged was the lackluster attitude of provincial Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) officials led Mary Joy Meredith Madayag who appeared to be condoning the evident irregularities in the application of the Municipality of Candoni’s Good Seal of Housekeeping, specifically the use of its P2-M fund as winnings.

Environmental Group Established in Central Negros by Youth Group

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About 40-50 young men and women have organized into the Youth for Peace and Environmental Concerns (YPEC), in Central Negros towns and cities, during an assembly last week in a village assembly hall in Robles Village in La Castellana town in the poblacion.

This is the first time that an organization of this nature has been established in Central Negros and which is determined to tackle issue related to the environment and ecology, Axel Fat, chosen chair of YPEC, said.

Murcia Clergy Bent on Combatting Drug Menace, Illegal Gambling

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The spark between Murcia town parish priest Fr. Greg Patiño and parochial vicar Fr. Augusto Hinayan, with some pastors, and Mayor Andrew Montelibano, a scion of the Lacson and Montelibano families, is further growing, in the wake of the latter and his municipal council’s call for the priests’ ouster, due to their determined campaign against illegal drugs and various crimes in Murcia town.

‘Diving’ – a Rampant Practice Which the DPWH Must End

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BECAUSE THIS WOULD RESULT IN SUBSTANDARD CONSTRUCTION. "Diving" is a much-practiced strategy among contractors and it does not mean, frequently going to diving spots in various parts of the country including Negros Island where there are many such spots even in Negros Oriental.

An Effective Feedback System for Government

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Negros Public School Teachers Hold Protest to Press for Salary Hike

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About 3,000 estimated public schoolteachers will carry out their protest action today, at about 5p.m. for an increase in their monthly salaries, because the Department of Education (DepEd) and Department of Budget Management (DBM) have been stonewalling on their demands for salary increases since some time ago, Alliance of Concerned Teachers-Negros (ACT-Negros) Chairman, Gualberto Dajao, declared Saturday in an interview in DYRL’s "Tungkaron Ta Ini" program which airs daily and is hosted by anchormen Edgar Cadagat and Jeffrey Gelangre.

BACK TO WORK. After an absence of almost 10 months as EIC, NDB’s Pert Toga goes back to work in his editing chores, pinch-hitting for his Editor-son Arman who is still recuperating from a bout with flu and minor complications. The editor is resuming work this week.*

Decisiveness in Bacolod Mayor Monico Puentevella

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WHICH MEANS POLITICAL WILL IN SO MANY WORDS. Just before he left for Singapore to attend a world water summit and forum on water, Mayor Monico Puentevella, held a press conference in the People’s House in his office, to answer queries from the local media. These, on various issues facing the city government and various companies and individuals.

Rob Man in Silay Falls, Gun Replica Seized Very Low Bid Price for Infra Projects of Gov’t Disadvantageous

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Several contractors with more than acceptable records of workmanship when it comes to building of infrastructure projects have expressed disgust and dismay that the highway leading into the Campuestohan Highland Resort, a hotel and restaurant including amenities for tourists and visitors alike whether foreign or local are still to be constructed to standard level so this can serve the purpose for which it is being built.

Another Surface Water Source in Negros Discovered

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Aside from the overflowing surface or spring water supply which could provide clean, potable water for Talisay and Bacolod cities coming from its watesheds, another official of the MWSS based in Manila has discovered ample water source which could supply surface or spring water for residents of Kabankalan and Himamaylan cities in Southern Negros.

The best water source for household use is from surface or spring water, the MWSS former official who has retired from the service said in an interview with NNF/NDB, but who requested he not be named at the moment.

World Economic Forum to Squeeze Every Drop of Blood Out of East Asia

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REGIONALISM WILL EFFECT THIS. The World Economic Forum (WEF) so-called, does not intend to bring about economic independence, political and even cultural and social, as well in this part of the world, but has been programmed to scrape every ounce of industrial, commercial and agricultural lifeblood from every country and nation belonging to the East Asia region, to include the Philippines, most especially.

Abducted Farmer Confirms 47th IB Role in Illegal Act

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An abducted farmer in Southern Negros has related to members of a Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) last week composed of human rights workers under Karapatan-Negros, the Kilusang Magbubukid sa Pilipinas-Negros (KMP-Negros), that it was indeed, soldiers belonging to the 4th IB who abducted him.

Is SRA Assurance for a Still Supposedly Viable Sugar Industry Credible?

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WITH ASEAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT COMING UP. SRA Administrator Gina Martin recently saying that measures adopted by the mainstream sugar industry, would still remain as it is, with primarily the government doing its level best to cope with the disadvantages presented by free trade, still credible.

Militant Sugar Workers to Press on with CARP Land Demand

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Militant workers continue to insist that about 101 hectares of land in Hda. Ilimnan, Murcia town should now be apportioned to them. However, claims by the rival group of sugar workers in nearby Hda. Arloc, which lies in Kanlandog Village, is that they should now let up and accept what is being offered by the provincial government.

CAPEX for Generators Unjustified, Unreasonable, Anti-People

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BACIWA EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT PLAYING HOODWINK-NI? The report emanating from General Manager Juliana Carbon of Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) that the board of directors has approved a P21-M budget for the purchase of electric generators to cope with rotational brownouts, is akin to the famous magician "Hoodwink-Ni," putting one over the people. Yes, we knew that Carbon and her cohorts in the board went to Manila to convince Local Water

BACIWA Director Clarifies Alleged Favorable Vote on Annual Budget

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Dr. Marichi Ramos, Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) Director, clarified reports that she voted without reservations for the annual budget of the govern-ment’s water firm, after she was asked whether this was so, but on the contrary, she told NNF/NDB that she abstained while the six-man board of directors cast their vote in a meeting recently.

A Repeat, Sequel of the ‘Avelino Sanchez’ Concocted Documents Similar to Descallar’s Fake Report

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THE LATE POLICE CHIEF WAS ALSO A RABID CAMPAIGNER AGAINST DRUGS. The news report which appeared in a local newspaper about a purported letter sent by one "Maratas" and a mediaman, to PNP Regional Director Chief Supt. Or General Josephus Angan, Western Visayas police chief, if we recall, is similar to an allegedly documented report sent by a man who signed the letter and the accompanying supposedly authentic documents detailing BCPO Chief then Sr. Supt.

More Employees, Higher Budget, Transition in Water Firm

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More employees will be hired by the management in the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA), a transition will take place within six to seven months when the chairman’s long term expires, while the advocacy for water supply for all Bacolodnons will be her continuing advocacy, a director of the water firm basically owned by the people, declared in an interview over the weekend by NNF/NDB including the daily radio program "Tungkaron Ta Ini" hosted by anchormen Edgar Cadagat and Jeffrey Gelangre.

Furniture, Fixtures Issue Haunting Former City Administration

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EXTRAVAGANT, SYMBOL OF CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION. The acquisition of furniture and fixtures, no less highly extravagant and a symbol of conspicuous consumption of the previous Leonardia administration has come back to haunt the past administration like a ghost intent on reminding Bacolodnon of the excesses of the past, has reared its head again, with a disallowance issued by the Commission on Audit, Office of the Audit Team leader, Audit Group L-Team of the

Village Leader into Buying Forestal Area?

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BUT EXPLAINS WRONG ADVICE GIVEN. Controversial Culipapa Village Barangay Captain Oscar Daclan has denied being involved in outright landgrabbing activities, saying he was intent on helping poor farmers develop hinterland areas by building connecting roads and planting crops which could increase food production or their regular income.

In an interview Wednesday the other week by cellular phone, Daclan admitted he, indeed went on a land buying binge or acquiring landholdings in the town’s hinterland areas which by estimates total 300 or more hectares.

Solution to Poverty in NDF’s Program

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REASONS WHY MASSES ARE RECEPTIVE TO NDF’s SOLUTION. It would very enlightening to understand why it would be very difficult to defeat the revolutionary movement, more so at this stage in time, what with the burgeoning Philippine population and the need to carry out concrete economic and social, even political programs in order to solve this problem in a rational, sane, realistic manner not just by declaring that the rebels are misguided, are intent on putting up or implementing a "communist" or "socialist"-oriented programs and in a shortcut way, saying that the revolutionary movement would plunge this nation into chaos.

There could be nothing farther from the truth and but a distortion of actualities because the National Democratic Front (NDF), has doable socio-economic programs meant to solve and to free our people, aside from improving their lives.

Whistleblower Bares Long-Time Irregularities in Cash-Strapped Mountain Town

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The chairman of a legal, legitimate Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-registered anti-graft and corruption advocacy group, bared what he alleged were long-time massive irregularities in the town of Candoni in the once- insurgency-afflicted mountains of Southern Negros.

Penuel Tanio, chairman of the Whistleblowers’ Association Reforms and Responsible Action for Nationalist Transformation (WARRANT) told DYRL "Tungkaron Ta Ini" program hostz Edgar Cadagat and Jeffrey Gelangre that the irregularities consisted of the town’s annual budget in the past several years and multi-million peso grants from foreign aid foundations.

This, he related in a letter to Commission on Audit (COA) officials "which in turn took a long time to respond."

TThe however response consisted of auditors from the national COA who paid a visit to investigate Tanio’s allegations a few days ago.

Farmers Face Deprivation After Being Barred from Working on Farms

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About 40 farmers and their families could go hungry and experience all sorts of deprivation, especially of basic necessities, because they now fear working on their farms which they till cooperatively or communally in Lumbia Subvillage, Kamansi Village in Kabankalan City, because armed men mobilized by a sugar planter and his family keep close watch over them with intent to do them grievous harm.

Talisay City Development Plans, Projects Going as Planned

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All is going as planned for Talisay City, insofar as programs and earlier projects on blueprint are concerned, Mayor Eric Saratan, just back on a private trip with his wife, Sheila, to nearby Asian countries which he said, was also an opportunity for him to push for the interest of the city, said in an interview with radio station DYRL over the weekend.

An Even Chance for Negros Congressman Albee Benitez

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HE COULD MAKE IT. The offer from President Benigno Simeon Aquino III for Congressman Albee Benitez, to run for senator is a once in a lifetime offer, a chance to possibly become the country’s youngest member of the Upper Chamber in the year 2016. Some would say: that is, if he makes it as senator.

And offering a realistic, doable analysis, we would also say, why not?

For indeed, the young congressman could make it. Here’s why.

Albee Benitez comes from Negros Occidental and therefore, Negros Island. If one thinks deeply about it, he also has kins in Luzon and has rich, political experiences in public service, for was it not true that an aunt or a grandmother, Helena Benitez, intelligent and influential, is the founder of the Philippine Women’s University (PWU).

Like Ants Scurrying About in a Disturbed Anthill - Legislators Named in the Pork Barrel Scam

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AS IF THEY ARE IN A GLASS MENAGERIE VIEWED BY PEOPLE. The Janet Lim-Napoles caper, the stupendous, Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or the pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis, the sheer length of the word in the English language clearly making one incredulous, indeed, describe the legislators’ predicament when Inday Janet released several lists to former Senator Panfilo "Ping" Lacson and another to DOJ Secretary, the inimitable, our idol, Secretary Leila de Lima.

When the names of those on the list were exposed composed of incumbent and old senators, the glass menagerie showed the senators scurrying about like ants disturbed by a giant on their anthill.

The Police is a Victim of the Clout and Power of the Drug Trade

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DRUG TRAFFICKERS ARE LAUGHING SILLY AT THE PNP. Barely three days after we wrote an opinion piece about principled and highly at that effective police officers to include then, the late BCPO Chief Sr. Superintendent Amado Marquez Jr. Chief Supt. Noel Constantino and now Supt. Jefferson Descallar, the last was relieved from his post presumably because he ignored an anti-drug complaint against a suspect in Cadiz City where he was then police chief.

Prov’l Agriculturist Does the Government Proud

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KNOWLEDGEABLE AND COMPETENT, TOO. Provincial agriculturist and a Phd graduate, too, Igmedio Tabianan did the provincial government proud when he won an international award for agricultural engineering, recently in an awarding ceremony in Samar.

Tabianan won the coveted award for his many achievements and specifically for excellence in agricultural engineering.

Indeed, Tabianan won an award not only for the first time but several awards in various fields of agriculture in the country and province. One may recall that Governor Alfredo Marañon Jr. was given an award for organic agriculture in Taipei, Taiwan a few months ago proof that Tabianan’s expertise has been practiced to the full and that the provincial government has made use of is knowledge in various agricultural fields, also reason enough for having been acknowledged by even Bacolod City for his many pioneering work and accomplishments which the City Council expressed in a resolution barely two weeks ago, too.

Descallar’s Relief Tainted with Malice, Malevolence

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Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) Deputy Director for Administration and Special Operations Group, (SOG) designated officer, Supt. Jefferson Descallar, tagged his relief and his relegation to a "floating" status in the PNP’s Region VI as uncalled for, malicious and malevolent, practically unjustified and without any basis except of concocted and manipulated alleged wrongdoings.

On the contrary, a day before his abrupt freezing to especially-assigned task as Special Operations Group (SOG) Head with his anti-illegal drugs campaign also started March this year and his active, massive sealing off operations against drug trafficking ensued noises and direct calls urging him to let off against the anti-drug trafficking campaign have been relayed to him. One call he received came from a government lawyer, who also doubles as legal counsel of a known drug trafficker.

Social Injustices Could Fuel Revolutionary Ferment

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BUT NOT YET. We have come to notice, as we said, the gradual but consolidated, nay, strengthened positioning of various mass or people’s organizations lately.

As somebody is also knowledgeable when it comes to establishing organizations or organizing, it may not have come suddenly but slowly, painstakingly and through hard work. More numerical strength could be out there.

Sugar workers, small fisherfolks, small farmers or peasant chapters islandwide have proliferated surprisingly with assemblies just before the May 1st commemoration of International Workers’ Day held islandwide.

Unwillingness of Philippine Gov’t to Ink Essential Agreements with Rebels Due to US Control

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EDCA REINFORCES THIS. A topranking and respected leader of the revolutionary mainstream rebel group, the National Democratic Front (NDF), the CPP-NDF’s frontline organization involved in peace negotiations with government, declared recently while communicating in a forum with domestic helpers in Hongkong has indicated and declared that the NDF was willing to meet anytime in furtherance of peace negotiations which has proceeded on an on-and-off basis, with the

Farmer-Leader Raises Questions Over Contractor’s Activities in His Town  

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The leader of a farmer’s association, a cooperative in the mountain town of Candoni, has raised several questions about the activities and supposed projects of a contractor who, through the years within estimated three-year period spearheaded several implementation of projects, both infrastructure and planting of sugarcane and "kasla" planting in the town.

The sugarcane planting project and the "kasla" plantations are supposed to be for the benefit of hundreds of farmers in the town.

Majority of the mountain town’s population are farmers who eke out livelihood planting various crops, Diosdado Evangelista, South Negros Small Cane Farmers Cooperative (SONCAFCO) registered with the government Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), said in an interview aired on tape over the radio program "Tungkaron Ta Ini".

The contractor is Bernabe "Abe" Gilbor, also President of the Negros Occidental Group of Contractors, Inc. (NOGCI).

300-Hectare Forest Lands Ill-Acquired

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Scores of farmers who have cleared a forestal area and public land in the hinterlands of Culipapa Village in the far Southern Negros town of Hinobaan have declared for the first time that hundreds of them, have been victimized through what could be described as "technical landgrabbing" by the village’s barangay captain, Oscar Daclan, who, through forcibly methods, with the use of former paramilitary troopers, are gobbling up hinterland areas reaching as much as 300 hectares in the village.

In a conversation with Daclan, NNF/NDB has admitted having acquired the forestal lands farmed by scores of farmers and their families, but had "bought" the land at cost. But Daclan said that if the acquisition were irregular, he would give up these lands but that the farmers would have to return the money he had given them because it was his.

Negros Workers Commemorate Int’l Workers’ Day in Full Force

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Militant workers and farmers and its sectoral political allies flexed their collective muscles to commemorate, along with the working class in the country all over the Philippines and the world, the 144th Anniversary of what has always been observed as International Workers’ Day which falls May 1 of every year.

Two other smaller groups which the militants call breakaways or factionalists held their own rallies separately.


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