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Arman Toga

Criticisms, Accolades Are Best Guidance

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Any survey on Bacolod City done in 2013, an election year, may not be as reflective as the real situation in as far as credit or blame is concerned.

Particularly Bacolod, getting a dismal score, or a top rating, from a survey can similarly be blamed on, or credited to, both the Evelio Leonardia and the Monico Puentevella administrations.

January to June, 2013 was under Leonardia, and July to December, 2013 was Puentevella’s.

* * *

Starting From Up There, or From Down There

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We are not perfect, precisely, no matter how we try to straighten everything we fail.

A misdeed repeated over and over again, however cannot merit even such an excuse.

Something, somewhere has to be stopped.

* * *

Definitely, we are not unfair because we sided with our fellow indigents who are being milked by corporate pawns.

Other Than Rep. Albee’s Sugar Industry Bill

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No doubt about it, the problem on illegal drugs in Bacolod City and the rest of Negros Occidental is more than alarming.

Everyday there are people involved that are arrested, but it seems the raids and arrests are bottomless.

Not even such daily drug busts by PDEA and the city and town policemen can encourage those into drugs to stop.

* * *

Corrupt Electric Men,Dedicated LTO Men

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May we request again our dedicated and industrious Land Transportation Office (LTO) operatives flagging and inspecting vehicles on the road, to please time their operations not during the morning rush hours?

Students and employees trying to reach school or office on time are delayed by the operations.

* * *

Start flagging vehicles with violations at 8 a.m. or if it cannot be avoided, prioritize vehicles that are going out of the city.

Mayor Slams BACIWA Board

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The row at the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) took a turn for the worse yesterday after three of the directors named a new Officer-in-Charge to replace General Manager Atty. Juliana Carbon, who they suspended for 30 days but who has defied what she called an "illegal" order.

Resource speaker, organizing officials, and some attendees during the "Colonial" Art Forum at WNU. In photo: (from left) Dr. Maria Christina Bagundol, Gil Alfredo Severino, Mario Gabuya, Councilor Jocelle Batapa-Sigue, Dennis Gupa, Susan Grandeza, Carlo S. Descutido, and James Sy Jr. Not in the picture is Ionie Lacson of the office of SPM Batapa-Sigue.* (CMAS photo)

Former bank manager Darwin Destacamento took his oath of office following his appointment through Board Resolution No. 178 passed by BACIWA chair-man Lawrence Villanueva and directors Lorendo Dilag and Marichi Ramos.

However, BACIWA’s department heads and the employees’ union have refused to acknowledge Destacamento’s appoint-ment as the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) has begun investigating the row on the request of Bacolod City Mayor Monico Puentevella.

A message was sent out informing BACIWA’s employees that "all instructions must only come from" either Carbon, Assis-tant General Manager for Administration Engr. Samuel Penado and Acting Assistant GM for Operations Engr. Jenelyn Gemora.

"Any instructions coming from somebody else must be referred first" to the three, the message added.


Reacting to Destacamento’s appointment, Puentevella said: "That is illegal because Ramos, according to LWUA and the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), is not a bonafide board member and has no right to sit in the board. That issue is still with the court right now."

He also said the LWUA board is expected to arrive at a decision on the BACIWA row today, Friday.


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