Land Conflicts Eyed in Killing of Farmer in Candoni

Candoni PNP is eyeing land conflicts in the killing of a farmer who was shot dead in Sitio Catmon, Barangay Agboy in Candoni Thursday.

Police Senior Inspector Varie Villanobos the victim said Gerson Basia, Sr., 58, of Purok Mabinuligon, Barangay Payauan, Candoni.

Villanobos said two unidentified persons shot dead Basya who sustained six gunshot wounds

Initial investigation disclosed that the two suspects were having a drinking binge at the store of the victim’s brother-in-law Thursday afternoon. They invited the victim but he refused.

Ambushed Candoni Cops Buried

At 9AM of February 28 at Brgy. Tapi, Kabankalan City, Police Chief Supt Conrado S. Capa, Regional Director, PRO18, attended the burial of PO3 Joe Harry Peralta, one of Candoni Municipal Police Station personnel and victim of the ambush incident which transpired at about 10:45PM of February 18, 2016 at Brgy. Caningay, Candoni, Negros Occidental.

REMAINS OF PO3 Joe Harry Y. Peralta. In the picture are PCSupt. Conrado S. Capa, Regional Director, PRO18; PSSupt. William Conception Señoron, OIC PD NOCPPO; PSupt. Joeresty Pacino Coronica, DPDA; PCInsp. Lester Lauron Leada, Chief Admin NOCPPO; PSInsp. Varie Aniñon Villanobos, COP Candoni MPS and other PNCO and friends of PO3 Peralta.*

Commotion Reporter in Candoni Town Hunted

Police authorities are now looking into the identity of the person who reported to Candoni PNP that there was commotion at Barangay Caninggay, Candoni on February 18 in the evening, which resulted to the ambush of responding police operatives.

Police Senior Inspector Varie Villalobos, Candoni PNP chief said, they are hunting Christopher Sabio of the incident which killed two policemen and wounded two civilians. Two other policemen survived.

Villalobos doubts his men were set-up by Sabio.

Deserving Cops Get Medal, Aid

Chief Supt. Conrado S. Capa, Regional Director, PRO18, together with PSSupt Ruperto T. Floro Jr, Chief, RPHRDD, PSupt. Moises O Villaceran Jr., Acting Chief, RPCRD, and PSSupt. William C. Señoron, OIC, NOCPPO yesterday pinned the “Medalya ng Sugatang Magiting” and gave financial assistance to Candoni Police Station’s PO2 Jay Arroyo and PO1 Modesto Bina.

SURVIVORS. Chief Supt. Conrado S. Capa, Region 18 PNP OIC-Director, visits and hands over financial assistance to PO1 Modesto Bina (on wheelchair, back) and PO2 Jay Arroyo (in bed) - the two wounded cop-survivors during the Feb. 18 NPA ambush in Candoni.*

The NPA Statement on Candoni Ambush Ambus sa PNP Candoni Natigayon

Ginakumpirmar sang New People’s Army (NPA) idalum sang Armando Sumayang, Jr. Command (ASJC) ang pag-ambus sa mga katapu sang Philippine National Police (PNP) sang Candoni, Negros Occidental samtang nagasakay sa ila patrol car sa Taytay Panaculan, Brgy. Caningay, Candoni, sadtong Pebrero 18, 2016, poco mas o menos alas 11:00 sang gab-i. Base sa inisyal nga report sang yunit nga nag-ambus, nakumpiska sa mga katapu sang PNP ang 2 ka armalite assault rifle, 1 ka .45 caliber pistol, bala, magazines sang M16 kag mga dokumento. Killed in action