Leonardia Requests Cong Gasataya to Amend Charter Day Law

There is urgency to amend Republic Act No. 7724, otherwise known as the commemoration of Bacolod City Charter Day, that Mayor Evelio Leonardia requested Cong. Greg Gasataya to file a bill amending Republic Act No. 7724, that “erroneously set a wrong date for the celebration of the Charter Day of Bacolod”.

This is the appropriate time to correct a “historic error,” Leonardia said.

Bacoleños are celebrating once again a historic event on June 18, the day that President Manuel L. Quezon signed Commonwealth Act No. 326 creating Bacolod as a city.

That law provided that it takes effect upon its approval, the mayor stressed.

In his letter to Gasataya dated June 13, Leonardia said, “We hope that Your Honor will expedite the filing of the bill to amend RA 7724 and clearly declare that June 18 is the Bacolod City Charter Day and that this day is a legal holiday in consonance with the clear and unmistakable letter and intent of Commonwealth Act No. 326.”

The Mayor’s request came in time as the City of Bacolod is commemorating the 79th Year of the Signing of the Charter of Bacolod on Sunday, June 18.

“To give due recognition to this momentous day and to allow the people of Bacolod to celebrate this occasion, we propose that a law be passed amending RA 7724 that insinuated that October 19 is the Charter Day, and therefore a legal holiday,” he said.

“This law [RA 7724] created the legally unfounded belief that the Bacolod Charter Day is on October 19,” he added.

On the other hand, Councilor Wilson Gamboa Jr. insists to uphold RA 7724, that celebrates Bacolod Charter Day on October 19.*



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