‘DILG Usec Hinlo to Land Bank’

“I cannot confirm nor deny it, but if something official comes out I will make a formal announcement right away. So far, it is a speculation.”

This was the answer of Interior and Local Government Undersecretary Jesus “JV” Hinlo yesterday when asked by this writer on his say to reports that he will be taken out from the DILG.

As to his alleged transfer soon to a post at Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), Hinlo said, he did not receive any official paper on the matter.

“I believe I am serving well as DILG undersecretary. I even sacrificed by law practice to devote my time to carry out the functions of a DILG official. If indeed I will be given a new task in another agency I will be willing to accept it as long as I can continue to serve the people”, the former Negros Daily Bulletin columnist told NDB.

“If in case this Land Bank transfer report turns out positive, it’s alright. I am willing to accept it. I can also probably resume practicing law if I am transfered to (Land Bank). But then again all these remain speculations. Let us wait for the official pronouncement that is why I can neither confirm nor deny (the reports),” he added.

“As soon as I get official notices the media in Negros will be the first ones to know,” he said.* (Arman P. Toga)