Fil-Can Insights by Daniel Nolasco-Cajurao: Back to Business

AFTER A LONG HIATUS - It is my pleasure to be back again in the business of media communication via our very own Negros Daily Bulletin. I say our very own because even though I am miles away from head office in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, yet my heart and mind belong to this oldest and widely read newspaper in our region.

Of course, I wish to reiterate my deepest appreciation to our Chief Editor Pert Toga, and our former publisher, the late Santi Alacapa, who were both instrumental of my membership in the organization of the now Negros Daily Bulletin Publications, Inc.

My long hiatus in this paper can be well attributed to my hectic work schedule in the Pharmaceuticals Laboratory where I performed Chemistry works on various excipients and active ingredients of pharmaceutical products for 11 years in order to make a living in this frigid country lest we go hungry. Besides, as a Chemist I can't help but practice my profession until retirement.

Anyway, now that it's summer time, and the job seems within manageable level, I think it's a high time that the journalist in me shall be given due attention as it keeps on bugging me. Indeed, once a journalist always a journalist.

There you are my friends, I am a Chemist by profession, and a Journalist by vocation….. but… guess what? A lover of another woman by frustration…… Just kidding you guys…..ha…ha…ha…ha!

* * *

FFROM POOR FAMILY TO RICH COUNTRY - - - It is not far from the knowledge of my kith and kins how I labored to survive from the quagmire of poverty. From being a mere vendor of various homemade products, such as puto, bebingka, betsukoy, ice candies or the so-called agogo, and what have you, to just being a tabagak drying worker, and a seashells digger. Of course, I could not forget those days of harvesting the alusiman for our piglets' foods, and the preparation of canepoints as among those child-laborers in town. Likewise, no one can deny that the sacrifices and struggles that I suffered from being the eldest in a poor family are nothing but worth remembering and give me a reason to look back with pride and elation. Indeed, those hand-to-mouth existence during my childhood days in the City of Victorias, known during the early days as Malijao, inspired me to achieve my dream of being a Chemist and work in a rich country like Canada. Presto! Here I am in this land of milk and honey with our entire family.

Let's talk more about my Canada way of life next issue. See you guys!!!!*