What's Going On? » CYBER CRIME/ATTACK: A National Security Concern

What’s Going On?
President, Angat Pilipinas, Inc.

The bank automated teller machines' (ATMs) glitches a few weeks ago, and other threats to Government Websites viz-a-viz hackers not only here in our country but also abroad, is a concern that should not be disregarded by our people, more particulary the Government.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been part of our daily life. The modern day society is an avid user of the internet, which is very useful in our everyday undertakings.

Whereas, this is the very reason why we should consider protecting the ICT industry.

I would like to suggest that if the President convenes the National Security Council, he would give ICT -related problems, security concerns and the very contribution of ICT in solving different problems our country is facing, as one of his agenda. The ICT sector will surely have possible significant solutions to the urgent problems of our nation.

Cybercrime is another avenue that could create terrorism-like scenarios, in the ICT sector. When you put the public to their inconvinience you create anxiety . If you put their money online vs cyber attacks, then you create a public crime, that terrorizes the mind of the bank depositors in general.

Cyber Crime/Attack on a large scale can be considered as the Virtual Form of Terrorism. This is the very reason, why I caregorically suggest that President Rodrigo Durterte includes this item of concern to the National Security Council agenda.

Social Media helps raise the social conscousness of our people, to the Prominence of a former Davao City Mayor who turned out to be our Present President. Mindanao defeated Luzon for the first time because of the high social media campaign PD30 surprises history.

Whats' Going On? Would like to stress, the basic principle over the variety of problems our country is confronted with. As ICT technology customizes, maximizes and economizes the very life of our people whether natural or juridical person. This is the same X Factor that would contribute to achieve Peace and Development and more even to the Alleviation of Poverty in our country.

Information and Communication Technology does not only create jobs, but rather creates business and industries. We should consider ICT as one of the ASSETS to resolve our LIABILITIES.

ICT can empower our people, can empower different sectors, can empower people's organization and the Government, whose basic responsibility is to ensure providing effective governance for a better Philippines.*