Kasalan Ng Bayan Weds Talisay Couples

Yesterday’s Kasalan ng Bayan was not just an ordinary mass wedding ceremony but also the Wedding Anniversary of Mayor Eric Saratan and Talisay’s First Lady Shiela Yap-Saratan. Mayor Eric retold the love story of the first couple and shared tips on how to tread on the married life and the advantages of legitimizing those who have been living in and raising their respective families.

Talisay City Mayor Eric Saratan shared his views on how couples tread the path to married life and start building their families.* (Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

The City Chief Executive officiated the said mass wedding ceremony at Barangay Zone 21-A where 26 couples took advantage of the City’s program along with the Civil Registrar’s Office and Barangay Officials. Mayor Eric also told those in attendance that it is important that couples should marry and legitimize their relationship, straighten documents as well as benefits that married couples get.

The Mayor also furthered that the important key to married life is for the couples to maintain close communication with each other so as to handle domestic issues and have it resolved in the most beneficial way treating partners with undying love and respect. The ceremonies highlighted couples giving their partners a kiss and those who gave the sweetest and longest kiss won a dinner for two price provided by the City.*


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