Social Workers, House Parents Train on Case Management

About 50 social workers and house parents working with the city’s Social Development Center recently attended a three-day training on Case Management for Social Workers and House parents at the MassKara Hall of the New Government Center.

Social Worker Beth Caumban said they expect personnel working with juveniles to improve capacity in handling cases of Children at Risk, CAR, and Children in Conflict with the Law, (CICL).

She said they also want to enhance office processes on matters related to youths and youth offenders and gain further knowledge on the on RA 9344 or the Juvenile Justice Act of 2006.

Bacolod’s Social Development Center houses from 40 to 60 CAR and CICL in the center located within the compound of the Bacolod City Police Office.

While at the center, youths are given training on livelihood skills such as jewelry making while those who want to continue schooling are enrolled in DepEd’s Alternative Learning System.

Some of the common violations juvenile offenders commit include theft, robbery, vandalism and disobedience to parents.

Caumban said a Youth Center is being constructed to house more youths in conflict and in difficult situation, which she said, will hopefully be completed by this year.

If realized, the Youth Center, being constructed at Abada Escay, will accommodate CICL while the CAR will remain at the SDC.*(JCM/Lljr-PIA6)