What’s Going On? » FEDERAL PHILIPPINES: Testing Political Will vs Political Rhetorics

What’s Going On?
President, Angat Pilipinas, Inc.

The most thing I hate with the Traditional Politicians, are their rhetoric ways of making promises during political campaigns, and yet will deliver nothing to the electorate. What political winners, not most but some of them are disregarding the solid trust of the people, the privilege to serve the people, yet at the end of the day, giving the frustration to the very people whose political power nor authority emanates from the very people who voted and supported their cause of winning an election.

I am one who joined the campaign for President Duterte, when he was still a presidential candidate.

Yet, I must admit that it took me quite a time to think and decide to be one of PD30’s ardent supporters, because I don’t want to play with the political promises so grandly made by politicians in every election.

But the magic of this President had replaced the Cory Magic which was the predecessor of this Present Administration, whose campaign motto: “Tapang at Malasakit... A Strong Change as projected by the known Punisher of Davao City.

The uniqueness of his campaign however, was his centerpoint objective of campaigning for a Federal Form of Government, a Federal Philippines, where Mayor Digong strongly advocated, gradually making him as the dark horse of the 2016 Presidential election.

The mistake of former President Benigno Aquino III, of not asserting political will to make ammendments to the Constitution during the hype of his political trust rating to the level of 69% did not create a supposedly advantage to his administration. If I was just one of the privileged few who could make unsolicited advice to President Benigno Aquino III, between the years 2010-2013, I could have stressed on high notes asserting changes for the 1987 Constitution.

It is my categorical stand during those time because of three significant reasons: one, because he was newly-elected President, second, because he is the Son of a Former President the late Corazon C. Aquino, of whom the 1987 Constitution was ratified during her presidency, making it termed as the Freedom Constitution, projecting PNOY as morally-upright to modifiy the constitution her mother helped ratify through a plebiscite; and third, because during those times were impeachable offenses against an Ombudsman and a Chief Justice, which were snowballing in the Halls of Congress, and the people were still in public support of Presidential Moves of then PNOY, creating the antecedent for his anti-corruption drive and the hate marks for former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who also sufferred the lowest trust rating ever, as the curtains of her administration were about to close.

Now, What's Going On ??? I do wish that such scenario would not happen to a 2016-elected President, whose popularity is a product of his being a strong political figure, an assertive leader of the Philppine as a sovereign state, defying the opinions nor advice of strong international allies and international political bodies such as the UN and the EU.

President Duterte must realize that his political will for Federal Philippines should not be defeated by Terrorist Threat nor by the still rampant illegal drug epidemic still surrounding the Philippine archipelago.

A well-delegated manner of authority should be solidly established, to ensure that the political interest of the President prior to his election shall be maintained.

The President, a seasoned politician, must be reminded on the principles of political will, which his supporters had admired him and the very reasons he has his solid crowd.

Maybe, he can have the time to review his allies over the year, as to know who joined him to support him with political will or we will further see, those who supported him, or just for the political rhetorics or because of his high ratings, allies to him politically for self advantage and not for actual solid participation to his advocacies in governance.

After a year, it is sad to see a powerful yet a so-stressed President, whose desire to serve is truly in his heart. What must be done is a review of the very delegation he had initiated to see the actual progress of his Government Centerpoint Agenda. He should ask his Cabinet, his political allies, WHAT'S GOING ON?*