Fetus Found Inside Sagay Bus Terminal CR

An unidentified woman, believed to be a college student reportedly left a fetus about 4 to 5 month-old inside the comfort room of Sagay City bus terminal Friday afternoon.

Comfort room attendant Kathy Daduya found the fetus when she entered and flushed the toilets of the bus terminal.

She found it hard to flush one of the bowls, prompting her to take a stick to clear what was causing the stuck up.

She was surprised to see the water on the bowl turn red, and discovered the fetus.

She immediately went out and informed other transient vendors of her find, some of whom informed police authorities.

The last thing she recalled, was that a woman who reportedly wearing a school uniform was the last person that came out the comfort room. She also recalled the woman called her friend or classmate to give her a tissue claiming she has a monthly period.

Sagay City Health office disclosed that the fetus could be more than 4 to 5 months.

Sagay government and police authorities are now investigating the incident, and trying to establish the identify the woman.*(Cyrus M. Garde)



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