Low Quality of Police Applicants A Concern for NAPOLCOM

The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) expressed concern over the quality of applicants trying to enter the country’s police force.

NAPOLCOM Regional Director Joseph Celis said the applicants are having some difficulties trying to express themselves.

The applicants cannot even answer them properly, Celis said.

Celis led a team that conducted a job interview yesterday for rookie cops trying to enter the Police Regional Office-18 (PRO-18).

He also noted the applicants did not study well in terms of memorizing and understanding the concept of their course.

“They have become dependent on their instructors and their own syllabus, and they do not even read substantial books on the revised penal code or any other subjects related to the course in criminology,” he pointed out.

Celis added that most of the applicants “lack discipline and system as some did not undergo Reserve Officer Training Course (ROTC).”

“The present generation really have a different concept in leading a life when it comes to discipline,” he said.

Celis said, parents who are interested in becoming police officers in the future “should emphasize a system and sense of discipline to their kids” if they want them to become successful and honorable police officers.

“Kids now are exposed to material things, reward systems, and immediate gratification. With this type of pleasantries of this young generation it will eventually really affect the Philippine National Police (PNP),” he also said.

Celis also criticized the way the applicants answered their panel in citing most of them are answering the reason why they entered the PNP is to have a means of living.

“No, if you want to become a member of the PNP it is more of a commitment and service. If you want to have lots of money and income then they should open up a business instead,” he said.

He also said that the current generation of police officers “lack the value of integrity, perseverance, commitment, and sacrifice.”

Meanwhile, Senior Inspector Armilyn Vargas PRO-18 spokesperson said they are targeting to hire 700 new cops before the year ends.

Right now there are 509 applicants.

After they passed the application and screening process, the applicants will become Candidate PO1s and they must complete a rigorous six months in basic public safety training course, followed by another six months internship and scout training in the various police stations in the Negros Island Region (NIR).

Once they complete their training, the new PO1s will then be assigned to their respective provincial or city Public Safety Companies (PSC) for a minimum of five years, before they could finally ask for reassignment to another post.*(Eugene Y. Adiong)