Leonardia Grateful to Firefighters

For their quick response, Mayor Evelio Leonardia expressed gratitude and commended the firefighters from the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and the Bacolod Chamber Volunteer Fire Brigade when the fire broke out at the second floor of the Mayor’s family residence along Rosario Street in Brgy. 38 late Saturday afternoon.

According to the Mayor he was inside the house and was about to leave for the church when the fire broke out. His wife Elsa and their children including his sisters Perla and Ninfa has just left the house when the fire broke out, but the Mayor’s staff immediately called the firefighters for assistance who responded immediately and were able to put out the fire in a matter of minutes. The fire hit the portion of the second floor of the house.

Hence, Leonardia thanked Bryant Lao, chief of the Bacolod Chamber Volunteer Fire Brigade, who personally responded to the incident, and BFP personnel namely, supervisor SFO 1 Glenn Resuma, SFO2 Joey Michael Victoriano, FO2 Anthony Banay, and FO1 Ressan Roldan, FO1 Rolly Quiatchon, and FO1 Jeferson Azuro.

According to Victoriano the fire was caused by faulty wiring.

The family house, according to the Mayor, was built by their parents in 1971 when he was still in college, and its materials are already old.*



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