General, NPA Trade Barbs

 military general and the New People’s Army (NPA) in Negros Occidental are trading accusations against each other over the recent series of attacks of alleged atrocities in the island region.

Army General Jon Aying, commander of the 3ID lashed back at the rebels for their “double talk” by launching attacks against civilian targets to project that they are still “a force to reckon with.”

Aying was reacting to a statement by the NPA spokesperson JB Regalado of the Leonardo Panaligan Command of the NPA Central Negros Front, calling him a a “mad dog” over his repeated statements claiming the NPA is “no longer a serious threat in Negros Island.”

They also criticized the addition of two geographical battalions on the island, saying they can still penetrate and attack troops and certain individuals that have a “debt of blood” to the oppressed masses.

“Aying does not have a clear point and is inconsistent,” Regalado said, “He would call us terrorists or bandits, but a few days later he would call on us to return to the peace talks.”

Regalado added that Aying has no reason to call for the resumption of peace talks due to his “lip-serving” statements.

In response, the military official said the rebels “want to shock the government” and to project in the peace process “that they are still strong,” so their demands will be granted.

On the other hand, it shows that they are not interested in the peace process, Aying pointed out.

The rebels had earlier admitted to the killing of a sugar planter and his driver in Calatrava town, the burning of an abandoned detachment in Escalante and killing a former Army soldier in Canlaon City in Negros Oriental.*