OJ Lopue Outshines Vencer to Capture TMC Bowler of the Year Title

With both players struggling on the first frame, OJ Lopue closed the next seven frames to outshine former champion Dr Larnie Vencer, 174-163, and capture the Tenpin Master’s Challenge (TMC) Bowler of the Year title dubbed as Tournament of Champions: “Grandmaster Showdown”.

Lopue toppled three consecutive spares in the second frame followed by two strikes and a double spare at the 20-alley of Lopue’s East Bowling Center (LEBC) in Bacolod City on Thursday, June 29.

Eventual first runner-up Vencer failed to convert a crucial spare in the ninth frame but made a strong finish in the tenth frame with a spare and a strike.

Lopue, who was the top seed averaging 202, outclassed fourth seed Richel Gumban with a score of 186-146 in the crossover semi-final round; while third seed Vencer edged second seed Francisco Collantes in a nail biting result of 168-164.

In the qualifying round, Lopue went on to start strong in the opening game as he pinned down 228. He slowed down in the next two games, 197 & 147, and finished big to seal the first seed, 227 & 227.

Lopue join the finest bowlers in the province including Bowler of the Year champions Paul Pacis in 2016 and Vencer in 2015.

Completing the elite tenpinners’ score in the 5-game qualifiers: Lopue - 1,026; Collantes - 891; Vencer - 866; Gumban - 864; Santos - 856; Jasper Quimanhan - 839; Alfredo Yulo - 826; Sherwin Jardeleza - 821; Raymund Livioco - 803; and Helson Rosales - 772.

Meanwhile, the first playdate qualifying games of TMC Season 4 for July will start off tonight at LEBC with an oiling pattern is the one used for the tournament of champions - Pattern #4. This pattern has a buff area of 35 feet and mixed oil up to 29 feet.

Qualifying games are played every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8PM.

The bowling events are organized by the officers of Sugarbowl Tenpin Association, Inc.* (JGToga)


OJ Lopue (2nd, right) hold his prizes with fellow winners Richel Gumban, Paco Collantes, and Larnie Vencer.*