Rotary Gov. urges Media Achievers to use 4-Way Test in job performance

Rotary International District 3850 Governor Enigardo “Jundad” Legislator, Jr. urged the awardees of the annual Media Lifetime Achievement Awards to subscribe to Rotary’s 4-way test as their ethical guide in the performance of their respective jobs.

(Photo above) Negros Daily Bulletin columnist and former Bombo Radyo anchor Clarence Locsin (4th from left), receives the award from Rotary East President Carla N. Cañet as witnessed by Governor Enigardo “Jundad” Legislador, Jr. (5th) District Secretary and Past President Sonya M. Verdeflor and Windy, Locsin’s partner in life.*

The Rotary 4-Way Test: Of the things we think, say or do: Is it the TRUTH?; Is it FAIR to all concerned?; Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?; Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

He lauded the media achievers namely, Bombo Radyo anchor Rommel Jamero, Negros Daily Bulletin and former Bombo Radyo anchor Clarence Locsin and veteran journalist Rolando L. Espina for the kind of dedication, commitment, passion and love that they had given to the media profession.

(Photo below) BOMBO Radyo anchor Rommel Jamero and wife Mercy, receives the Media Lifetime Achievement award from Rotary-East President Cañet as witnessed by District Secretary Verdeflor and Governor Jundad.*

“You will never stay this long if you don’t love your profession,” he said.

The public knows exactly the difficulties and challenges that these practitioners went through.

“There are those who are well loved. But there were also those who were hated by the people, depending on which side of the story you are in. But nevertheless, we cannot expect all the people to love you. We know that you have struggled to be good in the eyes of the public in scrutinizing the issues and speak about it. You talk and write about the weaknesses and strengths of the people. But in return, the public also speak about you,” Governor Legislador said.

He urged them to continue serving the people with a fair and balanced news judgment.

“Rotary will continue to inspire and motivate you to become better in your craft because we also want you to serve as an inspiration to the younger breed of broadcasters and journalists serving our community,” he said.

In response, the awardees were grateful of the prestigious recognition given by the Rotary-East thru its President Carla N. Cañet.

Jamero said, “I’m happy to receive this award. This is rare. Probably, you don’t understand our work, but we sacrifice a lot. Our love for our work motivated us to stay this long to the profession despite the fact that there are also other good opportunities outside of media. But this might be a calling for me. It’s fulfilling to be a servant of the people through news and information. This award will inspire us more. We will give our best to continue serving our people.”

Locsin said, “this is a time for me and my family to rejoice because of this award for an exemplary service I have done to the media profession. I know that God is with me because He gave me the chance to live again after I suffered stroke in the past years. This is a fulfillment of my dream, a success and fruit of my labor. In times of crisis, God has never left me or has forsaken me. Thank you Rotary for this award.”

Mate Espina, daughter of seasoned journalist Sir Rolly said, “Our Dad may not be here anymore to receive this award, but I am sure that nobody is prouder than him for getting this, for knowing that he made an impact, not just among the media practitioners, but in the community. Our family extend our profound thanks to the Rotary East. This will always be treasured.”

On the other hand, Past President Rafael Golez represented Oustanding Charter President and Past District Governor Sonny Elegado who was not present during the awards night due to his hospital confinement for a scheduled surgery.

Golez said, “Sonny and myself were friends for 35 years. We had a long journey. He is a passionate and hardworking Rotarian. He always suggests and corrects his fellow Rotarians. He always give us Rotary information. He is not physically able at the moment. We have learned from him. We need everyone’s prayer for him as he undergoes Aneurysm procedure. He will surely be very happy of this award.”

Moreover, President Cañet said she represents both organizations - the media and Rotary and this becomes very significant and meaningful to her.

“Media work is not easy. But practitioners feel the joy and love for their craft. It is not a perfect profession. It also has many challenges. But it is more fulfilling doing a noble cause,” she said.

Cañet thanked the awardees for doing a great job and urged them to continue to do more in serving the community. “God bless everyone,” she said.

This media lifetime achievement award is under the Rotary’s Public Image project which was previously held in partnership with the old grand club of the Negros Press Club.

It started in 2014 when now Rotary-East President Cañet was still serving as President of the Negros Press Club and District Secretary Sonya M. Verdeflor was also serving as President of the club in the said year.

Past President Elsie E. Jolingan was serving as chairperson of the Public Image Committee.

“This is one of our major club projects that aims to further inspire media practitioners to continue serving their mission and purpose as the voice of the people in our community who work for the welfare of the many,” she said.*